Are There Any Templates Available (For Example, to Evaluate the Work of a Professor in the Classroom)?

For the purposes of individual evaluations of specific subjects, lecturers can access standard questionnaires (in the 'Library'), which can also be adjusted to the lecturer's specifications. Templates are available in the tab 'My surveys' - 'Library' - 'Public library'.

We expressly advise you to use a single URL, so without customized email invitations through the 1KA system. Previous experiences have shown that:

  • In all cases, one email invitation is sufficient, followed by a reminder after three days, which also serves as a thank you note for the potential respondents. Previous experience has shown that further emails do not have an effect, since the results remain unchanged even if someone replies.
  • Students are extremely sensitive when it comes to the issue of privacy. If they notice a personalized URL, they are aware of the fact that insight into their answers is possible. When it comes to sensitive issues such as evaluations, this leads to dishonesty or non-response. In a survey with a personalized invitation, which is followed by a reminder for non-respondents, the third contact, which was without individualization (with a single URL), additional respondents explicitly confirmed that they were troubled by the individualized URL.
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