Are There Any Templates Available (For Example, to Evaluate the Work of a Professor in the Classroom)?

For the purpose of individual evaluations of a specific course, standard questionnaires ('Library') are available to lecturers, which can be subsequently adapted as desired. The standard questionnaires are available in the 'My surveys' - 'Library' - 'Public library' tab.

We strongly advise to use a standard survey URL, i.e. no individualised email invitations via the 1KA system. Experience shows:

  • In any case, one invitation and then a reminder three days later (at the same time as thanking potential respondents who have already answered the survey) is sufficient. Experience shows that further emails have no effect. Even if a few more people complete the survey, the results tend not to change. For two invitations, of course, we do not need an individualised follow-up of who completed the survey and who did not.
  • Students are extremely sensitive to privacy. If they see an individualised URL, they naturally understand that in principle it is possible to see their answers. On sensitive topics such as evaluation, this leads to insincerity or non-response. In a survey with an individualised invitation followed by a reminder for non-respondents, in a third contact without individualisation (with a standard URL), additional respondents explicitly confirmed that they had previously been disturbed by the individualised URL.
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