Rights of Respondents and Responsibilities of Survey Editors Within the GDPR

The data controller, who in the context of the GDPR is the author or editor of the survey, determines how personal data is processed, and the data processor processes personal data on behalf of the controller. Data subjects are the persons whose personal data is collected or used.

Individuals’ rights (respondents)

  • Right of access: the respondent may request to see what personal data is collected with the survey, for what purpose, for how long, etc. and obtain a copy of this information (Article 15).
  • Right to rectification: the respondent may request a change or correction of personal data in the survey (Article 16).
  • Right of erasure: the respondent has the right to delete data (“Right to be forgotten”) under certain conditions (Article 17).

Responsibility of editors

Authors or editors of surveys (1KA account holders) are the so-called data controllers that collect data; 1KA is the processor of this data. The editor or survey author is the owner of the survey, which is responsible for all information and data generated and collected using the 1KA tool. At the same time, they are also responsible for the fullfilment of all the requests made by respondents for their surveys (request for erasure, access, rectification of personal or survey data).

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