Data export to statistical program SPSS is available to 2KA and 3KA private package users and can be performed in two ways:

1) In the 'DATA' - 'Export' - 'SPSS SAV' tab click on the command "Export to SPSS (SAV)". An SPSS database will be generated automatically.

2) If you encounter any problems, use the export in SPSS via syntax, which is available in the 'DATA' - 'Export' - 'SPSS SYNTAX' tab. In this case, you should follow the five steps, described in this tab.

In case of any other issues (with complex surveys with loops, older versions of SPSS), we recommend you first export the data to Excel, and then import it into SPSS; however, with this option, you will need to set the variables manually.

As with other exports, the upper right-hand corner section allows you to filter the data according to variables, statuses, conditions, or time period. You can also enable the export of identifiers and paradata.

In the top right corner, there are also settings where you can further specify whether you want to export only system data, only data or data and metadata. When you select "Export only system data", only the system data of the respondent will be exported, without any other data. However, if you do not export the system data, you can export the individual paradata of the respondent.

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