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Can I exclude unfinished questionnaires from survey data?

The default setting in survey data display and analysis is to show only valid units for analysis; these are units labelled with the status 5partially answered survey and status 6survey filled out entirely.

It is possible to generate an analysis of fully filled out surveys only, by filtering survey data by status in the 'DATA' – 'Browse' tab. In the 'Filters' drop-down menu (icon in a shape of a funnel), choose the option 'Statuses' and click on 'New profile', where you can choose statuses you wish to include (in your example 'Completed' status only).

If a survey is labeled with the status 6, it does not necessarily mean that the respondent answered all questions, but merely got to the end of the survey. For more, consult the manual on the response rate.

Incomplete surveys can be manually deleted in the 'DATA' – 'Browse' tab after you have checked the 'Edit' checkbox in the 'Data table settings' tab. However, this option is not recommended. It is better to use the default display settings for units for which at least one question was answered (have the status of a valid unit).