Export to Excel: Why Are Answers Incomplete When I Export the Data to Excel?

If you export the data from 1KA in the Excel format (xls), this problem does not occur. In case you export the data in CSV format and then open it with Excel, opened answers may be incomplete.

This issue is due to the limitations of the Microsoft Excel software (version 2007 and newer versions), which can be resolved in a few steps.

1. The first step has two options (if one fails, try the other):

2. Open MS Excel with a blank document.

3. In Excel, select the tab Data and click on the From text icon. Then find the data file that you transferred in step 1 on your computer and click Import.

4. Text import wizard will appear in a new window, which has three steps:

  • In the Original data type tab, select the option Delimited. Continue to the next step by clicking Next.
  • In the Delimiters tab, select only the semicolon. Proceed to the next step by clicking Next.
  • In the Data preview tab, select all columns, by clicking on the first column, pressing shift, and then clicking on the last column. Set the design of the columns in the Column data format tab to Text. Click Finish.

5. A new window will appear, where you specify where you wish to import the data. The existing worksheet is set by default, which you confirm by clicking OK.

The data has now been imported into an empty Excel file in a way that does not limit the number of characters with open-ended questions.

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