How Can I Find a Specific Record in the Data (Respondents' Answers)?

The 'DATA' - 'Browse' tab shows a table with all the data - the answers of the respondents. This table can also be used as a database, e.g. of workshop registrants, event registrants, etc., which may mean that sometimes some of the data units may change and it may be necessary to edit individual records or check the accuracy of the data.

To help you search through the data, there is a search bar above the data table where you can enter a search word and the table will show you all the records that contain that word. If you select the 'Edit' option above the table, you can edit the record as you wish. But be warned, the search engine does not search by answer labels, it only searches for information within the open answers (e.g. first name, last name, address, etc.).

Of course, this is not to be equated with searching within the questionnaire, where in the questionnaire editing itself, you can use the command CTRL + F. To replace words in the questionnaire, you can use the advanced option in the questionnaire editing: 'Find & Replace'.

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