How Can I Find a Specific Record in the Data (Respondents Answers)?

In the 'DATA' - 'Browse' table with data (respondents answers) is displayed. This table can also be used as a database, for example, people registered for the workshop or for the event, etc., which may mean that sometimes we would like to change some of the data for a certain unit, we need to edit individual records or verify the accuracy of the data.

To find that information more quickly, there is a search engine above the table where you can enter your search term and the table will show you all records that contain the word you searched. If you click 'Edit' in the 'Data table settings', you can freely edit the individual record. But beware, the search engine is not looking through the labels, only through the data within open responses (eg. name, surname, address, etc.).

Of course, this can not be equated with searching through the questionnaire, which can be done in two ways: 

  1. through the general search engine through surveys (top right) and 
  2. in the editing, where you can use the command CTRL + F; to replace words in the questionnaire, you can use the advanced option Find and Replace in the Advanced editing settings.
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