How Do I Delete the Answers of One or More Respondents From the Data Table?

The ‘DATA’ – ‘Browse’ tab shows all survey data. By default, only relevant units are displayed. To delete both relevant (units with statuses 5 and 6) and irrelevant units (units with statuses 0, 1, 2, 3, and 4), select the ‘All data’ option at the top.

To delete one or more units, first, click on the ‘Edit’ checkbox above the data table and enable the display of additional icons for editing respondents.

  • To delete one row: find the line you want to delete and click on the orange minus icon on the left.
  • To delete multiple rows: highlight the rows you want to delete and click ‘Delete selected’ below the data table.
  • To delete all rows: under the data table, click on the ‘Select all’ button and then click ‘Delete selected’.

In all cases, the system will alert us if we are sure that we want to permanently delete the data. Confirm and delete the respondent’s data.

Note: in the case of a database with a large number of data, in which there are only irrelevant units (for example, all units have the status 3 – Click on introduction) and none of them is relevant, the database cannot be generated. In this case, irrelevant units cannot be deleted (since the data table is not displayed).

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