Why Is Some of My Data Missing?

So far, there has never been a case of 1KA survey data being irretrievably lost. All experience to date suggests that in such cases, one of the following possibilities has occurred:

  • You have a filter enabled. The solution is to remove all filters, or to revert back to the default settings for each filter in the 'DATA' - 'Browse' tab, by clicking on the funnel-shaped icon (in the top right corner above the data table). It is possible to filter the data by status, variable, condition or date period.
  • The data is stored in a database (where all the answers of respondents are collected), but the data file (which is generated from the database as a basis for analyses and exports) is not fully updated. In some cases, especially if the survey is inactive for a certain period of time, it is therefore necessary to generate the data file manually. This can be done in the 'DATA' - 'Browse' tab by clicking on the arrow-circle icon - 'Generate the data file again' - located on the top right, next to the 'Filters' icon. 

In cases where a respondent claims to have completed the survey but the survey editors do not see their response, it usually turns out that:

  • the respondent was answering another survey;
  • one of the editors of the survey deleted the record by mistake;
  • the editors had overlooked the record.
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