Adding Data (Append)

If you have carried out a survey using face-to-face field surveying or online surveying in other tools (i.e. not via the 1KA web survey) and you wish to merge your survey data, you can add the external data to the 1KA data in the 'DATA' – 'Import' – 'Add data' tab.

If the variable does not exist yet, you must first create a new question of the appropriate type in the 'EDIT' - 'Questionnaire' tab and then insert the additional data into the list. You must separate each unit (row) of an individual variable with a comma. You can also import additional data from a file (e.g. Excel). It is important that the variables are listed in the correct order.

With the 'radio button' type of variables (single answer), you should first check which answer values you have in the survey, and then add data as numerical values. For example, if the available answers are: "apple", "banana", "pineapple", their successive numerical values are 1, 2, 3, and have to be entered in such a way as data.

On the other hand, if you have the 'checkbox' type of variables (multiple answers), check what values the answers have (e.g. Q2a, Q2b, ...) and insert the data into the database in such a way. Since there are multiple answers available, you need to be careful not to separate them with a comma but rather with a space. If you separate them with a comma, the system will identify that as an answer to another variable.


For an exercise, you can use the prepared survey in the Public library tab (Survey library - 1KA examples of questionnaires - 1KA questionnaires - Example of adding data) and copy it (by clicking the 'Copy survey' on the right side of the screen). Once you have a survey, you also need a data file, which you can download to your computer HERE.

Open this file and delete the first row with the names of the variables - that is intended only to remind you that the columns in Excel must be sorted in the same way as the 1KA questions. After deleting the first line, save the file, and then follow the instructions/steps to add data in the 'Import' - 'Add data' tab.

The functionality is available for users of the 3KA package for individuals, and for users of the business packages for groups.

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