The Response Rate

In the 'DASHBOARD' tab, you can view information about your survey, survey referrals, the status of the survey, the survey’s timeline, responses by pages, as well as the response rate.

The section 'Response rate' displays the cumulative status according to the following statuses:

  • Entered intro: every click on the survey is counted, regardless of whether the survey is fully completed or if the respondent left the survey immediately after clicking on the link to it.
  • Entered first page: every respondent who clicked on 'Next page' at least once is counted.
  • Partially completed: each respondent who answered at least one question is counted.
  • Completed: each respondent who clicked on the 'End' button on the last page of the survey is counted.

If the respondent has not answered any questions before leaving the survey (either in the middle of the survey or after clicking the 'End' button), then the survey is given a status of Partially empty (5l) or Completely empty (6l), where the additional letter 'l' refers to the respondent's lurker status.

Response rates are further detailed in this DIAGRAM.



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