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Embedding the Survey on a Website

In the left column of the 'PUBLISH' – 'URL' tab, you can access the embed code for the website, where the survey becomes a part of the page and does not need to be accessed at a separate address. It can be generated with or without JavaScript.

You can embed a survey into a website in two ways:

  • With the usual embedding, where the survey is an integral part of the website or;
  • The survey is displayed in a pop-up window within the same browser window. In this case, because of the new security standards, it is not possible to directly copy the code to display in the form of a pop-up on your website, but it must be manually programmed. You can do this yourself or contact us for help that is payable. You can order service using the form >>

Copy the code to your website and adjust the survey window height if necessary (parameter 'height=').

For the best embedded survey design, we recommend you turn off the progress indicator in the 'EDIT' - Design' tab if your survey covers more than one page. This can be done in the upper left corner of the screen by clicking on the theme name next to 'Current theme:' and selecting 'No' for the 'Show progress indicator' category. This will adjust the survey to fit your website better. Theme modification is only available to 2KA and 3KA private package users.

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