Problems sending email invitations via the Gmail mail server

We strongly advise against using a Gmail server to send email invitations via the integration of the external SMTP system in 1KA, as we have no control over how they are sent. The limit for sending email invitations via a gmail account was 500 invitations per day in 2022, but the limit is constantly changing. The 1KA team no longer uses the Gmail server to send invitations. More about Gmail sending limits >> 

These problems only occur when sending via the Gmail server. Many users have their own SMTP system in their organisation and the integration works fine. Even within the 1KA team, we have sent 5,000 emails without a problem, but as mentioned, this was sent via our own SMTP service.

We therefore suggest that organisations either use their own mail server or lease a paid SMTP service. Another very good solution is to use one of the dedicated mass email services used in direct marketing. You can also read more about the whole issue in the Web Survey Methodology book (p. 119).


How messages are sent via the Gmail SMTP mail server integration

1KA's email invitation system sends your emails to Gmail and records this, but Gmail does not fully process it, nor does it send any feedback to our system (or it constantly changes the way it notifies our system), so 1KA's records of sent emails may not match Gmail.


Recommended use of the paid Gmail service

Given that Gmail is a free application, they are not particularly up-to-date with news about limitations, and change the SMTP rules unannounced and with lacking transparency. Unfortunately, Gmail is increasingly shrinking its free service, limiting it, complicating it and forcing users to pay for it (there is already a paid mass mailing service through Gmail). More about the Gmail system >>

Some of the functionalities described are only available for users of the 2KA and 3KA packages for individuals, and for users of the business packages for groups.

1KA is free to use for basic users