If you click on the 'ANALYSE' – 'Statistics' tab and select 'Break' from the drop-down menu ('Select:'), you can generate analyses based on a single independent variable.

Select the independent variable (e.g. gender) from the newly displayed drop-down list and the analysis of all the questions in the survey will be displayed in the form of bivariate tables. The results for each question are displayed according to the variable selected (e.g. each table shows the responses for each question, with answers separated by the gender of the respondent).

By default, the results are displayed as frequencies, if you want to display them as percentages then select the 'Percentage' option, and you can also choose to display the analyses as tables or graphs (option to the right of the drop-down menu).

2KA and 3KA package users as well as users of the business packages for groups can export each individual 'Break' table to PDF, MS Word or MS Excel formats. These users can also analyse statistics with advanced analysis options and filter them according to segments, zoom, groups, variables, conditions, missing values, time period and unit status.

Some of the functionalities described are only available for users of the 2KA and 3KA packages for individuals, and for users of the business packages for groups.

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