The 'STATISTICS' tab provides basic statistics, advanced statistics and printouts.

You can also set up additional options for displaying analyses, specify filter conditions, missing values, periods of data collected and unit statuses.

Basic statistics include:

  • Statistics report (Summary)’ of the online questionnaire, which includes analyses that are adjusted to the type of variable. More >>
  • Descriptive statistics’ include descriptive statistics, such as average, standard deviation, minimum and maximum. More >>
  • Frequencies’, where display the frequency distribution. More >>
  • Crosstabs’, which allows you to generate two-dimensional tables of categorical variables or correlation tables. More >>
  • Multitables’, which allows you to generate a multi-dimensional table by selecting three or more categorical variables. More >>
  • Means’, the table of means according to the control variable. More >>
  • Break’, where you can run an analysis of all variables according to the categories of control variables. More >>

All analyses can be further adjusted with advanced settings >>:

  • dividing of analyses into segments, groups,
  • display of only selected variables,
  • zooming aka highlighting individual parts of the analysis,
  • filtering analyses according to the conditions, time periods and units status,
  • including missing values and undetermined responses in the analysis.

In the upper right corner you can export statistics in the PDF, RTF formats (Word), and XLS format (Excel). Statistics can also be archived.


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