The 'Multitables' feature, which is found in the drop-down menu in the 'ANALYSE' – 'Statistics' tab, allows you to create a multi-dimensional table with categorical variables.

You can select multiple variables. To move a variable into the table, drag it into the table below (into the 'Add variable' field). To remove a variable from the table, simply click on the blue minus sign that appears when you hover over the box where the variable name is located.

In the table settings (click on the blue wheel icon to the right of the table title) you can specify:

  • display values, where you can choose between displaying the numerus, percent and sum;
  • display average;
  • display share.

You can export each table to PDF, MS Word or MS Excel formats. You can also analyse statistics with advanced analysis options and filter them according to segments, zoom, groups, variables, conditions, missing values, time period and unit status.

The analysis settings are located in the upper right corner in the form of a 'wheel' icon. Here you can set:

  • Basic analysis view:
    • Among other things, you can specify which types of questions and categories are displayed (categories, category other, numbers, text questions) - all are displayed by default.
  • Basic analysis settings:
    • Decimal settings.
  • Chart settings:
    • Alignment,
    • Font size,
    • Position of numerus,
    • Display average on the chart.

The functionality is available for users of the 3KA package for individuals, and for users of the business packages for groups.

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