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How can I improve my charts?

1KA automatically generates graphical presentation of data, which are chosen by the type of the variable, in the 'ANALYSE' - 'Charts' tab. However, the type of charts can be changed and every chart can be improved.

To the right of every chart there are several functions which allow you to change the chart type, set whether the bars or answers are sorted in an ascending or descending order, which values should be included in the chart and the display of the legend.

My chart does not have the desired resolution ...

If you wish to improve the resolution of the charts, choose the HQ (high quality) setting and your charts will improve to 2400 pt. This can be done by clicking on the 'Settings' icon (in shape of a wheel) on the upper right corner of the screen.

The text in the chart is overlapping ...

If the text in your chart is overlapping, either click on the chart or on advanced settings, where the tab 'labels' allows you to change the text and customize it for every chart. The limit for changed labels is 20 characters.

I do not like the chart colours ...

You can change the color in two ways: you can either change the colors of all the charts by clicking on the 'Settings' icon and choosing the 'skin:office' option, where you can choose the desired color combination. Alternatively, you can choose the color for each individual chart by clicking on the advanced settings and choosing a color for each of the values in the color tab.

I do not want this type of chart ...

If you are not satisfied with the chart type and you would like to have a bar chart instead of a pie chart, simply select this option in the basic settings. More >>