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Email Invitations

The user can acquire the right to use the 1KA invitation sending system by purchasing a private 3KA package. By using the email system, he also agrees to the terms of use and antispam policy and ensures that he will send invitations only to known recipients who have previously either explicitly agreed to participate in the survey or it is clear that this is an evaluation of the user group. administrative responsibilities and data (members of the association, listeners of the course, clients, personal network, etc.).

However, before doing so, it should be emphasized once again that sending invitations is a methodologically demanding process, so we advise you to review the relevant recommendations.

Using 1KA for sending email invitations

System 'PUBLISH' - 'Invitations' is meant for users that want to share a link to a survey to many email addresses and at the same time follow which respondents answered the survey and which didn't. One big advantage of this system arises when we want to send reminders to respondents that haven't yet filled out the survey. 1KA system also supports (documents) sending of invitations by mail, SMS, etc.

If the access to the invitation system is granted (users with 3KA package) it has to be enabled in the tab 'PUBLISH' - 'Invitations' by clicking on the button 'enable 1KA email invitation system'. Tab 'PUBLISH' - 'Invitations' - 'Settings' - Settings opens where general settings of invitations and settings of the email server can be changed.

In the left column 'General invitations settings' of invitations can be changed. Here you can specify if you want to send individualized invitations that enable tracking of respondents. Here you can also specify in which way you want to send invitations: Email or Letter, SMS, other. You can also specify if respondents are given a code for accessing a survey that is inserted by respondents before starting answering to a questionnaire or if that code is inserted automatically into the survey URL. Among the basic settings, you can determine to grant access to the survey without individualized invitation (code). Access without code can be granted to the author or to everyone.

When sending email invitations on the right side two options regarding the server for sending e-invitations: 1KA server and your own mail server.

Within 'PUBLISH' - 'Email' sub-tab, sending invitations takes place in the following steps:

  • You enter email addresses or other identifiers (name, surname) in the 'Add' tab (you can also add other variables if needed).
  • The added addresses are then displayed in the tab 'View/Edit', where a special code to access the survey is assigned to each address. When sending invitations by mail or SMS added respondents and codes can be exported in Excel format.
  • You can adjust the invitation if desired in the 'Email message' tab and load the desired variables that will appear in the invitation sent to the recipient. Invitations sent by mail or SMS can also be documented.
  • You complete the process of sending invitations in the 'Send' tab, where you can refine the process according to the status of respondents. This means that you can send an invitation to everyone, or, for example, only to those who are did not respond to the first invitation. Other possible criteria when sending invitations is the status of the survey, for example, 5 – partially completed, 3 – entered intro, etc. Sending through other channels can also be documented here.

In the tab 'Status' you can follow if the survey has created lists of recipients, if the invitations have been sent, when and which user sent them and to how many addresses, number of invalid units - non-response, invalid units - invalid answers, valid units.

In the tab 'Lists' you can edit your lists of recipients, create new ones or remove them. More >>

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