1KA tool automatically generates graphic representations of the results, which you can view in the ‘CHARTS' tab, according to variable type. However, you can also change the type of the chart, specify whether answers or columns are sorted by size, which values are ​​to be included in the chart and display the values ​​in the column and also display the legend.

In the charts tab, you can:

  • review the question;
  • review the analysis;
  • correct labels (you can shorten them if they are too long);
  • change the colour of all or only individual charts;
  • re-code the answers;
  • export all the charts or a single chart in the PDF, MS Word and MS PowerPoint formats;
  • display charts in high resolution;
  • add a single chart or all charts in the 'Custom Report', where you can also add comments or interpretations.

As with data and analyses, you can also set additional options for charts; you can divide them into segments, groups, variables, or you can zoom or expose individual parts of the analysis. You can also specify the conditions, the missing values, the period of collected data and the status of units.

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1KA is free to use for basic users