My Survey Has Very Few Responses (N)

If you have a very low number of responses, technical errors are unlikely to be the cause. With the continuous increase in the number of surveys posted on social networks and sent via email, respondents are choosing carefully which surveys to answer and which ones to ignore, so it is a good idea to think about promoting the survey. Recommendations on how to reduce non-response rates >>

We also recommend you to take a look at the 'DASHBOARD' tab, where you can see the final status of the units in the survey. If you have a high number of units in the status 'Entered intro' (status 3), it means that they have left the survey after reading the intro. There could be several reasons for this: they may not find the topic interesting, they did not get enough information from the intro or they did not have time to start the survey. We have also prepared some guidelines for designing a good survey intro >>

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