My Survey Has Very Few Responses (N)

If you have very few responses, technical problems are not to blame. More and more surveys are posted on social networks and emails every day and therefore respondents choose carefully which ones to respond to. One possible solution to gain more responses is to promote your survey. In recommendations you can read some tips on how to lower nonresponse rate: Recommendations for minimizing nonresponse rate >>

We recommend that you check the tab 'DASHBOARD' where you can see the final status of units in your survey. If you have many units with status 3 (Click on survey introduction) it means that respondents left survey right after seeing your survey introduction. Several reasons can be attributed to this problem. It could be that topic is not interesting to respondents, not enough information could be gained from survey introduction or that they did not have time for responding to your survey. Some tips on how to best design survey introduction can be found here: Guidelines for creating introduction >>

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