In the 'My Surveys' directory all users can access the additional 'SETTINGS' - 'User settings' tab where they can see the following:

  • Interface settings: where the user can select the default interface language, select an advanced interface for 'My Surveys' and the option 'oneclick create survey'. If you have selected advanced interface, you can also change the display of data (columns) that are shown for each survey in the 'My Surveys' directory. You can do this by going to ‘My surveys' and clicking on the settings on the right side, where you mark which data you want to display for each survey.
  • Basic settings: you can determine whether the newly created survey will be locked for editing and active and whether the comments on questions and conditions/blocks will be opt in when the survey is created. At the same time, you can also determine whether the new survey will show the introduction, conclusion and title to the respondent.

Administrators can access some additional subtabs in the 'SETTINGS' tab:

  • System settings: You can change the general settings for all surveys, for example who can edit all surveys, if the cookies are being saved, who can export the survey data and in which folder survey comments are being stored. In this sub-tab you can also set the language for editors and the primary questionnaire language for respondents. You can also turn on the editor for help captions.
  • Estimated duration: It gives you the estimated time needed for the first page of the survey and for each type of question; on this basis, the application calculates the estimated duration for each survey individually.
  • Data preparation: you can view logs of data preparation; you can also manually run mass-preparation of the data.
  • Set nice URL: a list of surveys in which the URL was changed or where a nice URL was added.
  • Help surveys: a list of surveys for which the authors gave access to the Help centre.
  • Deleted surveys: option to restore deleted surveys.
  • Deleted data: option to restore deleted data.

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