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The 'Export' tab enables the external output of data collected with a survey. To transfer the questionnaire and data to another 1KA installation, see manual Transfer a Survey Between 1KA Domains. We can determine additional export criteria, such as status (relevant/irrelevant units), variable set, conditions, and time period.

In the sub-menus you can choose between various formats:

The upper right-hand corner section allows you to filter the data according to variables, statuses, conditions, or time periods. You can also enable the export of metadata, identifiers, and system variables.

In the top right corner (click on the funnel icon), there are also settings where you can further specify whether you want to export only system data, only data or data and para data. When you select "Export only system data", only the identifiers (system data of the respondent) will be exported, without any other data. However, if you do not export the identifiers, you can export individual para data of the respondent.

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