Questionnaire Entry

Since a large number of completed surveys are collected in fieldwork, the process of data entry can often be a lengthy process, which can be shortened by using the 1KA tool.

The surveys that were collected during offline fieldwork are entered into a web survey that is customised for data entry. The web survey can be created in the standard form, or it can be supplemented and thus gained on time by including the option 'Questionnaire entry', which can be found in the tab 'EDIT' - 'Settings' - 'Respondents access'.

First, in the setting 'Recognize registered user 1KA', select the option 'Yes as data input'. This means that entrants must register in the 1KA application, and when entering questionnaires, the application itself detects who is entering an individual survey, which allows greater control over data entry.

The advanced option enables the creation of a customized questionnaire, where only the values of the answers are entered into the questionnaire, and it also enables the identification of inputs or respondents. Additionally, we have the option to turn on the mass (fast) survey input. Mass completion of the survey is recommended in the case of extensive and many questionnaires. The function forms the questionnaire in such a way that the data inputs, instead of clicking on the questionnaire, only enter the values of the answers in individual windows in combination with the 'TAB' key and in this way greatly shorten the process of entering completed surveys.

Entering questionnaires in the 1KA application has several advantages. It enables:

  • better control over data inputs by recognizing them as inputs for each unit separately;
  • data entry is less time consuming, as mass entry can be activated and so the TAB key can be used to move around the questionnaire and enter only values; in this way, we avoid time-consuming clicking;
  • we can access statistical analyses of data and their graphical display in the 'ANALYSEtab simultaneously.

The data are ready for export in various formats, and we can also export reports on statistical analyses and graphical representations of individual variables.


1KA is free to use for basic users