In the tab 'Diagnostics' in the left column a number of warnings and recommendations are listed. By clicking on the individual status you can access further explanation and recommendations on how to improve the questionnaire.

  • ERRORS are related to logical and technical errors in the conditions, calculations or loops as well as duplication of the variable names.1KA does not allow activation of the survey until the errors are corrected, as these are serious deficiencies.
  • WARNINGS highlight different issues, such as too many questions on the page of the questionnaire, too many questions in the block or too many sub-questions in the table. In this section 1KA also checks if there are inappropriate questions (e.g. demographics) at the beginning of the survey. Warnings are undeniable insuffitiencies of your questionnaire and it is highly recommended that you resolve them.
  • RECOMMENDATIONS are prepared based on the most common errors in surveys. At this point 1KA suggests additional ways to improve the questionnaire.

In the right column of the tab 'Diagnostics', you can find the basic characteristics of the survey:

  • First, it provides an assessment of duration, whereby clicking on 'Details' you can access a more accurate estimate of the duration by pages and by questions. 1ka assess the duration of the survey on the basis of norms based on extensive experience with online surveys, where each type of questions has its estimated duration time, which also depends on the complexity or length of the question. The use of conditions that are carried out equally is also taken into account when calculating the duration of the survey (e.g. with questions that are shown only to women, it is assumed that they are shown in 50 percent of cases).
  • Additionally, within the duration of the survey, information about the actual time is given, where you can also get detailed information about the actual duration of the survey (by page) by clicking on the 'Details' tab. In doing so, you can filter them by status and define the cutting values ​​that deviate markedly from the expected duration. In the frequency distribution of the actual duration of the survey, display for each page separately can be turned on or off. You can also set whether the values 0s and 1s appear in skipped pages.
  • The right column below specifies a descriptive assessment of the length of the questionnaire (e.g. medium-long survey), an estimate of the complexity of the survey and information on the number of questions, variables, conditions, and levels of block nesting. You can access additional methodological explanations on the duration and complexity of the questionnaire by clicking on the individual status.
  • In case the survey contains comments, you can find a summary review of the status of comments in the right column, specifically how many comments of respondents or editors are pending and the total number of comments.

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