Automatic entries

The function of generating 'Test responses' is mostly intended for the verification of complex questionnaires (e.g. questionnaires with nested conditions), with the purpose of checking if all of the questions even reach our respondents.

You can generate any number of 'fictitious respondents' (up to 1000), who respond to the survey. At the same time, 1KA reveals the number of answers (units) to each question. If none of the units received a particular question, there is an obvious flaw in the conditions.

Automatic entries are also graphically portrayed in the 'DATA' and 'ANALYSE' tabs. On the top of the screen there is a warning band which enables the user to delete the test units with a single click.

How does the randomness mechanism for generating units work?

  • In the case of categories with one answer ('radio button'), the answers are evenly distributed among the categories;
  • In the case of categories with multiple answers ('checkbox'), the categories are evenly distributed between values 1 and 0;
  • In the case of numerical variables, a random four-digit number is generated;
  • In the case of a written answer, a random ten-letter set is generated;
  • Each variable has a 10 percent chance of a missing value (value -1);
  • The branching in conditions is carried out evenly.

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