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How do I delete data and test units after testing?

Test entries can be entered in two ways, either manually or with automatic generation. Test entries are marked in the data with 1, in the case of manually entered entries and with 2, in the case of automatically generated entries, which enables greater transparency regarding test entries. Test entries can be deleted from the data in three ways:

  • If you generated automatic entries, the option to delete appears in the 'TEST' - 'Test responses' tab, where you can delete them using the command ‘Delete test entries’.
  • In the 'DATA' - 'Browse' tab click on 'Data table settings' and mark ‘Edit’ in the ‘Icons’ row. This enables you to delete each entry separately or all entries at once if you choose ‘Select all’ under the table. You can delete selected entries by clicking on the ‘Delete selected’.
  • In case you have test entries in your database, a warning strip will always appear in the 'DATA’ – ‘Browse' and 'ANALYSE' tabs, where you can remove the test data with one click. Test entries can be deleted all at once by clicking on the 'Delete test entries’ or just automatically generated entries by clicking on the ‘Delete auto generated data'.

If there are all units with the status 3 (Click on the introduction) in the database and no valid units, such data cannot be deleted.

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