How Do I Delete Data and Test Units After Testing?

You can remove the test entries or units in the tab 'DATA' - 'Browse'. Removing test units depends on how the test data is entered.

Method 1: If you used automatic entries to test your questionnaire, you can delete them using one click on 'Delete auto generated data' that appears above the database.

Method 2: If you added test units via the URL for the test entries found above, clicking on the blue monitor or in the 'PUBLISH' tab, you can delete all of the test units with one click. You can do so by clicking 'Delete all test entries' that appears above the database.

Method 3: If you entered test data as real data, that is, through the survey URL, then you can:

  • Create a copy of the survey and collect real data, which is best recommended. You can do this in the 'EDIT' – 'Questionnaire' tab by clicking on the copy of the survey;
  • Or, you can delete test data already in this survey in the 'DATA' – 'Browse' tab, enabling the option 'Edit', choosing test units, and clicking on 'Delete Selected'. However, you should be careful not to delete any real data.

If there are all units with status 3 (Click on the introduction) in the database and no valid units, such data cannot be deleted.

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