The 'DESIGN' tab allows you to customise the design or look of the online questionnaire, also known as the survey theme. More >>

In 1KA there are several predefined general themes, e.g. 1KA BLUE, 1KA RED, 1KA ORANGE, 1KA GREEN, 1KA PURPLE, 1KA BLACK, two themes for children, and themes that are specifically adapted for embedding the survey within a website. There are also 2 dynamic themes, where 15 photos are selected for each theme and displayed randomly to the respondents (when clicking on the next page, the image is replaced). 

There are also several themes in 1KA that are customised for displaying the survey on mobile - if you select one of the basic web color themes, the same color scheme will be selected by default for display on mobile, but you can also select different themes for displaying the survey on web and mobile (e.g. 1KA BLUE for web and 1KA RED for mobile).  

By clicking on the desktop icon for each theme, a preview of the theme is available.


Web themes:


Mobile themes:


Each of these can be further edited or customised using the interactive interface:

  • adapting the survey for people with special needs (accessibility) More >>;
  • changing the color, type and size of the text;
  • changing the background color;
  • it is also possible to add your own logo.

Advanced users with the necessary knowledge can also edit the theme directly in the CSS editor, or you can create a CSS theme yourself and upload it. More >>


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1KA is free to use for basic users