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Social Networks

A social network is a specific set of units that are connected by social ties. The units can represent individuals, groups, organizations, etc., while social ties represent relationships (e.g. social, business or personal) between the units.

When designing an online survey, networks consist of units, which are based on the respondent’s answer to a set of predesigned questions. To this end, the 1KA tool offers the possibility of a specific type of survey 'Social network', only available to 3KA private package users.

To enable this feature, select the tab 'EDIT' - 'Settings' - 'Advanced modules' and choose 'Social networks' before you edit the questionnaire. If chosen correctly, a 'Social networks' tab with the description of the functionality and links to the examples in the questionnaire library will be displayed.

When the advanced module 'Social network' is turned on, a new feature 'SN-Names' will appear among 'Insert preferred question type' (marked by an orange + icon) on the left column of the 'EDIT - 'Questionnaire' tab.

Question type 'SN-names' should be placed at the beginning of the questionnaire i.e. before the loop, as there the respondent specifies all of the units with which they are socially connected (e.g., friends, family, business partners, etc.). Inside the questionnaire, respondents may add people from their network by clicking on the button 'Add new person', which will be tied to the following question in the loop. The respondent can add numerous people as well as any other type of units (e.g. individuals, groups, organizations, countries etc.)

After determining the units, a loop for the subsequent questions has to be set. The loop feature can be accessed through the left side menu (orange + icon) under the 'Advanced features' category. A loop enables the repetition of questions depending on the previous answers – in this case, depending on the variables that the respondent will indicate throughout the 'SN-names' question. Inside the loop, choose the first question/variable 'SN-names' from the drop-down menu, then add all the questions which will be generated for each of the respondent’s replies.

In that manner (using a name-generator), the respondent defines his own social network and gathers the required information through the questions inside the loop.

For easier understanding, please see the following example >>, which can also be accessed via the questionnaire library >> ('1KA example questionnaires' - '1KA survey templates' - 'Social Networks') and can be copied as the basis of your own social network questionnaire.

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