What does survey complexity mean?

Complexity depends on the use of blocks, conditions, loops and nesting (i.e. hierarchical placement of blocks or conditions).

In general, survey complexity can be divided into 5 categories:

  • Very simple surveys – no conditions, loops or blocks;
  • Simple surveys – a single condition, loop or block;
  • Structured surveys – up to ten conditions, loops or blocks;
  • Complex surveys – from 11 to 50 conditions, loops or blocks;
  • Very complex surveys – more than 50 conditions, loops or blocks.

Long surveys are usually more structured. Structuring the survey and implementing blocks is expected when the survey contains more than 50 variables (survey length is approximately 10 minutes). It is recommended to use blocks (and the collapsed survey view) when the survey contains 30 or more variables.

Survey structuring is very useful because it increases content transparency and makes editing easier.

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