In the 'DASHBOARD' - 'Summary' tab, you can review the status of the survey:

  • Information about the survey: survey name, survey type, number of questions and units, survey language, who and when created/modified the survey, the period of activity of the survey, the date of the first and the last insertion, as well as links to individual sections of survey editing.
  • Redirection to the survey: the number of clicks, list of referrals (from which webpage or email address the respondents arrived), as well as the list of respondents' IP addresses, which cannot be linked to individual responses (they are recorded separately, solely for the purposes of counting respondents).
  • Status of the survey: data about the survey's status (partially completed, completed, empty), the number of clicks on the survey and on the introduction. These data are used by 1KA to determine the number of eligible and ineligible units. More >>
  • Timeline: how many surveys were completed on a particular day.
  • Response rate: cumulative status (click on the introduction, click on the survey, started survey, partially completed survey, completed survey), frequency and status rate. More >>
  • Response by page: the number of clicks on each page of the survey and the number of clicks for the aforementioned cumulative statuses. Responses by pages can be filtered according to the following statuses (entered intro, entered first page, started responding, partially completed, completed).

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