The 'DASHBOARD' - 'Summary' tab gives an overview of the status and progress of the survey:

  • Basic info: name of the survey, type of survey, number of questions, variables, units and pages, language of the survey, who created and modified the survey and when, period of survey activity, duration of the survey, when the first and last entry was made and if there are any comments.
  • Survey redirections: number of clicks, list of redirects (from which website the respondent accessed the survey) and list of IP numbers.
  • Survey status: information on the status of the survey (partially completed, completed), how many relevant units and how many non-relevant units (how many clicks on the survey and how many clicks on the address). More >>
  • Timeline: how many surveys were completed at a given time (day, week, month, etc.).
  • Response rate: cumulative status (clicked on the intro, clicked on the survey, started, partially completed and finished), frequency and rate of these statuses. More >>
  • Response by pages: number of clicks on each page of the survey and number of clicks for the cumulative statuses mentioned above. The progress by page can be filtered by the following statuses: entered intro, entered survey, started responding, partially completed and completed.


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