Under the 'DASHBOARD' tab a new 'Edits analysIs' tab is added. Purpose of the analysis is tracking and analysing activities that happened in the survey (data processing from the archive of changes).

Display settings

The first line contains settings of the Session criteria. The session criteria represents the duration of the survey editing session – the maximum time period between the first and last change (5 minutes, 10 minutes, 30 minutes or 1 hour). The 'Status' option offers a selection of the implementation survey steps (editing, importing data, reports …). It is also possible to set the time period for reviewing the latest changes.

Analysis display

Section Edits actions displays basic information about the editors and the time of editing according to the Session criteria, number of sessions and actions that the editor performed.

The ‘Continuously editing’ section contains information about the time of continuous editing.

The section below – Editing details displays detailed information about the time of editing according to the session criteria, number and type of actions performed in the session. You can export data in a print format (PDF is not yet available).

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