1KA Virtual Domain

In addition to using 1KA in its general form on the domain www.1ka.si, the tool can be customized to fit the user's preferences.

On the 1KA server, a virtual subdomain at 1ka.si domain (for example, xxx.1ka.si) can be created for all user's surveys, and may also be a subdomain of the user's domain (e.g. 1ka.project.si, or survey.project.si) or completely optional domain (e.g. xxx.yyy.zz), which is then visible to the user (survey controller) when editing surveys and to respondents in completing all user surveys.

Owners of virtual domains are automatically assigned with the status of manager, which means the possibility of registering their own users, their editing and supervision. Also, an option to set custom URLs is enabled, which helps to create URLs that are more familiar and easy to understand (e.g. www.1ka.si/survey). Managers can also use 1KA system for sending mass email invitations in combination with their own server (SMTP).

The basic advantage of using 1KA on virtual domain is promptness (processes actually take place in the same main 1KA installation such as do in case of www.1ka.si domain, where the latest version of 1KA is installed), as well as permanent professional and server support. The weakness could be minimum technical costs, charges and certain restrictions on the functionalities provided by the 1KA administrator.

Submit an order for virtual domain in the Business packages section by filling out the FORM >>. In the event that there is no response within one business day, contact us as indicated in help section >>.

1KA is free to use for basic users