1KA Installation

On 1KA web server, where 1KA service for online surveys is hosted, own installation with any domain or user’s subdomain can be created (eg. 1ka.xxx.si, xxx.1ka.si or yyy.zzz.xx), wherein the user status is 1KA administrator and with this own registration, databases and own surveys. An administrator can also add system setups (e.g. all new surveys are by default in English, he can edit the entire site). As being the only one who can access the website, here are solely his surveys.

An important advantage with own installation is also an option to create own entry page (in the case of a virtual domain user cannot create an entry page, which may affect the image of the organization, which would like to have own logo and own news on their installation and domain).

The main advantage of 1KA installation are therefore additional functionality available to administrators. Good enough is promptness of installation (sometimes even more favourable, as it does avoid turbulence and bugs from upgrades that are first made on www.1ka.si), because upgrade is done quickly and easily. There is also the same professional server support as in the case of www.1ka.si, because it uses the same server. Any problems should therefore be resolved quickly as possible. The weakness may be annual technical costs, certain delay and non-automatic nature of the upgrades, the absence of automatic mirroring (which may be subject to additional agreements) and some specificities and constraints in access to system settings of 1KA application, and of course the server itself.

Submit an order for own installation on 1KA server in the Business packages section by filling out the FORM >>. In the event that there is no response within one business day, contact us as indicated in help section >>.

1KA is free to use for basic users