1KA offline provides an easy installation of an entire 1KA application to your portable device (laptop, tablet, mobile).

The technical requirements for a PC or a laptop are minimal (4GB, dual-core processor), while tablets and mobile phones are currently limited to Android devices with more than 2GB of RAM.

In the offline installation, 1KA uses one of the free external servers (UWAMP). The installation is tested, but problems may occur due to additional security configurations that the user may have and should be further solved. This may require some advanced technical knowledge, for which users can also contact the 1KA Help CentreIn some cases of security configurations, 1KA offline can not be installed. In this case, we recommend the installation of the classic 1KA, where the user, of course, has to take care of the entire installation and configuration of the server himself (or with the help of the 1KA Help Centre).

Offline 1KA is therefore not developed as a special (mobile) application, e.g. like 1KA mobile application (designed to create surveys and not to capture data). Therefore, we can not compare it with tools specifically developed for offline capturing of data on portable devices (e.g. DroidSurvey, SurveyToGo). Offline 1KA is therefore suitable primarily for testing and smaller projects.

1KA offline runs on the portable device exactly the same as on the server.

To install the Offline version of 1KA on a Windows laptop, refer to this manual.

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1KA is free to use for basic users