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Below we describe the procedures of advanced options that can be implemented by manager:

Review of survey activities they manage and survey activities of their users in 1KA

In the 'My surveys' - 'Activities' tab next data can be reviewed:

  • Additional filtering of: test entries, automatic entries, imported, valid (status 5, 6), invalid (status 3, 4), email unanswered (status 0, 1, 2). Filtering is executed by clicking on the button 'Filter'.
  • Total number of surveys based on valid entries, users, sent email invitations, pages, analysis, graphs and all edits.
  • Graphs for all new surveys, edits and answers in the last week, month, and year or from the first day of 1KA installation.

Adding and editing of assigned users

  • In the 'My Surveys' - 'Users' tab is (by default) a list of assigned users.
  • By clicking 'Add User' at the bottom of the page, you can add a new user, allowing access to its surveys.
  • Manager of virtual domain can add all registered users from his domain (e. g. @1ka.si, @gov.si,…).
  • If you want to edit an existing assigned user, click on the icon in the form of a man by the name of the individual user. In addition to basic information about the user, a list of user surveys is displayed, where you can change user rights for the individual survey (eg. allowing options for sending e-mail invitations or setting custom URL's ...).

Publish, E-mail invitations and email server settings

Turn on notifications of completed survey

  • In the 'EDIT' – 'Settings' – 'Notifications'  tab it is possible to turn on notifications of the completed survey. Notifications are enabled only for administrators and managers. Service is payable, except for users with administrator and manager status.

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