Examples of Larger Projects

1KA is a flexible tool, which can be easily upgraded for specific needs for individual projects or clients. We highlight the following illustrations and examples:

  • System for student evaluation of educational work at the University of Ljubljana (UL): on the one side this is a complex integration of 1KA with statistical packet R, where we can process data and make statistical analysis instantly (e.g. report for all teachers in PDF format), as well as with the administrative system of UL higher education informatics and with documentation system of UL. On the other hand, this is a wider project that captures several 100 000 surveys annually.
  • System for evaluation of educational work at primary schools and high schools: it's a complex upgrade of the 1KA tool to the specific needs for evaluation of educational work. A seven-layer hierarchy was developed for this purpose, with which schools can create and implement surveys and later present, analyse and aggregate results.
  • For research purposes of CDI, we developed special modules for analysing the quality of the survey data. In this context, speed and answered questions are evaluated as a basis for calculating the indicators of the quality of the survey process (eg. AAPOR response rate).
  • For needs of administrative work, the interface for support of working process was designed (eg. application forms, treatment of complaints, purchase order form etc.).
  • The specific upgrade was made for the SAFE project, which supports the administrative process of collecting and registering for educational seminars and accompanying the allocation of lecturers.
  • For the needs of RC33, a special module was developed, which allows verification, in case a user is already enrolled in a specific database or not. Automatic notifying of this matter was developed.
  • Mobile application for creating simple surveys with mobile phones allows creating surveys in real-time (eg. in a meeting or event); in this context, this serves as a support for voting and simple evaluations.
  • For the needs of the Ministry of Public Administration and the Tourism Institute of Bled, their own survey themes were prepared in accordance with the graphic design of the client.

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