1KA on www.1ka.si

The main place, where the 1KA tool is used is the website on which you are (probably) right this moment – https://www.1ka.si/d/en/. Use of this Web site – under usual terms of use – is free and essentially unlimited.

The basic advantage of using 1KA on www.1ka.si domain is promptness (the latest version of 1KA), professional server support and the absence of costs. A weakness could be some restrictions to access certain functionalities.

Some technical warnings that mostly (in case of old versions reasonably adjusted) also apply to the installation on other servers:

  • For optimal use, we recommend Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and IE8 +. Because of the required support for JavaScript 1KA does not work in IE6 and earlier IE versions. Links to various browsers are available in the section Troubleshooting >>
  • To use Video Flash10 + is required.
  • Helpdesk for users – in case of a problem as well as in the case of need for additional methodological or technical assistance – can be found here >>

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1KA is free to use for basic users