In subsequent sections we describe in more detail the functionality of levels of 1KA users:

  • Administrator can add and edit users and in the case of own installation access to all surveys. He can recover individual surveys and units. He can also change the peripheral shell of CMS and edits all content (news, advice and help). He can specify the level of functionality (active or passive access) of specific users.
  • Manager has the option of adding and editing members and review of survey activities they manage and survey activities of their users in 1KA.
  • Member is a subscriber who also has access to advanced features. There are currently equated with subscribers.
  • Subscriber is anyone who is registered into the site. Subscribers can use all the basic functions of the 1KA application.

In addition to the above-mentioned levels of users there are another three types of technical administrators:

  • Meta-administrator of 1KA: in addition to the functionalities of 1KA administrator, meta-administrator has access (via general interface) to data about server load, up-time statistics and statistics on visitors. He also has an intervention access.
  • Technical administrator is a status, that is assigned to the programmer of 1KA and it enables him to access directly to the code.
  • System administrator of 1KA is a status, that is assigned to the maintainer of the server where 1KA is installed. With this status system administrator can access to programs and data.

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1KA is free to use for basic users