User Testimonials

March 2022

"I am very satisfied with the use of the 1KA online survey tool - designing a questionnaire for our company's potential customers was easy. I was able to formulate relevant questions with appropriate forms of answers, but above all I am satisfied with the appearance and usability of the survey when the user completes it. The analytical tool is also great and I was able to analyze the answers with it."

A. S., future entrepreneur 

"1KA allowed me to create a very simple survey that I recommend to anyone who needs it for research."

Ž.K., Doba 

"I used it for my graduation seminar paper and I am very pleased as I had a nice overview of all the answers. This was very helpful to me and it was easier to statistically process the results."

Ptuj High School 

"With the help of 1KA, I quickly and easily created a very high-quality survey. Most questions can be formatted with a few clicks. In the future, I will definitely use 1KA again to create surveys."

D.D., Faculty of Economics 

"1KA is a very good website, you create surveys with ease, and also you have a lot of help available online."

III. high school Maribor 

"Only positive experiences, all OK."

N.F., Alma Mater Europaea 

"Very nice look of the final survey and easy reading of the final data."

Traffic school 

"My experience with using 1KA is excellent. I had no problems, I created the survey very quickly."

Kristina Milenkov, Secondary Administrative School of Ljubljana 

"Useful and excellent website. I recommend!"

D.F., Faculty of Health Sciences Novo mesto 

February 2022

"Easy to use, transparent and understandable statistics, in short, I recommend."

Martin Vrašec, Slovenian Railways, d.o.o. 

"A great tool for quickly creating a survey."


"1KA is a great tool for making and later analyzing a survey. Very useful!"

Jolanda Perger, Abitura 

"I recommend using it to anyone who wants to create their own questionnaire."

A.V., Almamater Europae 

"I love simple, transparent and useful pages and that’s 1KA."

Nataša Šrot, organizer of the social 

"The 1KA survey is a great tool. Easy to use. I will be happy to use it again."

Faculty of Design 

"Simple, it works, affordable."


January 2022

"A very handy app for measuring employee satisfaction."

T.H., Hisense Gorenje Europe 

"I am very pleased. There are many features available and it is quick and easy to use."

T.V., Davorin Jenko Elementary School 

"1KA is a very sophisticated tool for creating online surveys. Easy to use, with clear, concise instructions and all the useful features for quality execution."

S. B. 

"A great tool."

Karmen Kasesnik, trade union Kindergarten Velenje 

"1KA for our company represents fast and efficient, even accurate collection of the desired data. It is easy and quick to use. It provides a wide range of options for choosing the type, form of the survey question, and also offers an interesting choice of the layout of the survey. Highly recommended."

Tina Porenta, Sports Union of Slovenia 

"For my master's thesis, I made a questionnaire in 1KA, which was crucial for the research part. It contributed to the successful content of the task itself."

Irena Podlipec Izak 

December 2021

"Given that I am a beginner in the preparation of the survey questionnaire and have little knowledge of computer use, I am very pleased that the website guided me and offered me everything I can use in compiling the survey. Thank you 1KA."

Silva Viher, LU Ptuj 

"1KA is an excellent tool for preparing and conducting surveys, analyzing results and presenting them graphically."

A.P., Regional Development Agency for Podravje - Maribor 

"Using the 1KA tool is easy, it allows you to prepare quick analyzes for both professional and private purposes. With the 1KA tool, I also prepared, among other things, an analysis for a master's thesis. I highly recommend it!"

S.M., Ministry of Health 

"1KA is a very simple and useful tool for creating a variety of surveys. Excellent clear and short videos help in creating the survey."


"Simple, efficient, fast."

E.L., SŽ Vit d.o.o 

"1KA is very easy to use and to create surveys. In addition, it offers an excellent final analysis of the answers."

Maša Cesar, Dobrovita d.o.o. 

"I had a positive experience, I will continue to use the 1KA survey tool."

Mateja Peterec, Association of the Physically Handicapped of Slovenia VIZIJA 

"Excellent application availability and performance. Good forms of help. Great survey templates."


"Excellently set, we recommend using it!"

Bohinj Tourist Association 

"Creating a survey was very easy, the tools offered were appropriate. I recommend!"

Diana JT 

November 2021

"It is extremely easy to create a survey. Very useful for quickly checking the knowledge and mood of the team."

S. K., NKBM 

"I recently found out about the possibility of creating an online survey on 1KA from my wife's daughter, who uses it often. In the first use recently, she guided me at the beginning, but my wife and I quickly completed the procedure. It seemed transparent and understandable enough to us, so we had no particular problems. The tool has many different options that I have not been able to test yet. Upgrading to the paid package provides additional services in case we need them. I recommend."

M.Š., pensioner 

"1KA is a simple and easy tool for conducting a survey - both for the surveyor and the respondent."

K. J., ICP Maribor 

"Useful and easy-to-use application for research purposes."

Faculty of Health Sciences Novo mesto 

"For the purpose of creating an online survey, I used 1KA for the first time - a good experience, as the tool is easy to use, transparent, and offers a good selection of basic functions."


"Very easy to use, prepare and analyze results. Also suitable for non-experts like myself."


"Easy and fast creation of a functional survey."


October 2021

"Great tool, easy to use!"

MK, Eubioma 

"Creating surveys and questionnaires with 1KA is really easy and fast. I would recommend 1KA to anyone."

Maruša Prosen, 

"Simple, at hand, imaginative."


September 2021

"I was lucky that my colleague recommended me the 1KA tool. It was my first time creating a survey and using 1KA made it a great experience thanks to its simplicity and clarity."

Mariem Z., Innorenew CoE, Tunisia 

"Simple and clear."

Triglav consulting 

"1KA is a user-friendly platform for creating surveys and analyzes. I would be happy to recommend it to anyone who needs it in their field of research."

Faculty of Government and European Studies 

"I am very satisfied with the usability of the application and will continue to use it in the future."

Tanja Golja, POSLOVNI STUDIO, Tanja Golja s.p. 

"1KA is easy to use and offers free access for basic testing. The basic version already provides enough tools for daily work support, and at not a high cost, tools are available for a more demanding user."

Katarina Podnar, ZRISP 

"One of the best Slovenian tools with which I can easily and quickly obtain processed data."

Alma Ignjatovic, Elementary School Škofljica 

"1KA offers solutions that are suitable for everyone. You can create a very simple survey that doesn’t take a lot of time, but you can also browse through more advanced features and create something seemingly complex. With the support of videos and manuals, anything is possible!"

K.L., DSMO Milje, Italy 

"I was very pleased with the use of 1KA, it is easy to use and I will continue to use it!"

Sašo P., a student at the Faculty of Health and Social Sciences Slovenj Gradec 

August 2021

"I had a very good experience."

T.Č., Šentjur School Center 

"Easy to use even with complex questionnaires, with a rich set of options."

Vesna B., University Medical Centre Ljubljana 

July 2021

"A very good tool for obtaining data for a diploma thesis."

M.P., Lampret College CONSULTING d.o.o. 

"Transparent, easy to use."

I.J., Ministry of Education, Science and Sport 

"I was impressed with how easy it is to use, even for those of us who are not computer experts."

Andreja Žlebnik, College of Accounting and Finance 



"Great and easy experience, very useful!"


"I recently created my first online survey and used the 1KA platform for this purpose. I made the survey quickly and without the need for additional instructions, and this is what means the most to me - that I can be maximally efficient at work."

Katarina Kerševan, s.p. 

"I came across the creation of the survey questionnaire for the first time, but it was a very easy process with 1KA and at the same time an interesting experience."


"The survey is simple, transparent and easy to complete."


June 2021

"The experience of creating and using 1KA is positive. Results achieved. Everyone is happy."


"1KA is one of the better solutions for obtaining answers and conducting short surveys when working remotely. It is also easy to use."

Nives Hudej 

"Simple, practical, powerful."


"Very convenient, fast and accessible."

K.M., University of Maribor 

"1KA is by far the best survey tool I’ve used. For a slightly older citizen like me, who last used similar tools decades ago and would not know them now, 1KA made my work much easier, as it is very clear and easy to use, and the final product is also suitable for business or mature use."

Dean J., Sora Development Agency 

"Under time pressure (due to the sudden absence of the person who usually prepares the survey and then displays the results), I was forced to create the survey myself, very inexperienced at such work. I can even say that I am not comfortable with such work. With the help of the instructions, I succeeded, the participants got the survey. I was very happy that 1KA is available and that it is so easy to use that even people with less knowledge and experience can make the basic surveys."

Živa Novak Antolič, Medical Trainers, FIC, PRIZMA Project 

"Very easy to use even for first time users."

A.D., Wcycle Institute 

"Simple and transparent to use, I was also able to easily edit it."

U.Č., Faculty of Applied Social Studies, Nova Gorica 

May 2021

"Easy navigation, everything is straightforward."

Tseko Mofokeng 

"A fast and efficient way of creating a survey and obtaining, collecting, and analyzing data."

N.K., Kindergarten Studenci Maribor 

"1KA is the perfect tool for creating a business survey. Kudos to the creators."

Vesna Grgič, Nova KBM d.d. 

"Simple and fast-to-manage survey system."

I.Š., Health Center Slovenska Bistrica 

"1KA is the website where I created a survey for the vocational matura. It is the best option among all the others as it provides many good features to make surveying easier, simpler, and more attractive. In case of ambiguity, with the help of contact via e-mail or through frequently asked questions I quickly got the information or solved the problem. In case I need to create another survey, I will use 1KA again."

Patrik Vujičić 

"1KA is a great tool for conducting an online survey. It is easy to use and offers many options for questions and answers. You will also be satisfied with the processing of the results."

M.M., University of Maribor Faculty of Organizational Sciences 

"Great, easy, and fast."

Monika Poboljsaj, Faculty of Economics and Business Maribor 

"Great tool."

Igor Škvarč, General Hospital Nova Gorica 

"I was very happy using 1KA."

A.M., College of Hospitality and Tourism Maribor 

"I was creating a survey in 1KA for the first time, so I had watched a video guide on how to create a survey beforehand. The video guide guides you nicely through the whole process. Creating a survey is a lot of fun. I am also very pleased with the simplicity and clarity of 1KA. I really recommend it to anyone who needs to create some kind of survey."

K.F., Faculty of Economics and Business 

April 2021

"I had a good experience in evaluation and completion of surveys."

Alex Simon, University of Nairobi 

"A great way to create beautiful and clear looking surveys."

School center Rogaška Slatina 



"A super simple tool that offers a short basic analysis without additional data processing. Easy and useful."

M.Č., House on the Kras 

"Simple, transparent, functional."

Stopar Tadej 

"Very great application for creating surveys."

Žiga Ostrš, Duplek Primary School 

"Using 1KA itself - making the questionnaire itself as well as solving certain surveys via 1KA, is very simple. Above all, I find it important that the whole matter is very transparent and extremely useful when working in offices, schools, etc., and useful mainly from the point of view of obtaining certain information."

Blanka Kosi Raušl, Municipality of Sveti Tomaž 


Gea College 

"Primary choice for young people (e.g., high school students), accessible to everyone and reliable."

M.A., France Prešeren High School 


School center Slovenj Gradec 

"Great! Site is very easy to use. You can also test the survey before publishing, you can also change it later, you have an insight into what the survey looks like on different devices. It’s also great that you get a lot of feedback on the survey, and it’s all free."

Karin, student 

"Very efficient and fast tool. Thanks!"

Škofljica Kindergarten 



March 2021

"1KA is very user friendly and nicely designed. It provides researchers with a substantial number of options and adequate support yet being very affordable."

I.S., Institute of Social Sciences (Zagreb, Croatia) 

"Everything was great when creating the survey."

T.M., Faculty of Organizational Sciences 

"Creating a survey in 1KA was a great experience, I learned something new and useful. The use is professional and simple, I think anyone can create it because of simplicity."

D.L., Doba Faculty, Maribor 

"Very satisfied with the preparation of the survey questionnaire on the 1KA portal. Easy to use, fast interface operation and transparent analysis are the reasons why we will use your portal many more times."


"I find the site very useful! When I was still in school, we had to do everything by hand and it was very time consuming, so minimal energy is required here to make a questionnaire."

L.P., Erudio Education Center 

"Very easy, even for the beginners in this field."

M.V., Domel d.o.o. 

"Very satisfied."

A.R., Secondary School of Economics and Business 

"1KA makes it easy to prepare a survey questionnaire. At the same time, it also offers good, clear analyzes of the results."

Jana P., Academy of Fine Arts and Design 

"In the 1KA tool, the survey is made in a very simple and clear way. However, if you have problems making the survey, you can turn to several help manuals provided by 1KA. If I have to make a survey in the future, I will most likely use the 1KA survey tool again. The experience was phenomenal because of the simplicity and many different tools in creating the survey."


"A very simple and easy tool to make a survey. It is intuitive and you can easily master the basic functionalities you need to create a simple survey."

Primož Satler, State Attorney's Office of the Republic of Slovenia 

"A very good and useful website that I will continue to use in the future."

Faculty of Commercial and Business Sciences Celje 

"Easy to use."


"Great experience, considering I am a beginner and not a computer expert. I will still use it in my work and school work."

D.F., Faculty of Health Sciences 

"Very easy to use with all the features you need when preparing a survey."


"The experience was great, I didn’t run into any problems, survey creation was easy. 1KA drastically helped me with the preparation of the graduation seminar paper."

A.H., First Gymnasium Maribor 

"Simple and transparent."

A.T., Savinjsko-šaleška Chamber of Commerce 

"Easy and fast to use, certainly one of the better tools for creating and analyzing online surveys!"

Nina, Faculty of Design 

"The 1KA experience was great: easy, fast and efficient. If there are any questions and ambiguities, videos, explanations, manuals are available to us. Something for everyone. I recommend 1KA to anyone who has encountered the survey creation for the first time."

M. S., Gymnasium Ptuj 

February 2021

"I was looking for a free online survey site that allows me to use a particular type of visual analog scale for it to be used by the students I supervise. This site is not only the single one I have found that does that for free, it does a lot of things brilliantly. It does offer an incredible number of configuration options for each form, down to the slightest detail. Yet it is very intuitive and extremely easy to use: though I only watched the very short youtube explanatory video on how to get started, I was able to configure everything the way I wanted for my surveys, which include many different form (question) types. It has a great visual rendering and reliable online presence. All in all, I do recommend this survey site over the ones we usually make use of. To be totally honest, I only used the free features and they do allow for a lot of things already. I have also perused through the paid features and they seem even better. Given the price of the paid options packages, they are, in my opinion, totally worth it (I will use them myself when needed."

Serban C. Musca, Associate Professor, Univ Rennes, Rennes, France 

"1KA has been and still is a great help to me. It allowed me to quickly and easily design a survey that I created for study purposes. It has many different question types that are useful and interesting for the respondent. I recommend 1KA to anyone who wants to do any type of survey."

Electronics - SC Novo mesto 

"Making a survey in 1KA is very simple. The biggest advantage of 1KA is that the data is processed and that you can access various data analyses."


"Highly recommend!"


"Great tool."

Faculty of Law 

"It benefited me and allowed me an immediate approach to the opinion of the respondents."

Miro P., Elektro Maribor 

"I have no complaints."


"Very simple and transparent."

U.M., Kindergarten 

"Useful and simple tool for online surveys. The free version already allows for a wide variety of questions. The analysis of the results is transparent and in the free version is sufficient for the everyday needs of surveys."

Igor Filipič, Archdiocesan Archives of Maribor 

"Very useful and transparent tool."

Patricija Lovišček, Blue December Institute 

"1KA suits me for the needs of my workplace. I quickly "figured it out", even though, in my opinion, I am not very computer literate. It gives me confidence that I can’t do anything that can’t be corrected or re-set."

Lucija Lešnjak, Public Institution Gornja Radgona Library 

"My experience was very good. When I created the survey, I did it without any problems."

H.L., Elementary School dr. Janez Mencinger 

"Easy to use."

University of Ljubljana 

"Considering I’ve done it once so far, I feel like I’ve gotten around pretty quickly."

P.L., Faculty of Health Sciences Novo mesto 

"A very functional and fast way to prepare a survey with many different types of questions."

Natalija Andrejka, ŠCC Gymnasium Lava 

"A very easy way to create surveys."

K.F., Abitura d. o. o. 

"Simple - it works."

Anka Zajc, Zajc In d.o.o. in LU Ajdovščina 

"Very happy. The survey is created quickly and if you close the tab by mistake, the survey is saved in real time, which is very convenient."

Higher Vocational School for Hospitality and Tourism Maribor 

"Satisfied with the use."

D. K., Paratus D. O. O. 

"Ease of design and the time it takes to create a survey is the most important factor for me personally. A fast, easy and efficient tool for retrieving primary data."

Dragana M., Faculty of Economics and Business Maribor 

"I have been following 1KA since its inception, during which time it has progressed as an application and as an organization that offers the market a truly quality offer. I use it both privately (in my own research) and for business (mostly with user satisfaction evaluations). It is simple, functional, with excellent customer support, and also in Slovene, which represents an important advantage over other, foreign providers. I recommend it to anyone who needs a reliable tool to conduct online research, without unnecessary complications."

dr. Jana Nadoh Bergoč, Perspektiva Business Incubator 

January 2021

"I used the 1KA to create a survey for a project at my university. I went in with no prior knowledge on how to use 1KA tool, and I managed to figure everything out very quickly because of the simplicity of the interface and the logic behind the tools. The questions I had during the use were listed in Q&A. I found it very useful that you can restrict the range and the type of answers in preventing invalid input. I am curious on the features of premium users and I happen to need 1KA more often I would definitely switch to premium subscription."

M.K., University of Banja Luka 

"Positive experience, gained the information I was looking for."

Samo Golenač, FS Maribor 

"Great to use."

N.J., education 

"Very well and clearly designed website."

L.K., Lava Gymnasium 

"The 1KA online survey enables quick and easy design of surveys, as well as a transparent display of the obtained results."

Katja Krese, a student at the Faculty of Organizational Studies in Novo mesto 

"Great tool, commendable."

N.M., Elementary school Milojke Štrukelj NG 

"The 1KA tool is very convenient, its use is quick to master, it has good analytics."

Ana Godec, ŠC PET, Ljubljana 

"It's great."


"Although I have never used online surveys, the 1KA website has allowed me to not spend several hours trying to figure out how to use it."

Elementary school student 

"Simple, transparent."

M. Š., Elementary School Jurija Dalmatina Krško 

"I am very pleased. The site is simple and I figured out how and what very quickly."

Melani Tomašinjak 

"Easy and simple even for someone without prior experience."


"If you read the instructions or video guides, you can easily create a survey or questionnaire for students or parents."

Nevenka Urbanija, Elementary School Toneta Okrogarja Zagorje ob Savi 

"Using and creating a survey is simple, functional and fast."

N.K., University of NM, Faculty of Health Sciences 

"Simple page, but very accurate and transparent."


"Simple and transparent."

B.M., Izola Secondary School 

"I have a good experience, it is practical, functional and useful."


"Useful tool."

A.H., Faculty of Health Sciences NM 

"I am very happy with 1KA as it is very easy to use. Premade templates significantly simplify the work and help create surveys faster."

Azra Fazlić 

"Great and fast!"

Ana M., Fudš 

"Simple and easy to use even for not (too) experienced users of software tools!"


"I am very pleased."

Natalija Golob, FDŠ 

"Preparing a survey in 1KA is simple, the application is very transparent and user-friendly. I like it because the most common types of questions are pre-prepared and you can only enter text. For once, I prepared simple surveys in 1KA, but I believe I would be able to prepare a more demanding survey as well. I recommend!"

mag. Barbara Jančar Rozman, Kamnik Regional Chamber of Crafts and Entrepreneurship 

"Preparing an online survey with 1KA is easy and fast. I recommend it to anyone who is still deciding which tool to use."

Alenka S., New University 

"1KA is a very good tool for researching opinions and views and I wish it would continue to develop in the direction of optimal use value for further statistical processing."


"The tool is very easy to use even for those who are not so good at working with a computer. In addition, it also offers surprisingly good advice in designing the content of the survey and draws attention to the potentially inappropriate form of the question asked. Praise itself!"


December 2020

"A very positive experience for a complete beginner, the display of use is understandable and illustrative."

Aleksandra Pal 

"Given that I am not skilled in working with online tools and I have resistance to them, I learned to work with 1KA very quickly (at least the basics) on my own, without the help of others. However, I have not yet done any concrete analyzes. But 1KA is definitely very easy and very useful to make questionnaires."

Alenka Križnik, Slovenian Hospice Association 

"My experience was great. Everything worked very easily and quickly. I would highly recommend it to others as well, as the use is not demanding."

Kaja Krašnja 

"Easy to use after multiple uses."


"I am very pleased with your website as it guide us through the entire survey with instructions and recommendations. I created the survey for the first time and I find it great that you point out what would be wise to change before posting. Praise itself, all the best!"

S.P., Alma Mater Europea 

"A great online platform that helps you with your school and study work, while still being easy to use."

Nika Pirnovar, PeF 


Agnes Bogataj 

"The application is convenient and easy to use. What it offers in the basic free package is more than enough to make simple surveys. If you get stuck, help is only 1 click away."


"Pleasant experience, easy to use and very good transparency of results."

R.C., Alma Mater Europea 

"An excellent and easy tool for creating survey questionnaires."


"Great. I am very excited."

Gašper Bela 


Ana Debelak, Celje Secondary Medical School 

"1KA is a great and simple website for quick survey creation, I had no problems creating it, I also like that you can see the exact results of the answers."

J.P., SŠZ 

"User-friendly and easy e-tool for creating simple online surveys."

Faculty of Administration 

"Great experience."

M.Š., TOTI DCA Maribor Association 

"It provides essential tools and allows you to create high-quality questionnaire."

Boris Vučkič 

"I have been a user of 1KA and other online survey tools for over ten years. Although I didn’t like 1KA in the beginning, it has been constantly evolving and improving over the years and today is my first choice as it has all the functionalities I need and is intuitive and easy to use. Compared to others, I find the support it offers in the development and testing phase of the questionnaire useful, as it warns users of certain types of errors in the questionnaire and allows them to comment on individual questions during testing."

Ana Slavec, InnoRenew CoE 

"The survey was created quickly, as the program is extremely transparent and easy to use. I will continue to use the 1KA tool and I recommend it to anyone who needs a quick and high-quality survey creation tool."

Tina Lampreht, Trzin kindergarten 

"I really like it, it is simple and offers everything I need."

Petra B., SZSCE 

"Quite easy and fast compilation of a questionnaire or survey."

Nazarje Primary School 

"Done quickly."

Edita Samastur 

"Easy to use."

Angelo Mimmo, University of Bergamo 

November 2020

"I created the survey quickly and without any problems, so I am very satisfied."

A.M., VGŠ Bled 

"I am very satisfied, creating a survey on this website has helped me a lot with certain tasks at the faculty."

L.B., Faculty of Health Sciences 

"1KA employees promptly assist with planned market research and are highly responsive in resolving any ambiguities. They also help to clarify methodological correctness! I highly recommend!"

Jordan Berginc, Studio of Entrepreneurship Ljubljana 

"I’ve never had any experience with online surveys before, but 1KA offers very good features for composing questions and works very fast. I will definitely use 1KA again."


"The experience is good, I am satisfied with all the options and features."

P.R., School of Economics Celje 

"Very useful and easy-to-use survey tool, I am very satisfied."


"1KA is very easy to use. I first used it to survey students and teachers during school closures. I am very happy with it and will use it more often in the future."

Nataša V., School centre Ptuj 

"1KA is easy to use and monitor results. It is transparent and very useful."

Simona Martinšek, Centre for Social Work 

"The best."


"Excellent survey tool with all the necessary tips and instructions, survey previews and exports."

Student at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences 

"Creating a survey is quick and easy. The interface is very transparent, so you can easily adjust the look of the survey. At the end, the program reviews the survey and gives you helpful tips for recommended survey modifications. The option to test the survey before distributing it to the target group is also very useful. I am more than satisfied!"

E.A., SV 

"1KA is very useful and easy to use. It has beautiful backgrounds that help enrich the survey. It is also simple for further data processing. I recommend."

Andreja Feltrin 

"Easy to use, share survey and analyze results. I recommend it to anyone who needs a survey tool."

M.M., B2 School 

"Very good website, I recommend it to others as well."

David Koncilija 


Elementary school Ravne 

"I recommend the 1KA survey tool for study purposes as well as for other uses. It enables the creation of very complex questionnaires, which I myself used to my advantage in conducting research for my master's thesis. It is also very easy to submit surveys and their availability on several types of devices - computer, tablet, smartphones. The obtained data and the basic analytics available in the tool enabled me to move faster to more complex analyzes and thus significantly shorten the processing time. After I completed my study, I also used the tool for short simple surveys, and I will definitely use it again in the future."

Vesna Zagoda Peperko, MBA, completed postgraduate study at the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Maribor 

"Very satisfied. The survey is created quickly and easily."

Edvard Arnuga, SV 

"A very useful tool."

Urban planning Institute of the Republic of Slovenia  

"Easy to use and collect data, while also offering fast data analysis."

Ema Dornik, IZUM 


Mojca Seljak 

"The best thing about 1KA is that it works quickly and efficiently. It saves a lot of time, and also the whole process is easy, with a lot of services."

Christian Volčanšek, FUDŠ 

"I'm satisfied."

Anja Mazej 

"Creating a survey using 1KA is easy. Very high transparency."

Romana Šarec Rojc, principal of Šmihel Primary School 

"The tool for creating the survey is simple and transparent, and the obtained results are very important."


"1KA helped me with my study obligations in my master's program. I used it for the first time and I got the desired result without any problems. I recommend 1KA."

B.R., New University, European Law Faculty 

"I was satisfied. It is practical to use."

Teja Barle 

"Easy and transparent to use."

Adela Čolnik, FZV Maribor 

"I think this website is one of the most useful. With the help of these surveys, I learned a lot, and above all, they came in handy for my school obligations."

Urša Adamič, Velenje College of Environmental Protection 

October 2020

"Using 1KA is easy and suitable for users at all levels (even a beginner can quickly create a survey)."

Dejan, teacher 

"1KA is a simple and easy tool that makes it easier to create, distribute and analyze surveys. By upgrading to 2KA or 3KA, we can export data and analyze it, e.g. in SPSS, Excel ..."

Polonca Krobat 

"Very great website, I also use it myself. I find it very useful and instructive."


"As users of the online survey tool, we have a positive experience. We are glad that the online surveys were well-received by our respondents, who are our key target group."

NOVUS society 

"1KA is easy to use, offers a large number of functions, has good support and annual trainings, which help to make even better use of the tool and to keep up to date with new features."

Slovenian Forestry Institute 

"I am very satisfied with the 1KA, as it allows you to easily create an online questionnaire, even for those who are not the most computer-savvy. I use 1KA for study purposes, for seminar papers, and this year especially for the master's thesis. I like it very much because you can change the look of your survey, the ability to export graphs and tables, and more. I would warmly recommend it to anyone who wants to conduct research from start to finish."

A. F., Faculty of Education 

"I am very satisfied and I will definitely use it in the future."

Barbara Kovač, Elementary School and kindergarten Apače 

"Given that I'm not the most adept at using technology, 1KA didn't cause me any problems."

Secondary Health School Ljubljana 

"1KA survey tool helped me to do the seminar paper, I created the survey quickly and without major problems."

L.K., B2 High School 

"Simple, transparent."

A. M., University of Ljubljana Faculty of Theology 

"With the 1KA survey tool, as a cultural association, we can quickly and easily obtain the opinions of our viewers, which are important for our further direction."

Špas teater 

"A great tool for research."

Grm Novo mesto 

"It helps me a lot in school, because with the 1KA survey tool I can quickly create a survey and obtain different answers."

Jan Rajh, Secondary School of Economics Maribor 

"With the help of the 1KA online survey tool, I was able to easily create an online survey for the needs of my research. Later, based on the analyzes offered by 1KA, I came to useful data and graphical representations."

M.E., Alma Mater Europaea ECM 

"Very good."

Nastja Gonza, II. Secondary School Maribor 


Jasna Rituper Hari, Secondary School Murska Sobota 

"Quick and easy to use."

M.D., Secondary School Ledina 

"I like 1KA because it has all the tools I need to create a survey."

Jovana Stanković, Environmental and communal protection, VSŠ Novo mesto 


Sara Regina, Gea College 

"The graphical interface of the application is very user friendly."

Gregor Čadež, Faculty of Health Angela Boškin 

September 2020

"I would highly recommend using 1KA tool for survey purposes as it is really user friendly and easy to work on."

Asmita S., Research Scholar at VJTI. 

"Great tool! I would recommend it to anyone who needs a quick and easy survey creation."

Barbara Vraničar, Development and information center Bela krajina 

"The 1KA web application is very useful for all types of research. It is easy to use and to perform analysis."

Robert Gajšek 

"My first encounter with online surveys was in research work a good ten years ago. Since then, I’ve tried a few different tools for making online surveys and 1KA is definitely the best for my needs. It offers all the options I need. In times when I don’t know how to proceed, telephone help is also available, which is extremely valuable for anyone who prefers to ask rather than write messages and watch video guides. The possibilities of automatic creation of graphs, bilingual surveys and questionnaire templates are very welcome. What I might change is the simplification of the interface for users who only need basic functions and are confused rather than dazzled by many additional features. I really like the graphical user interface, the simple and clean design supports the functionalities and simplifies the procedures, making them easier to remember. I took part in an educational web survey day, where I also found out what makes 1KA so good. Its creators do their work passionately and with a high degree of professionalism. Thanks and keep up the good work"

Saša Podgoršek, Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana 

"Simple, useful and high quality."

Sanja Š., Elementary School Dekani 

"User friendly and easy to use."

Jasna Z, Secondary School Slovenska Bistrica 

"Easy, fast and transparent."

Marija Arh Ivanšek, SGTŠ Radovljica 

"1KA enables easy and fast creation of questionnaires, so I always use the system on this occasion."


"Very easy to use and also the graphs we get from data analysis are nicely clear."

BI, Education centre Memory 

"Clear, transparent, efficient, fast."

Domen Zupan, Faculty of Tourism, University of Maribor 

"Arrived, wrote, analyzed."

Gašper Žemva, Institute for Urbanism Maribor 

"1KA provides all the necessary tools needed to create a survey. All types of questions are available (from those with 1 correct answer, to those with several correct answers, etc.). I highly recommend!"

Secondary School Koper 


Nina K., elementary school teacher 

August 2020

"I was very pleased with the survey creation in 1KA."

Faculty of Organizational Sciences 

"Great! I had no problems at all."

VK, Pef (UNI LJ) 

"Because it is simple and effective."

Kaja Grum, Erudio 

"Quick, easy and straightforward!"

R.K., Public Administration 

"Worth using."

GSŠRM Kamnik 

July 2020

"Very easy to use, many different options for making different surveys, transparent data analysis."

Aleksander Žitko, Dušan Bordon Semedel Elementary School, Koper

"The app is easy to use."

Matej Mogilnicki, Gorenje

"Preparing a survey at 1KA is very simple and user-friendly."

Ana Marija Krč, Faculty of Education

"1KA is useful, transparent and very easy to use."

Larisa Berginc, Verlag Dashöfer, d.o.o.

"Great templates, quick survey creation."

Alexander Majetic, Cdi Universe

"A user-friendly tool that can serve as a standard tool for preparing opinions, while already providing analysis with a suitable structure."


"A very good and handy tool for making surveys."

Aleksander Žitko, Dušan Bordon Elementary School, Koper

"Useful and free."


"With the 1KA survey, we gained valuable opinions from those we addressed. Making a survey is so easy that even those who are not exactly skilled in it can make it."

Matjaž Črešnovar, RKS - Žalec Regional Association

"A quick and easy way to get feedback."

JP CČN Domžale-Kamnik

June 2020

"The experience was good. Everything worked without any problems. I like it because the data has already been processed and analyzes have been done, which is very suitable for diploma and master's theses."

Mateja Rupnik, Faculty of education

"Online surveys allow us to communicate with our target audience and allow the latter to hear their opinions. 1KA offers us a handy tool that is always available to us."


"In 1KA surveys, I especially like the ability to process data in many different ways."

Taja Pajmon Rak (UP FAMNIT)

"Quick and practical survey."

DF, Institute of St. Stanislav

"1KA is very useful, transparent and clear. Even though I conducted this form of survey for the first time, I had no problems."

School Centre Nova Gorica

"I was looking for a simple and functional way to make a survey, and 1ka came in very handy. What I liked most was that I did it quickly and that the survey also worked professionally (logo, question on each page, typography, white background) - all this makes the experience more beautiful for users as well. In the past I filled out surveys on 1ka and I remembered it, precisely because of its ease of use and beautiful design. Thanks also for all the tips and answers in the FAQ section. Stay great."

Anita Grgic, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

"I've already filled out a survey questionnaire on 1KA many times and I've never had a problem with that. I also created a survey on the site, it was very easy :)"

Maja, University of Ljubljana

"1KA is a great tool for creating an online questionnaire. The appearance is extremely transparent, the user manual is simple. The entered texts are saved in real time. The added value of the 1ka portal is setting conditions that allow respondents to be divided into groups according to the type of answer. public opinion research. I also make evaluation questionnaires in it."

Ana Peklenik, Andragogy Center of Slovenia

"Very easy to use and a pre-prepared answer structure makes the job much easier. The work is also made easier by the already made graphs."

Faculty of Arts MB

"Simple, intuitive, good architecture and good coverage of the logic of user needs / functionalities required in surveys. The tool is parametrically open."

Bojan Ručigaj

"Excellent tool for making and processing survey questionnaires. Absolutely worth recommending. I will use it in the future as well. Thank you 1KA !!!"

Piotr Micyk Faculty of Management UP Koper

"Easy, fast and efficient to online survey and data export including basic statistical methods."

Matej Kalar, student, DOBA Business School

"I'm very happy with the 1ka web tool, it has all the functionality you might need and you can customize the design quite a bit to your liking."

Nick Gatnik, France Bevk Elementary School Ljubljana

"For the free app, 1KA offers a lot of content. For something more, of course, you have to pay."

Danilo Kovačič student, DOBA Business School

"1KA is a useful tool for quickly creating an aesthetically designed survey, which also suggests improvements and gives you generated feedback, which you can then further process on your own."


"When completing the survey, everything was very nicely described and distinct that I didn't need help. Commendable."

Dragan Bera

"I like the 1KA tool because making the survey in this tool is relatively easy, the observed data is clearly presented in the survey results."

Marjana Turnšek, Gimnazija Celje - Center

"Easy to use! I have no other experience, but it is very functional and user-friendly."

M. P. (Central Library of Celje)

"I created an online survey on 1KA for the first time, but despite my inexperience, I managed to create it in a short time and without any problems. It seems really simple to use. For me, it turned out to be a great tool for getting feedback on customer experience."

Petra Kolarič, Institute Bodidobro

May 2020

"1KA was very useful for me when creating the survey questionnaire, because I had no experience with composing surveys before. It is very useful, the instructions follow well, and help is offered at every step, so I would recommend 1KA to anyone who would like to create survey questionnaire."

SB, Secondary Medical and Cosmetic School Maribor

"Simple, convenient and professional."

Mateja Magdalenič, school for principals

"Great to use, very functional."

AV, SZKS Maribor

"My opinion is that 1KA is an extremely well made and user friendly environment."

Bojan Božnik, DOBA (student)

"1KA is a tool with which we have simplified and improved the quality of communication between members and management of the association and within the executive board of the association. 1KA is used for membership votes on certain issues and for correspondence meetings when there is a need to vote. We have also successfully used 1KA to hold a general meeting. Due to the latest pandemic, we have not been able to organize a general meeting with the physical presence of members. Easy to use, many useful suggestions and excellent results."

Jernej Jenko, Society of Security Engineers Ljubljana

"A very high quality and simplified survey program. I recommend it to everyone."

S. G., FDV

"A simple, useful and sophisticated tool that really makes it easy for you to create the perfect questionnaire. You constantly have control over the data you need and you can even do a quick analysis."

Tina Jerman

"I'm very, very happy with the 1KA survey. I would absolutely use it next time to make a survey. Quick and easy."

Neja Tekavec, Biotechnical Faculty

"1KA made it possible and easier for me to work remotely during COVID-19."

U. B.

"The application or tool 1KA is completely suitable, flexible and with a little skill perfectly appropriate for making surveys. Regardless of the initial difficulties in use, I am very satisfied with the use itself and I recommend it."

PZ, Faculty of Commercial and Business Sciences, Celje

"Creating a survey is quite easy even for those who are starting to create an online survey for the first time. I recommend it."

Katarina Prelesnik

"1KA is a quality online tool that provides quick answers. Anyone who learns to use the app gains a lot."

Nina Papež, Gymnasium and Secondary School Kočevje

"The 1KA online tool is very useful - when I did my first survey, I got a lot of praises from my colleagues from the counselling service. None had prepared an online survey by then, but only a paper-pencil format."

Božena Stritih, counsellor, Najdihojca kindergarten Ljubljana

"Very satisfied. The site works fast. Surveys are easy to compile."

PGD ​​IC Konus

"1KA contains everything you need to create and process a survey."

Maja D.: IBS International Business School

"I came across online surveys for the first time. Your online platform allowed me to create a survey fairly quickly and without complications. I also had no major problems reading the results. I liked that 1KA allows automatic graphing, which was quite useful in interpreting results of the survey."

M. K., DOBA EPIS d. o. o.

"A very useful and easy survey tool."

University of Primorska

"Before I started making the survey, I admit I was nervous. After watching the introductory video, I realized that the thing is simple and, above all, easy to use. Very satisfied."

M.A. School Centre Kranj

"A very good and useful tool."

Andreja Pavlin, Good Society Institute

"I used the survey to check students' prior knowledge while learning from home."

Maja Garbajs, CVIU Velenje

"The easiest way to check opinions!"

Milan Krajnc, County Academy

"Great tool, fairly easy to use. Possibility of basic statistics. Possible use in teaching processes, lectures, etc. I recommend."

T.P., UKC LJ and MF

"Very easy to use, transparent."

Gymnasium Ptuj, Ema Golub

"I used an online survey to teach, to test students' knowledge at a distance."

Mojca Križnik, Ljubečna Primary School

"1KA is extremely easy to use and made in a user-friendly way. I definitely recommend designing any survey, as you can design the survey extremely easily exactly as you would like."

A. U.

"1KA works smoothly, the site is user-friendly, once you figure out where something is, it goes great."

Kaja Ševeček, FERI UM

"Very useful and above all faster for data retrieval."

Karin Kirm, Faculty of Management

"Thank you for existing because you saved me a tremendous amount of time."

s.g. Koper University of Education

"Extremely easy to prepare surveys and very well done analyzes, easy to export. Great!"

Maja Kitano

"Easy to fill and user friendly to inexperienced users for conducting a survey."

ARZ (Faculty of Philosophy UL)

"Simple, accessible, efficient and functional."

Svetlana Subić, Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport

"The experience with 1KA is positive. The big thing is that all the instructions are in Slovene."

Mira Anderlič, Primary School Destrnik-Trnovska vas

"1ka is a fast, very useful, clear online tool. The results at the end of the survey are also useful and do not need to be processed. The video guide helped me a lot in making it, otherwise the appearance of the tool is clear, so there are no major problems in making a survey."

K.T., counsellor at the elementary school

"1KA- easy, efficient, fast and transparent survey creation and survey results review. I recommend."

K.S. Faculty of Philosophy

"Very simple and useful for everyone."

Marija Holc

"I came across 1KA survey at work when the survey among employees was conducted by the management of the institution (primary school). We also received the results of the survey and were aware that there is not much work with the analysis, as the program offers many analyses of the results. I had to collect some data, which I usually collect via e-mail, but this time I decided to collect it with the help of a survey. The composition of the questionnaire took me surprisingly little time, and I was very happy with the time savings, as I did not need edit and count the results."


"1KA is a reliable tool for designing survey questionnaires. It is easy to use. It allows a variety of options. It offers sufficient challenges for slightly more demanding questionnaires. I would definitely recommend it."

Viktorija Osolnik Kunc, Faculty of Philosophy

"I needed a very simple survey. Even though I haven't come across an online survey yet, everything was very easy with 1KA. The data obtained is transparent and easily transferable to Excel. I recommend it."

Ana Rebov, KRG Narodni dom

"Fairly easy and fast to use."

Neža R., FDV

April 2020

"1KA is a very good free tool for creating and analysing surveys. Data transfer to Excel is also very useful."

Franc Rant, Elementary School Železniki

"I use the 1KA survey to check and consolidate my knowledge in primary school (6-9th grade BIO, NAR). The possibility of inserting pictures into assignments would help me."

Alenka Malešič

"The 1KA survey has simplified my work as it is very easy to do a survey and besides, it seems to me that as a composition the survey itself is beautiful. It includes a lot of options on how we can put together what I think is great."

Oriana Jekl I. gymnasium in Celje

"I liked that the instructions were clear and understandable, and the survey presented a lot of possibilities, which allows flexibility in the preparation of the survey. I also liked the statistically processed data or analyses performed by the system itself."

Dominika S.

"I used 1KA for the survey in the seminar paper. Since I was doing the survey for the first time, I wasn't so good yet, but I did a great survey with the help of a video explanation."

A.K. I. gymnasium in Celje

"Easy to use, even for beginners. I highly recommend."

Tanja Boltin, Litija High School

"I am extremely pleased with the use of 1KA, because it allows easy and comprehensive use of the tool even for complete beginners."

E. Žitko, for IBBY

"I was extremely pleased with this app."

Barbara Kastigar, Preschool Faculty

"Great tool: easy and effective with instant results. Congratulations!"

Mag. Tatjana Štinek, OOZ Celje, SPOT consulting Savinjska

"Recently, for the first time in my life, I created an online survey, I used your portal. Since I don't have this kind of experience, I was a little "scared" when I started creating the survey that I wouldn't be able to do it properly. I did very well. If I were to do a more demanding survey, I would have to take a little more time to review all the options. So far, I am very happy with your site. Thank you! "

Mojca Žugman

"The 1KA website is great, especially for users without any experience with similar sites."

Etrš Brežice

"The site is useful and ok."

JF Dragotina Ķette Primary School Ilirska Bistrica

"Easy and fast."

M.M. UP PEF Koper

"Using the tool is very simple and allows you to quickly and efficiently create questionnaires, with a variety of types of questions. I was particularly impressed by the easy availability of questionnaires, as well as the ability to freely edit the layout - font, background and other settings."

V.G. Gymnasium Ptuj

"1KA is very convenient, recommended and suitable for work in schools."

Secondary school Veno Pilon Ajdovščina

"I am very satisfied; it will be of great help to me in the future."


"I've been using the 1KA online survey for a very long time. Years ago it was easier for me to use than it is now. The site has been very updated and allows for a very diverse survey, which I like, but it takes quite some time to “learn” everything. I don't have a bad comment, it's great for me."

BIC Ljubljana

"This is the first time I've done an online questionnaire in 1KA. At first I was afraid of possible problems, but I found myself right away. It wasn't hard for me. I found everything and also understood."

Petra Kožuh

"Hello! As I indicated in your 1KA survey itself, that I don't know of any other tools for getting anonymous opinions, using them has helped me a lot on a particular topic."

BBL, NOVUS Velenje

"Very convenient and easy to use, my sister used it several times for college for various research assignments and she was very happy with the service."

Zlata Čehić, Medvode Elementary School

"Very easy, quick to use."

Sanja Vukovic

"The 1KA tool is user-friendly and easy to use. If you get stuck when designing a survey, there are very useful user guides."


"The experience was good, nicely explained how to use the survey, lots of options on how to put together the survey and quite simple."

M. Ekart; Novo mesto Vocational College

"A great tool for making surveys. Very simple and clear to use, also the results in the analysis are clearly presented. I really recommend it."

Maša Kastelic, Society for the Protection of Animals Ljubljana

"1ka is a great tool that I really liked because of its ease of use."

Miha Osredkar, Želimlje High School

"I am very happy that I did a survey in 1KA, if I ever have a survey to do, I will choose you again."

Katarina Renko, participant in the World of Entrepreneurship program

" online surveys are awesome! Easy to use, understandable video manual, quick solutions. I am very happy for the website and the use is free!"

Klemen Nikolič

"1KA is a great website. I had trouble writing questionnaires. I looked up how the questionnaire is done, and then it was easier."

Sara Radevska School center Novo mesto

"Nomen est omen. 1KA is one of the best online survey tools."

Eva Matjaž, Polygon Creative Center

"It's great for getting data."


"1KA is easy to make, everything is unambiguously written, easily accessible, without some numerous registrations. The analysis of the surveys is then simple. I am grateful to my friends for referring me to this page."

Jana Dovnik, Ivan Cankar Elementary School Ljutomer

"Out of distress during Covid-19, we used the 1ka survey, because it is a really useful tool for fast and transparent data collection and processing; we will include its use in education for employees at our school. Best regards."

mag. Francka Mravlje, Elementary School Kajetan Kovič Poljčane

"I recommend it for conducting short surveys."

Barbara Krajnc

"A nice online tool for creating a survey. A good overview of constantly updated and processed statistics. Kind of like this: easy, fast, transparent and extremely useful."

Klemen Kotnik, Drago Kobal Primary School MB

"I started preparing an online survey for the first time and, honestly, I was worried. However, all concerns were dispelled when I started making the survey. At 1KA, the instructions were clear and user-friendly, so there were really no problems. I'm impressed and will gladly continue to use it."


"The 1KA online tool helped me a lot in distance learning, as I was able to do a questionnaire in an easy way, and the students got the result as soon as they filled it out."

Monika Vogelnik Jesenice High School

March 2020

"1KA is a great program for creating a survey. I always use this site because I can create a survey quickly and with quality. In addition to creating a survey, it also provides excellent data analysis."


"Great website for conducting various surveys!"

K.B. – UNG

"1KA is fairly easy to use."

Darja Košnik, Primary School Kranj

"Simple and fast."

Loti Gorenc, Biotechnical Faculty - Department of Landscape Architecture

"The 1KA survey is extremely simple. It can be customized for individual projects, as it has the ability to enter logos. In addition, the analysis is quite simple and transparent when the surveys are completed. We are very satisfied."

Eldina Čosatović, RAGOR

"It's great because it analyses all the answers and makes graphs, it helped me a lot because I didn't have to count the answers myself and I actually just copied the graphs to my master's degree. I regret not using it for my thesis. It would have saved me a lot of time."

Nataša, FDV

"Making a survey is easy, I like that there are so many gadgets if you don't understand something. I would recommend it."

Btš Naklo

"Your survey made it easier for me to work with, I was especially pleased with the instructions, as I made the product easier. I will definitely need to rehearse a little more for a new survey."

Vojka Kovačič, Elementary school

"Through online survey tools, I have created online survey for distance education students. In this way, I learned about their way of working and whether or not they understand the explanation, I even prepared some repetition material for them. I am very satisfied with the use of this app, it helped me a lot with my work and the work of students. Thank you! "

Helena Kramar Skubic (Ivan Skvarce Primary School, Zagorje ob Savi)

"Surveys on 1KA are very useful and easy to compile. Collection or data processing is also very useful. I recommend!"


"Transparency of received answers, automatic editing of answers in the form of graphs, various forms of data exports."

Jasna Jakopič Meze of Ivan Cankar Elementary School (SRP)

"The tool is easy to use and allows a lot in a free account."

P.N math teacher

"Making surveys via 1KA is easy and intuitive. I especially like the modern look of the surveys."

B. G., University of Ljubljana

"A great tool for creating even the most demanding questionnaires!"

Silva Grobelnik Mlakar, UM, Faculty of Agriculture and Biosystem Sciences

"I had to do one survey quickly and since I had never done a survey before, I first remembered this 1KA site. I easily found myself doing it as I wanted and could use it the next day for an online survey."

Neža Hladnik, UP PEF

"The 1KA survey is very useful, easy to navigate, it is very easy to make, if you don't know how to do something, you have help on video guides so there are no problems. It's simply great."

Secondary School of Hospitality and Tourism in Ljubljana

"When creating the questionnaire, I liked the window with the additional options that helped me improve it, so I got all the answers I needed."

K.R., University of Economics Ljubljana

"Simply made with minor complications."

Julia Bečan, Institute of St. Stanislav, Diocesan Classical High School

"Making a survey is extremely simple and quick; it's a very useful way to quickly review an understanding of a learning topic that students also like."

Nataša Zidar, Elementary School Podgora Kuteževo

"Despite concerns that I don't know the application that probably requires demanding knowledge, the work after watching the video guide went easily. I prepared and edited the survey in a very short time, as the application is really user-friendly."

U. J., Gymnasium NG

"It's fast, easy and useful, because in the end, there is also an analysis."

DG, Primary School

"1ka is a very high quality tool for creating and analysing surveys. It's easy, even if you are meeting it for the first time and you are not a great computer expert. Data analysis is also very high quality and useful."

Tea Žgajner, Hudinja Primary School

"1KA is easy to use and very practical."

L.S., Primary school

"Very useful and high quality."


"I used an online survey tool for the first time, and I am extremely pleased that this is exactly what I came across - I compiled it without difficulty, users (students and teachers) also filled it out with ease. I was most impressed with the answer analysis and the option of exporting the results in a transparent pdf format. Thank you that for existing and being completely free - it is a rarity in today's world :)"

Mateja Šparovec, Radovljica High School of Hospitality and Tourism

"Easy and efficient, with excellent professional support (video guides) for quick and easy learning."

Miha Gorenc, Šentjernej Primary School

"The 1ka survey was easy to use and high quality."

V.L. Gymnasium Kranj

"Useful and above all easy to use. Good analysis."

J. Hudales Elementary School Jurovski Dol

"I prepared the 1KA survey as one of the tasks of the seminar. The instructions are very clear, transparent. I watched the video guides and then easily compiled the survey. I like that you can prepare a presentation of the results in different ways. I also recommend it to beginners!"

Alenka B. Demšar, Elementary School Bled

"During these days of working remotely, the 1ka tool allowed me to check students' knowledge in a very easy way with the help of quizzes. As I am a new user, I do not know all the options and settings, but I would be very happy to see quiz analyses and how was it solved by individual students."

Mateja Samastur, Primary School Ljubečna

"I think it's a very good website. It came in very handy when I needed a survey for a seminar paper as I couldn’t give out a piece of paper to other students to solve. I really like it :)))"

Ema Hrnčič, Eight hostages Primary School

"The survey gives a quick insight into the work of all students."

Nataša Č.

"Very quick and easy to use, I'm happy to recommend it;)."

Tina Zabovnik, GSKŠ Ruše

"Very intuitive tool. It also does basic statistical analysis. I recommend."

IR, Faculty of Biotechnology UL

"The 1KA survey met my expectations and I will continue to use the application. Thank you."

Zuhra Horvat, Library School Center Slovenj Gradec

"Very easy to use, transparent web site, good templates and nice graphics."

Matjaž Stanič

"I can gather useful data analysis."

M.C, Primary School of the Istrian Detachment Gračišče

"It's great for us beginners."

Brigita Blaževič

"1KA not only allowed me to compose a survey quickly and easily, but also enabled me to analyse the results perfectly. The results are stored and processed by yourself, which allows you to make graphs easier and have a better overview of the answers. I would recommend it to anyone doing the survey for the first time, because you often do not think about the opportunities offered or advised by 1KA, as well as those who are in need of a survey in quickly :). "

G.N. Gymnasium Kranj

"1KA is a great survey site. It provides various types of questions and answers, is easy to use and free of charge. The data is perfectly processed and the data review is very good. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to do a survey or maybe a questionnaire as a distant learning aid."

Barbara Vidic, elementary school teacher

"Using 1KA is very convenient, you have everything in the palm of your hand, from analysis, graphs to useful options."

Veronika Saje, High School Črnomelj

"The surveys are transparent and well designed. I compiled the survey quickly and within a few days I received feedback as most of the respondents filled it out. It is also great that the surveys do not need to be processed as this is done by the program and the survey analyses are transparent. "

Andreja Gračner, Biotechnical School Maribor

"I recommend it especially to those who work for school and some don't know about 1KA, I recommend it because it's a really good thing and everything goes as it can."

Janja Peklič

"Easy for the user. We can also help with the video guides. When you do the first survey, you know everything. Just like riding a bike :)."

M. Š.

"Transparent. Understandable. Useful. I recommend :)."

Damjana H.

"I'm new to this field, but working with your help has been made much easier for me. Thank you."

JG (Faculty in Primorska)

"I think it's very transparent to both, the person making it and the user. Keep on going!"

Požek Vanesa, elementary school of Belokranjski Semič detachment

"1KA is a useful tool that makes it very easy to create a survey. Using the tool seemed easy to me. You need to click a little through what is offered, but if you run into a problem, there are several types of help with instructions that are clear. "

L.L., employed in elementary school

"Simple and fast poll creation with all the tools added. I recommend it!"

Jana Nerat, teacher at the Bled Elementary School

"1KA surveys are easy to use, quickly made survey, quick statistical analysis - great for work in and out of class :)"

Mojca Strgar, BIC Ljubljana

"The production of the questionnaire went smoothly. All the tools that 1KA allows came in handy so that I could easily create the questionnaire."

K.R., University of Economics Ljubljana

"Quickly and easily create a survey questionnaire."


"1KA helped me a lot with the research."

High school

"I would like to commend the online survey with 1KA. I especially like that the instructions are clear and transparent enough, that the use of the survey is simple enough and that it offers many possibilities for use in education."

AD, Primary School Šmartno pod Šmarno goro

"I was very pleased with the conduct of the survey. Also with the statistics that the program provides at the end."

MŠ Graduation course of high school Poljane

"From the principal of the school where I work, we were given the task to obtain information from parents of students, class teachers how many students have access to the Internet, computer, tablet, phone and printer at home. Based on this information, we then prepared a distance learning plan. It has been running since March 15, 2020 and with it we have adapted the work to individual students."

Stanka Grah, Simon Jenko Smlednik Elementary School

"1KA allows you to design an online survey in a quick and easy way, works flawlessly and offers quality help in case of problems."

Tanja Beber, Joze Gorjup Elementary School Kostanjevica na Krki

"My opinion of 1KA is positive I have no criticism everything is great."

Barbara Zupančič, student at VSGT Maribor

"Easy to use and a great help in data analysis."

Urška Šteh, Brinje Grosuplje Primary School

"The survey is very user friendly because the way to share the survey among the respondents is easy. Also processing data and graphs is very fast. I used to use SPSS before, but not anymore."

Barbara Sitar, SC Nova Gorica

"I'm happy with the design of your online survey."

MŠ Rubicum finance d.o.o.

"I watched a few videos to make the survey, the use itself is very easy and convenient, no jams, it's transparent."

Tjaša J., High School

"Great tool, easy to use, automatic analysis, good support for work. I recommend distance learning through Arnes to learn how to ask questions and answers correctly. Great thing."

Miha Gorenc, Šentjernej Primary School

"During distance learning, 1KA came in very handy as a teacher. I easily designed a questionnaire, which I gave to the students. I also got great feedback or analysis of the answers."

Elementary school Spodnja Šiška

"Working with 1KA is easy, it has a huge range of possibilities that can be purposefully exploited by getting questionnaires for dedicated users."

MV Forestry school Maribor

"Easiest to use and quick to share. Great."

LZ, Gymnasium Litija

"Using the 1Ka online tool is really easy. My students also get to know it during their research work in primary school, and they quickly learn to use the tool. I recommend it."

Barbara Vevar, Primary School dr. Janez Mencinger Bohinjska Bistrica

"My experience with 1KA surveys has been great, otherwise I only used it for a few surveys, but I am very pleased."

Laura G. Elementary School

February 2020

"Easy to use."

Marko Klemenčič

"Great, easy, fast :) really awesome for making quick surveys."


"Super awesome, easy to make."

Gim Žel

"It's great and very easy, lots of options in the making .... :)"

Špela Capl

"1KA has been a great help to me in writing my diploma. It provides many opportunities for quick survey creation."

Uroš Medvedec, Police Academy

"I'm very pleased."

Ana Lebar

"Excellent, I just need to check that the data in the analysis can be used by complex, or if it is possible to subsequently sort and partially evaluate only part of the data through analysis. For now, if I want to process only part of the data from the whole survey, I have to export it to Excel and process them “manually”. It's probably possible, but I'm not familiar with it yet."

Peter Valic, Dobravlje Elementary School

"1KA made it very easy for me to do the survey myself, and it also allowed me to process data quickly and thoroughly."

Live Vita Vertačnik, gymnasium Ravne na Koroškem

"I was browsing the web to find a page that would help me create a survey for my seminar paper. At the discovery of 1KA, I was very pleased with the site. The guidance and assistance they provide on the site is very helpful and enables you to create a survey in a very short time. I would recommend the site to anyone who wants a simple and easy survey making. Good luck to everyone in creating a survey."

Ana A. H.

"A very good way of survey making, I’ll use it for the final exam."

Medina Ziberi

"An excellent application for conducting internal surveys in the society. A great advantage over other foreign websites is that both questions and the tool are in the Slovenian language!"

NP, PGD Hoče

"I had some problems doing online surveys until I heard about 1KA at the Faculty of Management. I decided to try out the application and despite some problems with creating an online survey, I am very happy with 1Ka. I’d recommend it to anyone conducing an online survey, as well as anyone who is pursuing a bachelor's, master's degree, research, ... "

Briana Bolčina, UP FM Koper

"Easy to create an online questionnaire. You don't have to have the computer skills to do a quality survey."

Petra Majcen, University of Primorska

"My experience is very good. I knew about the program before, but I learned to use it in high school. It seems very useful and well-composed. Useful in everyday life. "

Luka F., Franz Miklošič High School Ljutomer

"Using the 1KA survey is very easy and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to get the opinion of their users, customers."

Marija Rogan Šik, PGZ SPOT

"Easy, it helped me with my study."

P.O. FZSV Slovenj Gradec       

"1KA is an extremely useful online survey service. It's fast and easy to use and offers a lot of features for creating and executing an online questionnaire. What I like most is that it has many options for analysing the information obtained, the ability to segment your audiences, and to process statistical data. The site contains all the information I needed to create my first survey. Thank you for your service!"

D. G.

"Very fast and easy to make, very useful. It displays the data nicely with the graph."

Vid Faganel

"I used it once. I got stuck a few times but had no bigger problems in the making."

Nastja Jurjevčič; BIC Ljubljana

January 2020

"A great data acquisition tool!"

Matej C.

"No complaints."

Jožica Jurkovič, Spominčica Society

"A very good and simple tool."

Igor Kuželj, Primary School Podbočje, Primary School Raka

"Working with surveys is very easy. It's fairly intuitive and easy to get to the product you want. It's better than other (even paid) tools and I would recommend it."

University of Ljubljana

"The survey tool is easy to use. The instructions are clear and transparent. I prepared, tested, and put the survey to work quickly and easily. The reports are transparent and very helpful."

Andrej Novak, Primary School of the Letonja brothers, Šmartno ob Paki

"The 1KA is a very handy survey tool. I recommend it to anyone who wants a good and fast survey."

Litija High School

"The app is great, showing respondents' answers could be shown better / on more different ways."

Lara SC, II. high school Maribor

"1KA is effective and easy to compile as well as to complete the questionnaire. It is transparent and provides complete statistics and analysis of the respondents. I recommend :)"

Damira Jukič, Celje Higher School of Economics, major in Social Networking

"I am not the type of person who is attracted to technology and various computer tools, but I work for an organization where I develop new and upgrade existing programs. For this purpose, it is very important to know the current state and build based on user needs. 1ka is transparent and effective tool that gives me just that insight. I am impressed by this simplicity, accessibility, smooth flow, instant answers, lots of help files ... I use it, I will continue to use it and I definitely recommend it to everyone that need to process different data. Thanks 1KA!"


"Making a 1KA questionnaire is easy and I would recommend 1KA to anyone who wants to post their questionnaire to as many people as possible."

Zala Stošicki, Gymnasium Bežigrad

"The 1KA online tool is a quick and easy survey tool (better than Google, as I was choosing between the two). I will still use it and also recommend it to others."


"A great tool for creating a survey for my master’s degree. A very sophisticated tool. I recommend it."

Katja B.

"Transparency and simplicity are at a high level."


"I created the survey for the first time without any problems. Video guides and well-kept documentation have contributed to getting started quickly. I will definitely use 1KA for the next surveys."

Tomo Bogataj, Iskratel

"The 1KA tool is very transparent, easy to use, what seems to me to be the most important, exporting data for further analysis is very easy and transparent. I recommend it to everyone!"


"An excellent website where you can create a survey with some will and ingenuity, share it with your research population and get general statistical results with graphs in a few clicks. It's simple. I recommend it."

Nesta Anis

"When I need a more complex survey (and not just an \" opinion form \ "), 1KA is the solution."

Maruša, independent educator

"The 1KA survey tool is really very useful. I was thrilled when doing the survey for the first time. Just be brave and it's going to work."

Mojca Bogataj, teacher in elementary school

"The 1KA website has positively amazed me with its ease of use, its abundant choice in survey design, and especially the survey analysis option."


"With 1KA, I like that we can adjust the survey to the respondent (if he answers a certain question, for example, with YES, it opens a new set of questions, otherwise not). I also really like the analyses that are already done automatically and make it easier to process data."

Martina Mrakovčić, Piran Sports and Youth Center

"A super-efficient thing."


"The 1KA survey tool is very useful, simple and evident. I recommend it."

Nina Rogelja

December 2019

"Fast, easy and most important - with minimal work, you get a huge amount of data."


"10 out of 10."

Blaž Č.

"Surveying with the 1KA web application is simple and fast, suitable for beginners as well as more demanding users. I like that it keeps up-to-date and add new user-friendly functionality (in this case, I have in mind making it possible to complete the survey also via mobile phones). "

JK, University of Maribor

"Great, easy to use."

Breda Božič, Dobrepolje Primary School

"A great tool for survey design and analysis. Very helpful FAQs to help you create an effective survey and meaningfully asked questions."

Matevž Zalar, Elementary - architectural studio

"The survey is very simple to design. It also looks nice and transparent to the respondents. It's good because the results are presented in many ways."

Katherine Jerele, Montessori Institute

"It's a great tool if you need it to do a seminar or graduate thesis. It's also a really, really easy toolto create (surveys)."

Matej Škorič, a student at Areme - College of Regional Management

"A great site for quick creation of survey."

Faculty of Administration

"I used to be a total newbie, the questionnaires are useful, user friendly, the analysis is great. With the help of 1KA I passed statistics!"

Miha Novak

"Simple and great site."


"A very good and easy survey application."

Katarina Gafnik, FUDS Nova Gorica

November 2019

"1KA is a great online tool to easily create a questionnaire and send it to people through various online links, which is awesome =)."

Nives Bogataj

"User - friendly, easy, transparent."

Tamara Boh

"So far, I am very pleased with the 1KA tool, because it offers a comprehensive questionnaire analysis design."

Aleksandra Senčič

"With the 1KA online survey, we have significantly increased the proportion of returned surveys at our institute compared to past surveys."

Blaž Kölner, Kindergarten Mehurčki

"I'm glad there was this option, since making my survey was quick and easy."

Stanka Novak, AVP

"A good, simple, quick form of questionnaire composition."

Rosanda Drufovka College of Health Sciences, Izola

"Fast production, feedback and data processing."

Barbara Jenko, Anton Žnideršič Primary School Ilirska Bistrica

"Very easy to use, provides a fast way to collect data and does basic statistics."

Blaz F; University of Primorska

"The tool is also easy to use for users who are not very skilled and don’t do this often."

Žan Pinterič, Faculty of Public Administration

"I recommend the site; it’s very easy to use."

NL Maribor High School of Commerce

"I attended an online education of online surveys. Through education, I was able to easily make my first online survey through video guides. I am confident that I will be able to use 1KA again for research purposes."


"A very useful tool, useful analysis and fairly simple SPSS data transfer."

Matej C. FOV Kranj

"I encountered 1KA at school for the first time, at first this application was of no use to me, but when I got into college I realized that without it I would not be able to do seminar work, let alone graduate. I think this application is very useful and relevant to students or anyone who wants to do research. "

Faculty of Health Sciences Novo mesto

"The survey helped me a lot with my diploma thesis. It allowed the respondents to solve the survey online and made my job a lot easier. When you create the survey, the system will eventually write you suggestions to complete the survey, which I find very useful. "

T.J., Faculty of Public Administration

"I did a survey for the first time for the needs of the university, with no help and very little trouble."

Sabina Jug, NTF

"Considering that I am a new user, I received a suggestion at the first login to view a video guide on how to create a survey on The guide was very instructive; it showed how to create a survey and different types of questions, details and additional features. I didn't have any problems creating a survey because of the guide. Completing the surveys through this portal is also very easy. "

Katarina Kerin, Faculty of Philosophy

"A very useful tool."

Milan Hlade, Koroška Bela Primary School, Jesenice

"I didn't know how to do the survey before this educational course. I liked that the instructions were simple, straightforward and logical, and even if I stopped during making the survey, I simply flipped the video forward."

Alenka Črnkovič

"Very fast and easy to do and get immediate results."

VSŠGT Maribor

"The 1KA application is a quick and easy tool for creating online surveys. It helps me with my work, as it also enables a transparent analysis of the questionnaires."

Prof. B. Kalisnik, Stane Žagar Lipnica Primary School

"Since I first used the online survey, the video guide has helped me to easily do the survey I want."

Anita K. Senior Vocational School SG

"Great tool."

Helena V.

October 2019

"Simple, useful, quick analysis and presentation of results."

Katarina Požun Brinovec, Senovo Elementary School XIV. Division

"I like to use 1KA in my work because it is simple enough, practical and has very transparent and useful analyzes."

Tanja Hočevar Ziherl, School Counselor, Moste High School

"The 1KA online survey application helped me when writing my diploma. Thank you very much."

V.Š., Academia Maribor

"1KA is great!"

AP Higher vocational school Velenje (program: catering and tourism)

"I have prepared countless surveys in different tools. For the first time, I have used 1ka for study purposes. I am absolutely impressed and I highly recommend it! It's easy to use even for the more complex types of questions, easy to review with comments, also the subsequent statistics and analysis, the ability to export reports, are remarkable!”

Barbara Ülen, SEB MBA, Medis d.o.o.

"I always choose 1KA when making a survey, because it’s the easiest for me and I have no problems."

Lucija Petek, GESŠ Trbovlje

"I am very pleased because it helped me with my degree."

Memory Dutovlje

"We used the online survey portal 1KA for the needs of our sports association, where we wanted to gain insight on the organization of the association, the way we work, the satisfaction of the players and the suggestions for improvement of all of these areas. The survey was very positively accepted, we also obtained useful data and information and managed to make a satisfactory analysis. We will definitely use 1KA survey questionnaires in the future. Thank you. "

S.T., Tennis League DS

"The tool is great !!! It is very powerful and really allows a high degree of flexibility. Your work is amazing, keep it up! "

Marko Režek, Intesa Sanpaolo Bank d.d.

"1KA made it easy for me and my classmates to do their research work. We had no problems while working on it, everything was clear and explained."

Selma Hamzic

"Simple and very useful."

Bernarda Potočnik, Glotta Nova

"Extremely easy data analysis using the 1KA survey."

Suzana Zorec, DOBA

"I advise students to use this tool because demographic questions are already set by default and it is quite easy to create their own questions. If they use 1KA I do not need to explain specifically how to create a questionnaire because the database is already available after entering it."

Mirna Macur, FZAB

"A very fast and efficient method for constructing a questionnaire."

JZ, elementary school

"The experience of using the 1KA survey has been very positive, despite the fact that I was introduced to this application for the first time. Although I did not use all the tools provided by 1KA, I was able to compile a survey and was impressed by the analytics that ultimately allow you to export data to other applications, and as a result, quick analysis. "

Employment Service of Slovenia, Labor Office Ptuj, B.T.

September 2019

"1KA enables the preparation of questionnaires for different purposes and allows the analysis for very different contents or areas. In my case, I am considering starting a new company and it is even more important to me, that I have a quality free tool available so I can analyse the entry of a product into the market."

EKOINO - a startup company

"The experience with the 1KA tool has been phenomenal and has led me to complete my master thesis in a very simple and effective way, I recommend!"

Rožle Siljan, Faculty of Economics Ljubljana

"It is a great tool for getting feedback, at work and studying,also research. I am able to access the information I need for my work in a fast and efficient way. It takes little time, it is fast and easily accessible."

Albina Klevže Jagodič, kindergarten Rogaška slatina and Faculty of Doba

August 2019

"A great questionnaire preparation tool. Creating a survey is very easy and transparent. The 1KA web application works great and is user-friendly. I highly recommend using it."

Tjaša Kukovič, Minitec d.o.o.

"A very useful application."


"The 1KA online surveying tool is extremely transparent and useful. I was familiar with it at the time of school and it never disappointed me. It's also extremely easy to use."

JS, BC Naklo

"A positive experience, useful in writing a master's thesis, as you can get the information you need. Creating a survey is easy, it's always helpful if you get stuck or don't know something. I recommend."

Sara Rupert 

July 2019

"Great tool for preparing a questionnaire, very friendly and helpful staff."

D.V., UKC Ljubljana

"I used the survey for the first time, and I simply used the obtained data in the form of graphs and text in my diploma work."


"1KA reminds me of Apple products in terms of functionality, appearance, intuitiveness and necessary before knowledge. 1KA is great, even if the user has no experience in web surveys can create the survey fast and stress-free. Just like Apple computers: you plug in and use."

Niko Kumar, VALTEX & Co. d.o.o.

June 2019

"Making the survey is very simple and transparent, it works very professionally and you don’t need any knowledge for the design and form. It's great because it can all be in English. Also the video guides are very useful. "

Mojca Grafenauer, Geberit

"Very simple tool, suitable forms of help, online results."

Barbara Gorše, First Personal Insurance Company, d.d.

"1KA is very easy to use."

University of Maribor PEF

"With user experience, creating a survey on the website, I was very pleased. It is simple and transparent to use. It enables a quick and transparent viewing and analysis of the survey results." I would certainly recommend to anyone who wants to create an online survey. "


"Very fast, easy, efficient and anonymous web survey design."

Branka Globočnik, VIZ Višnja Gora

"The 1KA web application is excellent and user-friendly, and the video instructions are accurate and user-friendly. It's also easy to change the settings when the survey is ready, I would especially like to thank the built-in statistical tools and the possibility of exporting data."

Primož Krašna, Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for Education

May 2019

"I am really satisfied that the possibility of using such a good tool is free of charge. 1ka offers quick and efficient data collection and preparation for further analysis. My final task for studying goes faster with your help ... Thank you."

Simona, FZAB Jesenice

"The experience with the 1KA website is very good and pleasant, it's the fastest way to create a survey, it's logical and intuitive. I miss just one small thing when I export data to excel (maybe I don’t know it yet), there are no data available such as the validity of the survey, date version, serial number..."

Primoz Satler - VŠPV-B2

"The tool is quick and complete, although I miss the storage button; you’re not sure if it's really automatically saved."


"Fast, easy and efficient."

Danijela Maric

"When I compiled the survey for the first time after a few years, I was impressed with the choice of tools, even the IF function, which allows you to make certain questions appear based on the answers to previous questions."

Ž.K. Student

"1KA is great. Simple to use, good visibility and excellent data analysis."

Dunja Lemajic, FVV

"The 1KA tool is extremely easy to use, and I would recommend it to everyone, even for less skilled computer users, since it guides you with video guides and concrete instructions from the beginning to the end of the survey, and it is also great that it enables data processing and you don’t need other tools. "

Š. B. Faculty of Philosophy

"Simple, functional and, above all, easily accessible."

Jure Gramc, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Ljubljana

"1KA as a tool for making surveys and I would highly recommend it. It is very convenient and easy to use. Also, the analysis proposals already prepared are already sufficient in the vast majority of cases."

Student of Waldorf High School Ljubljana

"1ka surveys are easy to use, they offer many uses and have high added value through automated processing."

Klavdija Novak, Afenbach

"The application is very useful for getting surveys, answers. It greatly facilitates implementation."

Barbara Vindiš Bratušek, Faculty of Education

"1KA makes it easy to create a survey, in which case the tool is intuitive to use. The tool provides an easy and transparent way of viewing already completed surveys."

Ana Lubej, Faculty of Arts, University of Maribor

"A quick and easy way for creating surveys, which are helpful in university."

N.Š., Faculty of Health Sciences

"Responsive, professional, great!"


"A short presentation film with the necessary guidelines for making the online survey was explicit and clear. The website is transparent and easy to use."

A.V. - kindergarten

April 2019

"The online survey proved to be a very useful substitute for official correspondence. All the functionality was fully operational, including the basic statistics offered and exports to the SPSS, I quickly prepared a more complex structure with a bit of video help."

Gregor Lesjak, Ministry of Culture

"Excellent business and private tool for conducting research."

Suzana Šuklar, Health Center Murska Sobota, 3rd level of study at Foš Novo mesto

"Making the survey is simple, fast and effective, and the display of the obtained results is transparent. It is a very simple tool for collecting data and it has allowed me to expand the fulfilment of study obligations."

Ž. Likar, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering

"I was very satisfied with the 1KA online survey, because it is easy to use for those with little experience in the field of surveying. I highly recommend using it."

Brigita Sinur, School Center Novo mesto

"It's great, stay that way. It's nice that you don’t have to pay anything."

AM, Gimnazija Vič

"For the first time I did an online survey for the master's thesis. First, I watched the video and other instructions that were very useful and I easily formed a survey. I am satisfied with the results of the survey analysis."

Student at the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana

"A great tool for preparing questionnaires, surveys and analysing them. 1KA is also suitable for older people or people who do not have computer experience, since the preparation of the survey is very simple and the web site is designed to guide you through the process, which is big plus for someone who is doing it for the first time, or someone who doesn’t know how to use the computer. As long as the website is free and continues to be well maintained, I will definitely recommend it to other users."

Maja Turel

"I used the 1KA tool to create a survey with which I had no experience before. I think the application is suitable for all types of users, as it can easily be used by beginners as well as more skilled users. In addition to basic features and tools, it also makes it more demanding. I was also satisfied with the format of the results obtained, since the data is written very transparently, which makes the analysis easier."

B. E. – Gymnasium Vič

"Very easy to create a survey."

Julija Šinkovec

"Easy to use, produce and analyse data obtained."

Vesna Lešnik, MFDPŠ Celje

"Practical, simple and useful website."


"Easy to use."

Tjaša Kovačič, Oš Preserje

"A simple, user-friendly and professional tool, useful in multiple languages."

Bina Š., FOV

March 2019

"1KA is a very transparent web application for making any kind of survey. Making a survey with 1KA is easy and successful. Best regards."

Pef Lj

"1KA is great for making questionnaires, it’s not complicated, so everyone would be able to use it. I really recommend it to anyone that needs to make a questionnaire."

Enrika Bradaš, Doba Faculty

"The survey was relatively easy to assemble, I like the testing option and a real-time review, it's a good thing that the program alerts you if there are any problems / irregularities with the questions, the results are also clear enough."

Monika Žunko, FF Mb

"Very useful."

Gaja Jakop

"Quick and effective assemble of online surveys, and therefore this creation of a research project. I always go back to 1KA. Very satisfied."

L.D. - master studies in progress

"Once you get to know what the app is all about, it's very simple."


"At 1KA, I like the variety of tools it offers to create a survey, it is also excellent in managing statistics in terms of obtaining data and calculations based on them. I’ve used 1KA before and I want to recommend it to my closest ones who want to design a web survey."

Anže Dejak, Faculty of Philosophy

"The use of 1KA is a simple and transparent tool for creating online surveys, it is also supported by various forms of assistance. It allows multiple forms of online surveys so that each user can make a survey in their style and depending on the level of complexity of questions or answers. Also feedback and tips from 1KA to the online survey are awesome."

Simona Poljansek, student of the DOBA Faculty

"I recommend to anyone who wants to conduct a variety of surveys."


"Extremely useful platform, friendly to both - those who make surveys as well as those who fulfil it."

L.R., Intersport

"I made the survey in 1KA quickly, easily and without complications. I was also very satisfied with the obtained data and calculations."


"When the computer is at the service of a person and not the other way around, plus, it's free."

Andrej Podlogar

"I am very grateful that this tool is available for free and that it works so well."

Urša Jaklič Žagar, student of PeF

"1KA offers high performance and proper functionality for the production of various surveys, whether in the business environment or for scientific research purposes."

EC, Municipality of Ptuj

"Very good site for making a survey. Quick and easy."


"Many options for different types of questions, easy to assemble surveys and control over data collection and analysis."


"The tool was great, but I had trouble registering my profile, and I only succeeded when I created a new g-mail address and registered via the new one. I could not figure out what the problem was."

Nevenka Kregar Velikonja, UNM Faculty of Health Sciences

February 2019

"Simple to make a survey, transparent, user-friendly, time-rational."

Nevenka Alja Gladek, ACS

"I'm very satisfied with 1KA, it's easy to use and very practical ..."

Lea Armeni, middle school of economics

"Working with 1ka was efficient and fast. I definitely recommend it."


"Easy to use and super analysis, especially with the ability to use filters..."

Miha Š., Environmental protection, B & B Kranj

"Very good. I strongly recommend to everyone."

Zlatko Grenko, Vsšsg

"The 1KA online tool is very helpful in designing and analysing the questionnaire, it also facilitates access to respondents (with a link), the analysis is also more simple. In short, I have a good experience with that web tool."


"The 1KA application meets all the needs that arise when you are preparing, publishing and analysing online surveys. Great tool!"

Janko Petek, MFDPŠ

"Super page, there were no graphs I needed to work on."


"I thought that assembling the survey would take more time and require a lot of research, Google tools and their performance, but because of video guides and an intuitive design, I did the job much faster."

Ula N. Ratajec, student FF

"1KA is a very useful tool. As a complete amateur, I easily created an online survey quickly. I was offered suggestions and, of course, video instructions and answers to frequently asked questions."


"It's very easy to set up the survey, but more importantly, you do not need a lot of time for that."

Simon Gracner, Biotechnical School Maribor

"1ka has what you need and what's important about the survey".

Jerica Smrečnik

"A very good website for making surveys."

Petja Balažič, Economic School of Ljubljana

"This year I first heard about 1KA at the faculty and we used it for a certain task in one of the subjects. I am very excited about the simple use and all the options 1KA offers (prepared demographic templates, the possibility of exporting documents, already made analysis (graphs, tables ...). I absolutely recommend it."

S.M. - MFDPŠ Celje

"A super site to help with surveying and analysing results."

TŠ Faculty of Education Maribor

"I wanted to submit my surveys to the respondents in writing, although I was aware that it would be complicated with receiving and distributing, and I would have to do all the analyses myself, which means that it would take me extra effort and time. My cousin reminded me that I can also create an online survey and recommend 1KA. I was happy with the advice, and even more so with the results. So my questionnaire has been filled by more people, the analyse was made by itself anyway, and I was just monitoring how my work was also effective with much less effort. I recommend to those who feel that working with computers is not for them. They will probably need a little more time to get things done than they imagined, but they will."


"My user experience using 1ka is very good because it offers really great functionality and solution for free registration. The preparation of the survey is very intuitive and user-friendly, where no programming knowledge is required."


"Great thing!"

Nastja K.

"You're great, really! I generally like your platform very much."

SK – Agado

"I will continue using 1ka. I am very pleased with it and would recommend to all who make surveys."

Rok Štempihar

January 2019

“Very good application, I don’t have any comments, it works perfectly and I recommend it to everyone.”


“1KA survey is very transparent and easy to use. Nevertheless, it has features that enable more useful things.”

Jure Č.

“Very transparent and simple, graph analyses are the best thing ever.”

Stanko Soršak FVV

“I am very satisfied with the use of 1KA web site. Videos helped me a lot in constructing the questionnaire. The response to the questionnaire was much larger in 1KA than in paper form.”

JJ Pef Lj

“Before I started making the questionnaire, I didn’t imagine that it would be so easy. Since I don’t know much about computer work, such an application is extremely important to me. Thanks 1KA team!”

Sara Černe, Fudš

“1KA is simple, transparent and offers different analytical options for creating questionnaires”.

Darinka Osojnik, Primary school

“I haven’t completed the whole process, but so far, everything has been going well. I hope that I will succeed in analysing the data in the same way.”

B.A. Faculty of Education

“A very effective site that makes it easier for you to work with surveys and follow-up analyses.”

Karmen S.

“Very cool platform, everything is great, greetings from Opatija!”

N.S. FMTU Opatija

December 2018

“The tool is easy to use, guides are great, when you get stuck on a question or an idea, how to put it in a survey.”

Darjan Gale, VŠPV

“An excellent tool for many areas, with a very wide range of options, resulting in a wide range of use.”

Luka Florjanc, company: LEPOLEPO, faculty: FDV

“The design of 1KA surveys has often facilitated both official work and the conduct of studies, especially in the segment of statistical survey processing and when it was necessary to interview a larger population.”

Teja Leben, Municipality of Brežice, Faculty of Tourism in Brežice

“It was very helpful for me to complete my postgraduate study.”

US, family medicine specialization

“It’s a very good application, plus it’s free.”

SCM Kodeljevo

“1KA is great tool for making and completing surveys and analysing the results.”

MB. Centre of Janez Levec Ljubljana

“Super application! Simple and effective.”


“Super for fast and effective data processing.”

Tina Saje

November 2018

“In any case, it was a positive experience with, so I highly recommend the application to anyone who needs a good tool for creating your online surveys, as well as for analysing all the information obtained.”

Daniel Lovšin, Casabela Piran

“When I was making a survey, I quickly found myself across the page; it is very transparent and offers everything I need.”


“Simple, understandable and useful survey. Thank you.”

LM., SB Trbovlje

“An excellent tool for carrying out surveys. Both the layout and the implementation of the survey are fast, simple and intuitive. In case of any problems, there are always several sources of help.”

Urška Tuškej, FDV

“The first use went slowly, but went I got to know the tool better, I was extremely positively surprised. In any case, I will continue to use the tool in the future, because it simply shows what we want and the results of the survey. Thanks 1KA!”

Faculty of Humanities, Koper

“Great application!”


“The use of the 1KA survey doesn’t differ significantly from the other tools I have used, but it has one very important advantage over all. It is the result of Slovene knowledge and the data obtained through the inquiry is stored on Slovenian serves (so I read at least). And since my life motto is /”I support Slovenia”/, 1KA is an excellent tool, so I’m not at all deprived of anything, the decision is self-evident.”

Romana Vogrinčič, Gymnasium Murska Sobota

“Practical, simple, useful.”

Petra Cvikl Marušič, Elementary School Voličina

“As I found out from my survey responses, I am very pleased with the 1KA tool.”

Tjaša Krmac

“I used my survey for my doctorate and I must comment the ease of preparing the questionnaire, despite the fact that there is a lot of functionality. I would definitely recommend the site to others too.”

Barbara Besek, Faculty of Business and Commercial Studies, Celje

“1KA is a great tool for creating online surveys, a great tool for rapid data analysis, easy to use, both for the interviewer and the respondent, and at the same time free of charge.”

Mojca Topler, VŠR Ljubljana


Neza Kozar s.p.

“An extremely good tool for reaching a larger number of users, it’s simple to use, share and analyse answers!”

Anže Albreht, Institute for Education and Traffic Safety, Logatec

October 2018

“I like the fact that the application is easy to use, since I quickly made and completed my survey, which saved me a lot of time, which I really need. Thanks”.

Mojca Geč, Gimnazija Bežigrad

"With the 1KA survey, we can easily get to the data we need in the work organization, much faster than usual, and it offers an analysis of the acquired one."

Mateja Jemec Tomazin, ZRC SAZU

"I am satisfied with 1KA. I have good experience in using it."


"This method of compiling and conducting the survey is completely new to me. I was impressed by simplicity, and I will definitely use it myself, and I will also be happy to recommend it to others."

Marjetka Mrakič, OŠ Bovec


Rok Murnik, Faculty of Organizational Sciences

"I used the first 1K tool when the task of creating a questionnaire was assigned to me in the scope of study. I was worried because I had never used this site before. I was very surprised when I realized how easy it is to use all the functions - The instructions are extremely clear, the layout of the page makes the use even easier, as well as the help is available all the time. Using 1KA, I was very satisfied, and I will definitely use it again in the future! "

Sara Golob, Faculty of Social Sciences

"Excellent, fast and quality."

Alenka Hodzic, CMK

"To sum up, I am generally satisfied with the use of the 1KA website, since it is quite easy to use and compile questionnaires."

Biotechnical Faculty

"I was happy to use it."


"A very powerful tool for producing even more demanding surveys, and displaying the results, however simple and logical to use."

Simon Šuštar UKC LJ

"The use of web-based surveys 1KA is a very simple and it can be easily learned as it has many different functions. Besides that, you can also use the survey (from a specific date, a certain length) in the event of any questions or ambiguities. self-help, e-mail, or some other medium. Personally, the easiest way for me was through a video guide that shows the overall course of the survey and the statistics. "

Sabina Požun, student UP PEF

"The use of the 1KA survey was a great experience. It works smoothly and is very transparent, so you do the survey with no problems, and I will recommend it to my friends as well."

Marija Pučnik

"It was the best response of others."


September 2018

"A friendly tool for making surveys, even for an unskilled user. I recommend."

Eduard Madaras, UKC Ljubljana

"The 1KA online survey tool is easy to produce even more complex surveys. The support for the production is excellent. The analysis is simple."


"In fact, this poll came a little too early. By the end of the academic year, I will probably have to create another questionnaire and I could propose something more credible ..."

Iztok Vilic, PEF UL

"You are great. You have greatly saved your time and money during the studies."

Katarina Uplaznik – Turistica

“Very cool!”


"More simple use than I expected."

Tanja Popit, ZRSŠ

August 2018

“You are great!”


"Super tool. Extremely helpful in making a diploma.”

Zeljka Kozuh. FZV NM

July 2018

"With 1KA, you make a questionnaire in a very easy and quick way, it's very easy to monitor the results, I like to be able to report it, which makes it very easy to work, I'm happy to recommend 1KA, Bravo team!”

Lara Pirc (UIP, Koper)

"I am impressed with 1KA, I use it in all areas of my work - regularly at work and in free time in measuring the satisfaction of the members of the club. It is very simple and there is no work done by analysis - everything is done by itself.”

Ria Jagodic, Ice skating club Triglav Kranj, NIJZ OE Kranj

"Super and easy to use."

Nataša V. Accountant

"My 1K experience is very positive. I do not have any comments."

JP-Faculty of Economics

"Quick, easy, understandable."

Jernej Tomašič

"Useful, quick and easy to assemble, analyse and store the survey questionnaire. I recommend!"

Kim T.

"Clear, simple, recognizable - this is the one click survey in my opinion. I wish you a lot of success."

Tina Fele, DBS

June 2018

"I was very pleased with 1KA, I used the survey questionnaire for my final project assignment, a simple questionnaire composition and very well-formed results so that I did not have any additional work with analyses. I highly recommend to anyone who needs such a service."

Anica Podobnik, Faculty for Management Koper

"Easy to use, the results are clearly selected. I recommend :)"

Anja Furman, a former student at the Faculty of Applied Social Studies in Nova Gorica

"Extremely Practical, Transparent and Effective Web Tool."


"1KA made it easier for me to evaluate the surveys. The tool for analysing the table was most impressive when it was possible to work with independent and dependent variables."


"Simple, efficient, useful. Thank you."

Zdenka Keuc, II. gymnasium Maribor

"1KA is a great web application that quickly and easily creates serious online questionnaires, which are a good tool for analysing the situation in the selected field. I recommend using it."

Saša Zavratnik, In

May 2018

"A very good computer tool that can be quickly learned, but needs more practice, so it would make sense to keep the courses repeating and upgrading."

Ministry of Public Administration

"With 1KA I am very satisfied because it greatly simplifies the survey and evaluation of results. It offers a wide range of questions and answers, design options and functions. It is also friendly to both the interviewer and the respondent."

Ana G., Biotechnical Faculty

"The use of a 1KA survey is suitable for shorter, simple surveys, it can be easily used or prepared."


"When using the application, I was very pleased.”

P. R., SEPŠ Koper

"My experience is very positive. I used to process the data in the SPSS program a few years ago, I made graphs in Word and Excel, but 1KA is very handy for fast data acquisition. It is also important that you have very quickly made graphs and you can only read what you are interested in."

Barbara Sitar, Nova Gorica School Center

"Experience 1KA very precise and quality."

Klavdija Medenjak

"I enjoyed using 1KA for my master thesis because it's very fast, safe and easy to work with. Thank you 1KA team."

Emmanuel Demah

"The 1K Survey is very easy to use, and the final analysis of responses is transparent."

Kaja P - Tourism Miren-Kostanjevica

"1KA greatly eased my work, because the survey is easy to assemble, it takes a bit of time for the respondents, but it shortens the time for analysis. It's really a great tool. I recommend it to my colleagues they do not yet know."


"1KA is a great application and I will use the 1KA tool for all the following questionnaires."

Rosvita Kocbek Pavalec, UM, UKM

"1KA has very simple options for editing and checking the appropriateness of the survey. The analysis of the results is straightforward, and we can also produce surveys and graphs."


"Very practical - all in one place. It's also easy to transfer to Excel and SPSS for further work with data."


"Very easy and useful tool."


"With 1KA, I quickly and easily made a survey for my diploma thesis. Different graphical responses for me were very useful for me."

Špela, VŠŠKV

"The site where you make the survey is functional, transparent. With each survey, I'm more satisfied."

Suzana Štefanič

"I would like to thank the very intuitive user interface and analytical tools in the background. But our survey was not one of the most demanding, but 1KA completely covered all our needs."

Robert Gorjak, Belvin Wine School

"A simple application for making surveys that anyone could use. The videos and descriptions of using the 1KA tool are very accurate and high quality."

Brigita Gergolet

"The 1K online survey app was very exciting to me, and it's easy and effective to use a web-based online survey tool. I'm happy to continue to use it."

Maja Okorn, teacher at elementary school

"I found the survey very interesting and transparent."

Romana Kompan, OŠ Jelšane

"1KA is a law. You do a quick survey; you do not need much time to do the analysis because 1KA makes it for you."

Tina J, EF

"1KA is a phenomenal tool, all the calculations that took us a lot of time, we can design the graphs according to their own wishes. Monitoring the participation in the survey, all that relates to 1KA is great. I’m very, very satisfied."

A.K. B & B Kranj

"1KA is simple, transparent and clear to use. I recommend!"

K.L., Pef LJ

"In fact, a very cute application, simple and accessible to everyone. In my opinion, everyone can find and easily create a survey. It is also the easiest to use a variety of seminar tasks, research, master's degrees, diplomas :)"

T. K. SVŠGL - Central Educational School and Gymnasium Ljubljana

"SUPER tool for making surveys."


"Simple, easy, very transparent ... A really great tool for online surveying and, of course, also for eco-help, do not use paper ..."

Kindergarten Duhec d.o.o.

"A quick and easy way to create a questionnaire, also suitable for solving by children or adolescents."

N.K.R. primary school

"Easy to use, transparent, understandable."

Tina B., a postgraduate student at Euro PF

"The survey is easy to create and the data processing capabilities are very useful."


"1KA is very simple, I like how it works. I do not have much experience with surveys, so I cannot compare it."

Paulina Ivanova, FDV

"1 KA is great, it saves you a lot of time to analyse, it gives you ideas for how to compose a questionnaire; it’s also economical - in the sense that you do not reproduce surveys."

BV, School for principals

"It's very easy to write a survey. Also, the analysis of answers helped me a lot in analysing the survey."

Stojan Fink - Trainer of 1st grade basketball

"A very simple, understandable and useful tool for making surveys and processing it."


"A very good site for producing questionnaires, quick, easy and useful."

Tjaša Legat, Faculty of Philosophy

"Editable, transparent tool access, a very diverse format for the issue / item design - different types of scales, response methods. Occasionally, when entering text, we noticed that if we explicitly do not click" Save "every time, but just click on the text box, it didn’t save the changes. Otherwise, a very transparent tool, it is easy to handle a set of questions, the preview option is great, the export of survey results is possible in many different formats, which makes statistical processing much easier."

Teja Majaron, Faculty of Philosophy, Psychology

"The program worked fast and seamlessly, I encountered only one problem in the entire structure of the survey, which I then quickly eliminated. I also recommend the application to others, especially students for the production of school surveys. The video guide is also very useful and clear."

Vasja Bratuž, Biotechnical School Šempeter pri Gorici

"It's easy to use, with lots of features and options for data retrieval. I especially like the processing of custom-data analysis and the availability of information in the form of a manual and common questions (understandably written, image display ...)"

Sabina Pšeničnik, IC Pika

"Simple excellence."

Anja Kocjancic, Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport, Portoroz

"1KA offers essentially everything the user needs, an excellent rating."


"1ka was very helpful in designing an online questionnaire, which served as an excellent tool for my master's thesis."

Darja Rajbar, FKP

April 2018

"Very easy to create surveys."

Miljen Vidaković, ZD Sežana

"Very comfortable and quality site!! It helps us with working with the school newspaper."

Kirill Yakovenko

"I'm very happy."

Nina Omahen

"I'm very pleased with your site because it's very easy to use."

Mario Ponjavic, BIC Ljubljana

"I really like it because it is very easy to use and at the same time it looks very professional. It contains a lot of different functions that work very well."

Zala Kruhar, SSMM

"It's a very simple and completely simple solution for creating an online survey. The empirical results you are researching in a short time are practically served on a plate. I recommend it to everyone!"


"A very good tool for making surveys. It supports advanced functions in the production of surveys, and provides a good further statistical data processing."


"A very good and simple tool for creating, monitoring and processing data."

Sandi Povše, IMP Armature d.o.o; Ivančna Gorica. FOŠ Novo mesto, postgraduate studies

"Using 1KA, I am very satisfied. The preparation of the survey was very fast and easy.”

Vesna Aljančič Iljaž, Faculty of Health Sciences Novo mesto

"I am very pleased with the application. I have the only problems reading the results, and I should take more time to get them out in the form I need."

Lucija Pinterič

"I am very pleased with the 1ka. The system is easy to use, I liked the introductory video which presented all the basics for use. If I did not know something, I tried a bit and usually managed because the functions and tools are enough clearly shown for the beginner."

Manca Kukenberger, PeF UL

"I recommend using 1KA. Quick and easy to use."


"There were no major problems in the survey, I would also like to recommend it to others."


"Easy to use, lots of survey options, super analyses, graphs, and custom reports are very useful for interpretation."

Marus Podbevsek, Gymnasium Ledina

"I have to admit that 1KA was my first website to create a survey. When I learned about it from my classmate I used it regularly, and I recommend it to anyone who wants a good, nice and good quality survey! If you use 1KA you can I assure you that everyone who sees your survey will take the time and will gladly answer it. In the future, I want the 1KA users to only increase and that you, just like me, will be happy with it and will be happy to represent it further. "

Stella Glogovšek, Gimnazija Brežice

"The ease of use to create a fairly complex multi-language questionnaire convinced me that I should only use the 1KA web application."

Mirjana K. Borštnar

"A fairly simple tool that does not affect you with various ads. I like a variety of displaying and exporting results."

B.O., NT & RC

"1ka was my first online experience with the making of the survey and I was very satisfied with the website. I made two questionnaires and with no one I had any major problems, I quickly removed minor problems. Over 1 year I could also edit the data according to various criteria, which I was very helpful in producing a seminar."

Mihaela O., First gymnasium MB

"1KA is a fantastic platform for design, mediation and analysis - the processing of surveys."

Klara Žvokelj (FF UL, LUK)

"Very useful. I especially like the quick graphic analysis offered by the website, but for more serious analysis I used other equipment: SPSS, Azure ..."

Faculty of Economics

"Very easy to create a survey, even for perfect amateurs in this field."

Matej Zorko, Domel

"The use of the 1k survey system is extremely intuitive and easy. Test inputs, warnings and recommendations are great for preparing a better experience of the respondent. The built-in tools for quick analysis and simpler interpretation of the results are also simple and well presented in the guides. I recommend this for more or less serious surveys or research :) "

Kristijan Perčič, Post office of Slovenia

"For the first time I used the 1k website to create a survey, the process was really simple, especially since different forms of help are available. I helped myself with the videos that describe the questionnaire process. I recommend to anyone who needs such a tool to try on 1KA."

Miha Galic, Brewery Lasko Union

"It's simple and easy to use, I've spent 30 minutes of time to create a simple survey. It's very simple and detailed to explain how 1ka is used.”

Žiga, Faculty of Administration

"Before I started using 1KA for surveys, I used a lot of other / worse / survey tools. For 1KA, I like the way you type questions, but most of all I like the summaries and response graphs for the survey. Great."

Špela Grohar

"An excellent, simple and user-friendly tool for producing survey questionnaires, which we regularly use when we open new professional topics and involve different stakeholders."

Rada Sibila, Association of Supervisors of Slovenia

“Greatly done.”


"It's a simple and convenient program for making online surveys."

M.B. Gymnasium of France Miklošič Ljutomer

"Making a survey on 1KA is very intuitive and fast. Analyzes are extremely useful. Sincerely I recommend!"

N. J.

"Thanks to the creators of OneClick Survey!"

Mojca Tomažin, ETrŠ Brežice

"1KA is a great tool for making surveys, because the survey is easy to make, and the web site records visits to individual surveys and data, and creates graphs."

M. S., Economic School Novo mesto

"1KA is easy to use, it shows the results very transparently, produces beautiful graphs and all the necessary for further research."


March 2018

"Quickly made, transparent, understandable."


"Very convenient for businesses that want to see their customers’ opinions."

Firma, d.o.o.

"I had to do an online survey for a seminar paper at the school and I did it with 1KA. It's very easy to use. Since I did not have any experience with it, I also looked at the video and it was very useful :)"



Laura Rot

"Super, easy to use."

Patricia, school centre Velenje

"My survey is very useful in my work."

Majda Lovrenčič, MOP

"Simple, fast, and useful. Free."


"The tool really offers all the support you expect from this kind of tool. Staff also kindly offered me all the support when I asked for help, despite good online help."

Romana Vajde Horvat

"An excellent tool for making simple or more demanding evaluations."

Boris Klančnik, Center for Vocational Education and Training

"Excellent, simple, practical."

Nina Ilič, Zavod Eneja s.p.

"I am thrilled with the ease of use and reliable operation of the tool, and I would especially like to commend the fact that this is a tool that is the fruit of the domestic knowledge and is made on the basis of verified expert methodological starting points."

Tomaž Dobnikar; NLB Workers' Council

"I like the automatic analysis of the given answers."


"Quick and easy preparation of online surveys."


"Easy to use. I recommend!"


"1KA follows the development of online surveys, because it is easy to use and offers many options for analysing the data obtained."

Dejan H., University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Philosophy

"1KA application is very useful and easy to understand. I recommend using it."

Sonja Hirschman, Mercator, d.d.

"Positive experience"

Gymnasium Murska Sobota

"It's very easy to use. I really like that you can set the look of the questionnaire yourself, and you have instant analysis of the data at hand that you can import to Word, Excel. All praises."

Jožica Štraus, Head of the Parents' School Celje

"This form of surveying has greatly helped us save time, both for the simplicity of surveying and responsiveness, as in data processing and analysis. We used it for surveys that are not useful for statistical purposes because we carried out an opinion survey. And the display of data, it also seemed very useful to us and offered a lot of different display options. Even those that were able to find new forms of impressions and design forms for final presentation and analysis. We are very grateful for this option and one for this that it is so affordable, therefore free. "

Youth Hostel Jarše - Damjan Habe – Habo

"Great thing."

"With the help of 1KA, I quickly and easily made a survey, shared the connection to selected groups on the FB and came up with an enormous amount of data in a very short time. 1KA is great. Thank you 1KA Team"

Ana C., Fsd

"I think that 1ka is a great program for creating all kinds of surveys we need to carry out various surveys ..."


"It is a great tool that requires some sense of programming, but the final result (depending on the creator) is a pleasant and very useful questionnaire and the results are useful and collected in the appropriate databases for further thorough analysis in other programs (e.g. Excel). "

Igor Gabrenja, Public Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for Protection of Competition

"A simple, transparent and useful platform.”

K. B. Utopiast

"The application contains all the key modules for creating a comprehensive survey. It reminds you of errors and makes suggestions."

Aljaz Stosicki, FKPV

"1KA enables quick and easy web survey making, while it is satisfactorily complex (it offers most of the possible settings)."


"1KA I really like it because it is very understandable and useful."


"A very useful matter with the ability to display data quickly."


"It's very transparent and accurate to create a survey with all the tools you need."


"It's a great application for making surveys, with small shortcomings."

B G, Memory

"Inexplicably, quickly, efficiently."


"1KA is transparent, useful, simple."

Faculty of Education UL

February 2018

"Excellent, simple tool for making a survey"

NP; Faculty of Health Angele Boskin

"The survey is very useful and simple. It has many options, and I especially like suggestions."

Andreja Šmid, Trzic

"1KA is a very handy site, of course I will use it sometime ..."

Emilia Angelova, SGLŠ Postojna



"I recommend the 1KA tool to anyone who needs a survey, since the process is very simple and explained explicitly."

Renata Zaova, Erudio

"In 1KA surveys, I like to use the option of explanation for poorly evaluated answers, why such an evaluation."


"Very good survey"

Pavap Dusevic

"I was given the task of preparing a survey on the satisfaction of school pupils' school nutrition at the school. The director helped me write and make a survey, and in the end, I also tested it if it works, I think that the instructions are clear, there are many options for selecting questionnaires. but it still has to process the analysis because the survey is still underway."

Elementary school Simona Jenka Smlednik

"1KA I really like it."


January 2018

"I first met the 1K application and I did not know what to expect. I thought that working with the application was much more difficult than it was later. I started by looking at the" beginner's instructions "and getting started. For hours, I had a questionnaire that was relatively simple, made. I was very positively surprised, and at the same time impressed with the application. I was also impressed with the fact that access to such an application is enabled for free!"

Jurij Kuzman, student of MFDPŠ in Celje

"Easy to use. With 1KA, I have saved a lot of time in collecting responses and analysing the results."

Faculty of Philosophy

"Simple and useful tool. Technically no problem. I'm very pleased."

Mladen K., OŠ Polje

"For the acquisition and processing of data for the needs of the state administration, 1KA is a very useful tool."

Jurij Mezek, Ministry of Public Administration

"1KA is a very friendly tool for the user, we quickly learn how to use it, the instructions are not only technical, but they also help the amateur to create a more correct content creation." The possibilities offered by them satisfy most of the needs, and I certainly recommend it to my students. "

Andreja Jelen Mernik, School Center Celje

"1KA is a very useful and easy tool that allows you to quickly compile a wide variety of questionnaires and provides extensive analysis to facilitate further interpretation of the results."

Sara Vodopivec, Faculty of Economics, Ljubljana

"1KA is a very useful tool for less and more demanding users, which enables immediate data analysis. I will be happy to use it since its added value was visible at two management workshops within Danfoss Trate."

С.Т. Danfoss Trata d.o.o.

"A very useful website, in particular, makes it possible to quickly prepare a survey."

Senja Stres, European Law Faculty

"Great, very!"


"The 1KA website is great because it's clear, easy to use."

Damir N.

"Super Easy"

Monika Kukovič, Higher Vocational School for wellness and cosmetics

"In the beginning, I needed some time. When I understood the issues and made a survey and sent it to people, I was very pleased. I liked statistical results, charts, ..."


"1KA is intuitive and easy to use and offers all the necessary functionality. An excellent tool for getting information."

Luka Košir, Exchange of receivables

"Highly satisfied."

Alexander Lavrenčič, Alma Mater Europaea EC Maribor

"My experience is good."

Martina Gavric, a worker

"Very super and easy"


"I made a survey with the video stream without any problems."


"OK, easy, but also free, which I find very convenient, because I'm a student."

MS, Faculty of Architecture


Vesna Alic

"I think it's great."


"I compiled it myself for the first time and I did not have any problems. I made a shorter survey, which I can easily carry out. I was happy, but I really do not have a comparison with other applications. "

Marjeta Podgoršek Rek

"Great experience."

Tina (FVZ)

"I think 1KA is a very useful tool, which I will definitely use for my work."

Esmira Behrić, Ciciban nursery and the kindergarten Zelena jama

"A useful and friendly application"

С.С. Arema

"Making the survey on 1KA was simple, but I was especially impressed by the simple and at the same time the in-depth analytics of the results. I also like it because it also enables more complex surveys, even though I did not need it at the moment. And, best of all. "

Samo Trtnik, Institute for Tourism, Sport and Culture Kamnik

"Thank you!”


"Quick and easy! Both for production and carrying out.”

KUD Sloga Črni Vrh

"Simple and fast"


"I made a survey quickly and relatively easily"


"It is very easy to make the survey, because at the time of signing up or registering, all the instructions on how to make it are presented, all the options are presented so that it is difficult to make any mistake. I recommend to others that they use 1KA web site because really easy to use. "


"1KA helped me a lot in my seminar paper, and I was easier to interview people."

T.G., Faculty of Philosophy

"1KA is a great tool for making online surveys. You create a survey very easily, because everything is written very comprehensively. If there are any ambiguities, there is always help. "

Nina Lampret

"Very satisfied, easy application and expert support."


"Very useful platform and quality. Thanks for being free!"

PZP, Faculty of Medicine, Maribor

"Super page for doing surveys!"

Miha Skudnik, Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana

"Simple, transparent, functional and well-served."


"I worked with my pupils earlier in the survey in My Survey, but they limited it very much (questions, number of respondents)"

Slavko Sapač, Primary School III Murska Sobota

"A transparent structure tool guides the user to the desired results."

ŠC Kranj

"The 1KA tool also works if you use it for the first time, without knowing it. It's a pleasure to look at how these data are being generated, and in the end, you pull them nicely off-line, and all this for free!"

Dorian Semenich, MLC

"Excellent, easy and fast!"

E. M., gymnasium

"When I first used it in elementary school, it seemed quite complicated, but in high school, it was a great tool for me."

Grammar School Kranj (formerly Waldorf Gymnasium)

"I'm from Croatia, I hope you understand what I'm going to say :) I first met 1KA when I told my mentors about it. I tried to do a survey in Google Forms before, but I did not like it. When I registered on 1KA, I looked at the intro video and I made a poll in half an hour. I liked it because I was able to determine the conditions for a question, which I looked at in the video that you prepared. it was also because I was able to solve the test questionnaire and see how the data analysis would look like."

Ines Bistrović, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

"1 KA was presented by my daughter who goes to high school. I taught my pupils with the TIT in the elementary school subject to this questionnaire and linked it to the seminar paper they had to make. The pupils were very satisfied with the survey because the web application processes the data itself, and users do not have any work to do with it."

Marjana Jurjec Primary school Šmarje pri Jelšah

"1KA is a super online tool, easy to use and very friendly to someone who first deals with a web survey."

Anja Pirc, Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana

October 2017

"I quickly found everything I needed, including different types of responses within one survey, and I could do a lot with the analysis."

SK, PM d.o.o.

"Making a 1 KA Survey is simple, and especially enjoyable to users."

Mateja Ažman, Society step forward Šmartno ob Paki

"A simple and very useful application."

Ana Šušteršič, Talents Management Institute d.o.o.

"I wanted to study the 1KA survey in one afternoon, which was, according to my previous experience and the complexity of the survey I was planning, a very ambitious project. I must say that I succeeded in forming a comprehensive survey within a few hours, the functions are very intuitive, so that the person finds himself fast."

EB, Faculty of Security Sciences

"I like the 1KA tool, it's easy to use, you do not need special knowledge, it's a good guide to making a survey. The manual and the video guide are transparent and efficient, and the same issues are very common. I congratulate the toolmakers, and I wish many more successes!! "

Andrejka Mevc, College of Environmental Protection

"I used 1KA for students' exercises in one of the subjects of business, and they will do their own surveys themselves in 1KA. It seems easy to use ... I like it because it offers some statistical processing of results ..."

Teja Bizjak, Biotechnical Faculty

"The 1K Survey has greatly eased my work in writing my master's thesis, adding a special value to it. I suggest it to all students to make certain analyses and also to companies that need analysis in market research, employee satisfaction or customer satisfaction."

Mojca K.

"Continue to keep up! I support you very much for your free service!"

S.L., Faculty of Administration

"Making online surveys is easy. In case of any problems, 1KA offers very good help in the form of frequent questions. I like it because I can completely customize the survey to my needs."

A.F., LU Ilirska Bistrica

"It is very useful in carrying out a research for a thesis. It simplifies and shortens the research time."

IBS Ljubljana

"Super, easy, transparent. Thank you!"

Nina Čk, Centre IRIS

"Very fast and simple survey, good response by respondents, accurate analysis, we can easily edit everything, thank you for this option."

Regional Chamber of Trade Nova Gorica

"An electronic application created using 1KA has greatly facilitated the application process and then monitors the application of a larger number of participants to our event."

Jerca Rupert, Ministry of Public Administration

"I quickly found everything I needed, including different types of responses within one survey, and I could do a lot with the analysis."

SK, PM d.o.o.

"Good experience! I'll use it."

David Erjavec

"With 1KA, we replaced the postal survey with our office, and in this way we switched to a simpler and above all cost-less way."

Darja Štarkl, Center for Vocational Education and Training

"With 1KA, you make a survey in a very simple and quick way, the web site guides you, and there are no mistakes. When I got stuck in the conditions, I used help in the form of manuals and video guides. I recommend using 1KA for everyone."


"The use of 1KA is simple and very satisfactory!"

Mateja Žaren, Tourist village Pristava

"In my research I have repeatedly used online surveys (for example, LimeSurvey, SurveyMonkey) and was positively surprised at the possibilities offered by 1KA web application users."

Doc. dr. Miha Koderman, University of Primorska, Faculty of Humanistic Studies

"With 1KA we are very pleased to be able to measure the satisfaction and usefulness of the performed activity within our organization as quickly as possible, as the activity involved various users from all over Slovenia, the online survey was the simplest solution for evaluating the event, saving time in final analysis of the data obtained. In any case, 1KA will be re-used on a similar occasion."

Mojca Bergant Dražetić (Public Agency for the Book of the Republic of Slovenia)

"A simple and time-consuming tool for creating surveys that keep you back in the background."

PO, Alma Mater Europaea

"Super application for making surveys. For simple surveys, you do not need the application's special knowledge."

Vocational school

"The survey made it possible to capture a larger sample in an important survey. It is a very good tool."


"Excellent, clear and easy to use 1KA application. I recommend it to acquaintances."

Aleš Germovšek, Labor Fund Posavje

"My experience regarding the use of 1KA is very positive. The use and making of the survey questionnaire is very simple and transparent. I would recommend using 1KA for online surveys."

Martina Domjanic, Academia d.d.

"1KA is simple and easy to use. It was a great discovery for me, and I certainly will use it."

Brigita Sharc, Dinos

"With 1KA, I could have created exactly such a questionnaire as I imagined it. The videos were very useful. When I understood the operation of the program, and once I made two identical surveys. It would be great if there was an option of joining them and getting a joint analysis. Thank you for enabling us an excellent online survey tool for free."

Darko Majcen, UPI - Ljudska univerziteta Žalec

July 2017

"It's very easy to understand and easy to use. Even though I used to use another platform for surveys, I will definitely stay on 1KA now."


"Working with 1KA is very easy, the survey is made quickly and the processing of data is simple. It is a great opportunity to export to Excel. It is definitely the right tool for the empirical part of the scientific work."


"It's a simple and effective application that greatly facilitates work."

Katja Kek

"A very useful online tool, accessible, modern, dynamic and quality."

Lana K. / Pef Ljubljana

"I highly recommend."

Faculty of Medicine

"I really like it because I got a done analysis."

Nikolinka Hristova

"Pleasantly surprised with the functionality and flexibility of using a variety of forms of a questionnaire that fit your individual needs. Thank you."

University of Primorska, PEF Koper

"A simple and powerful application for surveys!"

Iztok Košir

"A very useful and easy tool for preparing surveys."

A.S., Age of faculty Maribor

"1ka is a useful tool, logical, easy to use. I used it myself for the first time, but I could prepare everything according to my own wishes and successfully!"


"Excellent and easy to use."

D. K., Faculty of Economics

"Free and easy. Data can be exported to all necessary records for processing them."

Matic Jerko

"In short, I was crazy about the discovery of your website. It's fast and easy to use, and I've done everything without complications."

Tjaša Marinič, VSŠ Doba Maribor

"The ability to input questions and create it independently (in the case of tables, sequence of questions, pages, blocks) are extraordinary. The program allows multiple use of multiple languages ​​in a single survey. The possibilities of testing, data entry control, insight into analyses in completed surveys, and how to display the processed data in the analysis, as well as the time spent on completing the survey (which should not be ignored). Pointing to the possibilities of improving the questionnaire before publishing are also very useful. I want to emphasize once again that I am very satisfied with the program recommended by me my colleague from Ljubljana, with whom we are working together on an international project."

Karmelka Baric, University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Subotica

"Well-managed application, fast and easily accessible for respondents and respondents."

Alenka Petrič

"The web tool 1ka was recommended by my colleague who has been producing questionnaires in this environment for a long time. With her help I have won the parts of the program." I intend to use it in the future, thanks for the free use option."

Simona Lešnjak, OŠ Drska

"I recommend 1KA survey, quick and easy."

Glavič Matic

"Quickly accessible, clearly visible application to achieve your purpose, which is the essence."

Miran Medved, EF Ljubljana

"Very happy."


"1KA is a simple, fast and very useful web-based tool with statistically good processing. I highly recommend all social scientists. Open-type answers, this web-based tool is very well-suited. All the praises to the 1ka team."

Katja, law student

"It's very convenient. You can find anything without problems."

Jožica Korošec

"Very easy to create surveys and excellent data processing."


"1ka is a tool that makes it easy for the user to prepare a survey, an overview of the number of completed surveys and various analyses. Using the tool, I was very satisfied with the research, which was part of the master's thesis, because it led the users perfectly through questions (based on answers further conditions - if statements) and make it easier for me to make analyses. I can confirm that I will think about using 1KA in the next project, where I will need to carry out the survey."

Simon Pernovšek

June 2017

"The perfect newcomer, but 1KA was a simple and convenient tool and very functional. I highly recommend anyone who goes into the world of surveys."

Igor Nekrep, Central Medical Library, UL MF

"The 1K web tool is a very useful tool for preparing all types of research questions. At the very beginning of the web survey, the tool gives clear instructions for use, and it also guides them with the appropriate explanations on how to prepare or design the questions most effectively. The positive feature of this tool is also that the activation of the survey itself leads to the statistics of solving the online survey, thus filtering how many surveys are solved for the proper treatment of the research. The good characteristic of all is that you carry out all your work from home and in the time that suits you best."

Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana

"1KA is transparent, easy to edit and allows different types of questions or answers. In any case, it is positive that we can test it before the announcement itself. The publishing is simple. The target audience of respondents does not spend a lot of time in solving this survey. It is also monitoring the results during the survey's activity as well as the completion analysis (in the form of statistics, graphs)."

Martina Sedej-Filipčič, Elementary School of Anton Globočnik Postojna

"Everything was great, the project I was working on, I worked for the last time, and with this survey I quickly finished at the right time"

Peter Mihael Jakoncic


Simona Prelovsek FM Koper

"Great thing to make a survey!"

Leja Potočnik - Tease dance

"I can briefly describe the web application with the following words: Quick, Simple, and Effective."

Duško Robnik, High School for Health Sciences Slovenj Gradec

"The 1KA Survey is the safest tool to conduct simple surveys."

MK, Faculty of Administration

"I am very pleased with 1KA."

Tal Omcikus, SEP Koper

"All praises ... Great."


"The use of 1KA is quick and easy. It is useful for any survey, and data can be quickly and easily exported to other programs where they are later processed."

I. I., Faculty of Arts Ljubljana

"Otherwise, I made the first survey with just one question, but I found it really easy and the results were immediate. I'm sure to use it and recommend it to others."

Lidija Plevčak, Economic School Celje

"I'm very happy with the use."


"I am very satisfied with the 1KA website. Despite the first use, I found myself with a little help! I will definitely use it in the future."

Monika Žalac, B & B High School for Sustainable Development

"Practical, simple, possible analysis of an individual survey."

Nastja Pavel UKC Maribor

"Great site."


"The site is great, simple, functional and adjusted to both basic and demanding users."

B.K. High School

"1KA is really a very good online survey tool. It was very helpful."

Rok Rep

May 2017

"Simple survey, a wide selection of tools and, most importantly, a wide selection of analyses and results. I recommend!"

Marička Vezovnik

"We had to carry out a seminar paper for the faculty, in which we had to conduct 50 questionnaires with previously defined questions. I copied the questions and created an online questionnaire. I posted the surevy to my friends via Facebook. In a few days I got enough completed surveys, then I exported I solved the surveys exclusively in excel. The website of the company enriched my study very quickly and efficiently."

Sašo Mozetič, Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana

"With 1KA I am extremely satisfied! I previously had no experience in making online surveys, I find 1KA very simple and transparent. I quickly found myself in the program, and I created the questionnaire very quickly and without complications. I also like all the additional options (informing me about the completed survey, analysing answers with diagrams, etc.) I RECOMMEND to all future users :)"

Mojca Fink, Faculty of Economics and Business Maribor

"I like it because there are many options and functions in creating questions, and because basic questions (e.g. demographic) are already pre-made ..."

Domen Svetlin, Faculty of Philosophy

"Super survey, the only thing that bothers me are the suggestions that you need to fix at the end, even if you do not want them. Otherwise, it's great because it does the analysis."

Sanja Valenčak, OS Krsko

"1KA is a handy and fairly simple online survey where, with the help of video guides and lesser depths, a superb survey, well-collected and organized data quickly arises."

P. U., Pedagogical Faculty, UM

"Great thing, simple, transparent and user friendly."

MR FE lj

"Very happy."

LS, the economic school in Celje

"A very useful application."


"It's a very good tool that enables a good and easy preparation of the survey. If I ever need this service, I will definitely decide to use 1KA!"


"I did not have any problems creating the survey, I quickly learned how to make one. It was also very important for me that certain values, such as the arithmetic mean, have already been deduced, since I used the survey in the preparation of a project assignment from statistics in mathematics."

M. R. - Diocese of classical gymnasium

"My first experience with 1KA was good. The guide gives you simplicity to explain the course and make a survey. It's not hard to make a survey. I'm happy to use 1KA again :)"

N.Š. Faculty of Economics, Lj

"Simple, fast."

MS, Secondary School Veno Pilon Ajdovščina

"1KA is a very good tool for making surveys. Especially for all beginners who have no experience with online surveys."

N.V., student of the Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana

"Otherwise, I was very pleased with the website, but I was mistaken for a slight lack of transparency in the design of the survey."

Rok Drenik, Elementary School of Tone Pavček

"The 1KA tool is easy to use and can be conquered in a short time and used even if you have little computer skills."

Barbara Vevar, Elementary school Naklo

"The survey is made quick and easy. Very easy to use."


April 2017

"Super program for making surveys, very convenient and clear. I recommend!"

Anja D., Evropean Law School

"Very good. Let me point out the structure of the questionnaire and the analysis of the results, actually processing. Excellent."

Kristina M. Pučnik, Lektorsko društvo Slovenije

"With the 1KA Survey, I was very pleased and I also recommend it to other users who want to quickly and easily make an online survey. The application offers many tools to create a good survey and helpful tips to help you make it."


"I think the 1KA tool is very useful and very user friendly - with little knowledge of statistics it is possible to produce a quality survey or questionnaire."

NL, Gymnasium Celje-Centre

"Simple entries and formatting surveys. Instant monitoring of respondents. Free tool!"

Amna Potočnik, Mariborska razvojna agencija

"Simple and effective application. I recommend!"


"The survey is done quickly, but you have additional help with all the additional questions. In addition, it also produces data analysis. It's really a great time saving!"

Kreft Tea, ERUDIO

"1KA is great. Excellent access, clarity, transparency, import into various forms of documents."


"A very useful tool for making a survey, which enables a quick spread of surveys over the Internet, phones. With a quick response of participants in the survey, we can get answers in the short term." The tool enables processing of the results and drawing charts."

TŽP, Gymnasium JP Ljubljana

"I highly recommend a very useful tool for quickly retrieving and processing data."


"I was very pleased with the production of the survey, and the analysis of the data is more than excellent. From my side, it's a pure 10."

Blaž Markočič, SETŠ NG

"A very good and easy-to-use program for making surveys."

Sandra Jevtovic, Faculty of Security Sciences

"All right, np."

Gymnasium Vič

"Super for making analysis."


"Super tool for making a survey! Because it's easy and fast, I recommend it to everyone!"

Petra Korenak, Faculty of Management Koper

"I needed a web survey to create a seminar paper. I helped myself with the video guides, the assembly was done easily. You’re the best! :)"

N.B - gymnasium SG

"The tool for making the survey is extremely easy to use. Although, when I first created it as a beginner, I quickly got used to the new system. The second survey was already made according to the desired outcome."

Jerneja Hribar Bukovič, educator of systemic psychotherapy, SFU

"The 1KA tool is very user-friendly and easy to use. The" Drag and Drop "feature is very useful, as you quickly create a survey and dispatch it to rescue."

Mojca Kerin

"Easy to use, learn quickly, beautiful finish."


"I used the site for the first time and I'm very pleased."


"I made a survey on 1KA quickly and easily. A super page for making surveys."

M. Hauptman, Faculty of Education

"The 1KA Survey is very useful to me at work and in college. Maybe it's complicated at first, but in a matter of minutes, you find out how it works and you enjoy different questions. I highly recommend it, given that it's easy to use and finish Finally, it's free. "

Denis Oblak, B & B School for Sustainable Development

"1KA is a simple, effective and interesting application for making surveys. I recommend it!"


"1KA has helped me a great deal in making a seminar works where I needed certain information that I could only obtain with a survey. It is easy to use and very useful."

UH, Secondary Medical School Ljubljana

"1KA seemed to me very easy to use, with tremendous features and good support. I hardly believe that there are so many things for free. What I especially liked was the already made questions / answers. I would like to return to use or recommend it to colleagues."

Asja Videčnik, doctoral student FF, UL

"1KA is a very good and useful website, it eased my work, I did not have any problems with the creation of the survey, so its production is very easy. I recommend to anyone who needs to make any survey, since it makes it very easy to analyse data and calculate."

BIOS Šempeter

"My experience is that 1KA is simple and transparent, and data processing is great."

Mojca Dulai, DOBA faculty

"I very much like that 1KA will analyse your answers, whether graphically or statistically."

Neža Hribar

"I very much liked that 1KA handled all the results and processed the graphs for everyone."


"Very quick and easy formatting of the survey. I recommend."


"The use of 1KA is simple and greatly helpful to all those who do research and need as many respondents as they like. Because I'm offered help in different ways (I've already found myself with common questions)."

Maja Salamon, student of the Faculty of Education in Ljubljana

"Great thing, simple, it leads you to the end. Very satisfied."


"When I first met the surveying, I chose the 1KA online survey, which was the first hit on the Internet. I created the questionnaire without any problems. It was filled 70 times within 5 days. I also got the analysis I have calculated, so I only transferred it in text ... I recommend."

Matej Reisp, student at the Faculty of Medicine in Novo Mesto

"The 1KA tool is easy enough to win it quickly. It has a well-developed customer support system and another great advantage, the 1KA tool is in Slovene."

Robi Cmiljanic, RTV Slovenia

"Making a survey on is easy and the results of respondents are presented in a transparent way."

Veronika J.

"Creating a questionnaire in is very simple, quick and suitable for any research. I used it myself for a seminar paper on psychology, with the analysis that I have edited on the results itself enabled me to take the seminar work much faster as you would otherwise."

Anna Marie Frank, student

"Making it simple and free, it's also very handy and helps make the application itself calculate results and form graphs."


"The survey is very easy to make. I like to change the questions regularly, even if the survey is published. I can quickly export the survey into word, pdf, ... The application is great for making any surveys, both in study and in business purpose."

Nina Draksler;


"I made a questionnaire twice, first because I had to learn in this field, and secondly because I wanted to run a questionnaire for the purpose of the seminar work."

Silva Rudolf, post-secondary vocational school

"I made the survey for the first time with 1KA, and I was more than satisfied with the fact that there were no complications or ambiguous tasks for creating. I like 1KA very much, so I will gladly use it and suggest it to friends, relatives and acquaintances."

Nikita Štorman ŠC Velenje

"1KA is a user-friendly tool for creating survey questionnaires. It allows different structured survey questions. The final form of the survey is clear, transparent and simple."

Cobit, doo, Nova Gorica

March 2017

"I am very satisfied with 1KA. Registration, composition of the questionnaire and preparation of analyses is very simple and convenient for less" skilled "users than ores for more demanding users. I like the simple composition of the questionnaire, easy copying of survey questionnaires and preparation of analyses."

Karl Vertovsek, ZPTM Brežice

"My experience using 1KA is very positive and I would recommend it to everyone."

F. G., Jakobski Dol Elementary School

"I was a little afraid of making a web survey, and I was positively surprised at the simplicity of the entire production process. Tools make sense, everything is logically distributed and clearly visible. It's extremely simple and user-friendly is also the analysis itself."

N. Š., Librarian

"A simple, useful site that also enables completely inexperienced users to create a quick, effective and transparent survey. I use it and also recommend it to others."

Nina Trček, coordinator of the Intergenerational Centre Idrija


Marcel Mahkovec Primary School Žirovnica

"1KA offers a wide choice of how to edit surveys (question types), also copying the survey into other forms (word, pdf ...) and displaying the results to different types that can be, for example, charts, for example, transferred into a Word."


"With the 1KA application I met for the first time, but I quickly figured out how it works and what features it has available. Video guides have been of great help since they are understandable, short and concise. I admit that without them I would not find myself I made the survey itself faster and easier to work with. The program automatically generates graphs, analyses (which can be downloaded and stored at any time), stored and updated regularly, which is also of great help with but I save a lot of time. I will definitely use it once I need it the next time."

Emily Martinšek, a student at the Faculty of Arts, Ljubljana

"A super tool for making surveys. Quick and easy."

Ben Jashari

"The 1KA tool for making surveys helped me greatly or assisted in the survey at the graduation thesis."

Karmen Urbas


Matej Jugovic

"1KA helped me quickly and transparently gather people's opinions / answers."


"1KA as part of the domestic (Slovene) academic environment offers many possibilities of obtaining the data we need either for the purposes of school, business, etc. What is crucial is that it does not require pre-knowledge of the use of this tool as it is transparent and contains much assistance, tips and suggestions on how to deal with the issue, which is more than obviously saves time, and this is important at today's pace, especially when they are in the business decision issue."

Benjamin Šestan, AREMA High School for Regional Management

"It's very helpful, it helped me to research my topic that I had for the project task. Thanks 1KA! :)"

Dragana Miljic, economic technician

"I was very pleased with the 1KA tool, because I could quickly, with the help of a video guide, put up a web survey for the needs of the master's thesis. I quickly got the answers, but the most important thing was that the 1KA tool was already largely automatically made analyses, and I did not have any additional worries about it. It's a great deal."

Faculty of Philosophy

"The use of 1KA is simple. The tool is transparent and you can quickly compile a questionnaire."

D. P. Secondary School Slovenska Bistrica

February 2017

"Very useful, easy and because of statistical processing options extremely practical."

MKG Gymnasium Celje Centre

"Great, you get used to it quickly, if you get stuck, a video guide is available."


"Easy to use."

Mark Lavric, siemens Healthcare d.o.o.

"I'm very pleased with the survey, it was all right and I quickly found myself."

E.B. higher professional school B & B

"I am pleased with 1KA because it enabled me to do what I needed for the survey. An additional plus is that you can see the results of the survey in the graphs."

David Mikek, student of the ŠCV ERŠ

"Simple, logical and reliable tool for setting up surveys and processing them."

Anita Gjerek, Pomurski tehnološki park d.o.o.

"The 1K Survey is very easy to use, but in any case it provides a lot of functionality. For a quick analysis, there are enough analyses that are already done, and for more complex it is possible to export to other specialized programs like SPSS. Limesurvey, which also offers a lot, but we will use the 1KA for future surveys.”

Robert Gajšek, head of the elementary school Hruševec Šentjur

"This year, when we checked the satisfaction of our customers, we used the online survey 1KA for the first time. The preparation of the questionnaire was simple and helpful was also the preparation guidelines. A high level of their responsiveness was achieved, which was twice as high as in previous years. In short: we will continue to use these forms of collecting feedback from all stakeholders. Thanks to the team that makes this possible!"

Bojan Močnik, Rondal d.o.o., Impol Group

"It's so easy to use. If you know what kind of questions you need, you finish it in an hour."

Kotar Anja, PeF

"I am very satisfied, because the instructions are clear, and in the end you do not need to do statistics, because everything has been calculated. Great!"


"My experience with the 1KA tool is great. The usage is not too demanding, it's free, I like the fact that you can add more administrators. In the first place, I like the fact that with the online survey I got the data for the analysis that I needed them. I recommend using this tool!"

Ana Grebenc, International faculty for social and business studies

"Simple, useful, transparent. I recommend!"

DB Všup Novo mesto

"I can make a survey very fast. It's a transparent page and find things on the site very quickly.

Tanja Rebernik

"The experience with 1KA was positive, because we can look at all the answers to the questions and also enable further statistical processing of all data, because we can transfer the data to the SPSS program."

Petra Frčej, FOV Kranj

"Very good tool, you can make a perfect result."

Gymnasium Šiška

"I was excited about the simplicity of making a survey, I looked at a very clear demonstration video and I was able to work. I will definitely use this tool; it makes my work very easy."

Marija Čerin, High School for Pharmacy, Cosmetics and Health

January 2017

" I am very satisfied with 1KA. The application works functionally and quickly, it provides good help to users and can be quickly learned."

Žana B.R.

"Congrats on your application, I used it in the work as a project in a master's degree and I had no problems with it. The Report option was very useful to me, and with a minimal input, I made an analysis of the results. Bravo! Keep up the good work!"

Špela Ilar Kosmač, Faculty of Economics, Ljubljana

"It's great because it's free."

Miha Jenko, ALUO UL

"I first encountered a survey for postgraduate studies with an online survey, and with the help of very clear video guides, I was able to quickly create my first survey."

Simona Č., EPF Maribor

"A simple, flexible and free online survey tool. I recommend for demanding, easy-to-use surveys."


"I very much liked 1KA itself to draw the graphs because I did not need to have them out later. The data on the respondents were well displayed. I only miss the fact that the user interface would be a bit easier."

P.B., student of NTF

"I am very pleased with the application, I like the fact that I can add the conditions to questions.”


" I am very satisfied with 1KA, because in a simple way I collected data for the production of a seminar paper on a college."

S.B. Pedagogical Faculty Maribor

"Even a total newbie can also use 1KA to carry out a simple questionnaire, which can be the basis for the research work, for example at the end of studies, a degree."

Gregor Lončarič - Erudio Educational Center, Ljubljana

"When making a survey, to me it was very helpful a guide and manuals, and the responsiveness of the program is very fast, I would especially like to thank the program for preparing reports and creating tables and graphs, and I also find it very commendable to keep track of the answers and the test environment. So my experience is very positive about the use of 1KA."

J.G. Faculty of Administration

"I find the 1KA tool very useful and easy. I think it makes it easier for many users to work, and I would recommend it to everyone!"

Špela Stritar, FF

"Fast, easy and reliable application."

Student VSŠ, informatics course

"As part of my official duties, I first encountered the challenge of creating an online questionnaire, which was a completely new field to me then. I took the test and made it right. I am convinced that I will continue to use the 1KA tool in my further learning challenges."


"As the CEO of TOP POP SHOP Croatia, your site has greatly helped us to analyse the satisfaction of our users. Some terms are not known to amateurs, but I recommend that, beside each slightly more complex term, the description of the word should be added."


"Quick and useful."


December 2016

"I congratulate everyone who cares that 1KA is always up-to-date and completely comparable to similar tools. It's an indispensable utility and efficiency to be a traveller for your work in the future. I recommend to anyone who wants to simplify procedures in their research work."

Janko Cerkvenik - Firefighter Association of Slovenia

"I am impressed with the 1KA survey because it is completely clear to “ordinary mortals”."

Tatjana Radivojević, Elementary School Ivan Babič Jager Mareziga, Elementary School Anton Ukmar Koper

"A super and easy online survey system!"

M.S., FIŠ Novo mesto

"The site is very good. It's very easy to edit."


"I really like the 1KA application. It is a very good way and an easy way to fill in a questionnaire, which allows us to provide a very good data analysis."

Mateja Zemljič, Faculty of Medicine, University of Maribor

"Quick and numeric way to data."


"Simple, fun, good review of responses, an on-line analysis of the results that are well exported ..."

Association of Paraplegics of Slovenia

"A very useful online survey and easy to use."

Valerija Blatnik

"I was very pleased."

Monika Zorman

"I first used 1KA to help me with my diploma, I must say that it was extremely useful, both for gathering data and for analysing and producing graphs. Now I use it at work (annual assessment of satisfaction in the institute, etc.) and I must say that my research and analysis are really noncomplex. “

Matija Lisac, FSD, Pensioners' House Gradišče

"Quick and easy use of the survey. I used it for business purposes and I'm very pleased with the performance."


"Until now, I did not have the experience of compiling the surveys, the 1KA tool led me well and guided the assembly."


"I filled out the survey without major problems. It's transparent, it offers what you need, so I recommend it to others."


"I did a quick and easy questionnaire for the health promotion. I had just briefly looked at the basic instructions for the first time. 1KA questionnaire fulfilled my expectations and made it easier for me to work. I will also use this tool in advance."

Silvana Lautar, Kovinoplastika Lož

"1KA is great when you know how to use the program, the survey itself builds up."


"Without any prior knowledge, I made a web survey easily."

Jerneja Petek, MFDPŠ

"I found out about 1KA by my mother-in-law, came on this site to see the video and I tried and typed in the unknown. After a while I saw how different the themes were and I was pleased to work with this site.”

Faculty of Education

"Very convenient and easy."

Dolores G., Faculty of Arts Maribor

"Very fast data analysis."

Faculty of Arts Maribor

"Quick, efficient."


"I work in a small company and I needed an independent opinion of colleagues, with your help I conducted an anonymous survey, which was of great help to me."


"1KA is very easy to use. I was preparing the questionnaire for the first time, and I did not have any problems at all. I also got some new ideas for questions that I had not prepared before. I was also very happy with the final analysis, after the completion of the survey. When I next make a survey, I will definitely turn to 1KA. "

Mateja Božnar, Primary School Škofja Loka-Mesto

"1KA is a highly developed and useful web-based tool for creating and using a web survey or a questionnaire. It is easy to use, since the user can start using or creating a questionnaire without specific instructions after registration, as well as highlighting the possibility of adjusting the response format to various the type of questions, so that the user can create a questionnaire according to the needs."


"1KA is a great thing, easy to use and friendly to respondents."


"1KA is really indispensable during the study. It allows you to quickly and easily create a questionnaire, simple sharing and an analysis with technical support when you get stuck."

Nataša Černe, PeF LJ

November 2016

"A super application for every beginner ... quick and easy production of a survey for your own needs, and even wider."


"Hello, I am Anja Gorišek, a student of Gea college. I am currently writing a diploma, which means that I cannot complete it without any analysis. I decided to complete the survey at 1KA, where I already had an excellent experience in the past. The instructions are clear and simple, so you quickly compose a questionnaire. What is the best is that my work is finished, because the program made everything else on itself. So I recommend :)"

Anja Gorišek

"It was a very simple, interesting thing :)"

B.M.M., Skaldens Higher Vocational School - Oral Hygienist

"Very good tool for making online surveys. Simple and easy to use."

Peter Drnovšek

"For the purposes of the master's thesis, I had to produce a survey and a lot of people recommended 1KA, because they had only good experience. I made the survey quick and easy. As the survey is still open for solving, I have not yet started to analyse the results, I think that there will be no problems with the analysis either."


"I am extremely pleased with 1KA. It brings enormous benefits and is very useful. I will use it very often."

T. P.

"Otherwise, I have not done a summary of the data, but until now I think that the new survey is very easy to create and activate. I hope that this will be the case for the final part. Especially useful for seminar, graduate and master's theses."

Petra Avsec Bernot, Master's program FU

"The perfect tool I met for the first time. By looking at the guide, making the survey is easy. I love the analyses that are transparent."


"Gets the job done."


"Easy to use, visibility, various user assistance tools, analysis option - one-stop shop for the user"

Ministry of Public Administration

"Very useful tool."

Mitja Slapar, Alma Mater

"Great thing!"


"1KA tool is an excellent tool for creating and analysing surveys, easy to use and formally transparent. It has been made user-friendly and intuitive, and many options for designing questionnaires meet all the requirements for demanding users. I will be happy to recommend 1KA to my colleagues! "

Nataša Jalen, Dob Faculty

"1KA offers a lot of possibilities and functionality with no intrusiveness and limitations, and I started quickly as a beginner in the production of the survey. Because of the possibilities already explored and because it offers many more, I will only use 1KA for the future. Good luck! "

Miralem Romanić for the SDRES trade union

October 2016

"I am very pleased with the 1KA online survey, it's easy to use, it's free, and gives statistical processing. I recommend!"

Darja Hermonko, ZD Ravne

"Very fast and easy to use, in short, great!"


"I am very satisfied with the use of the 1K online survey, because it enabled me to analyse the situation accurately and make it very easy to use."

Faculty of Organizational Sciences

"I was very pleased with the 1K online survey, it's easy to use, analysing the results and inviting target groups to solving. Based on past experience, you are the best."

JB, European Law Faculty

"Useful, clear, easy to understand, transparent, the ability to use more demanding tools – that’s why I use 1KA."

Barbara Kermavner, OŠ Vodice

"Using, editing and analysing collected data on 1KA is transparent, simple and above all free. Thank you 1KA!"

Student at Alma Mater Europaea, European Center Maribor

"Using 1KA is quick and easy :)"


"Super application for quick survey. Very useful."


"I selected the 1KA service because it provided the most of free applications in this type of application. There are no restrictions on the number of respondents, the number of questions, and especially because it is a good tool in the Slovenian language, it provides a wide range of issues and also more complex nesting and conditionality. It also has a very good overview of the state of the solving, a quick overview of the records so far, and an analysis of the results (I still have this part to do and I do not have actual experience with this part of the application) - it enables data export and processing in external tools.”

Andrej Glavica

"The web application is a great tool for both beginners and advanced users, and I have been able to conduct a survey for the master's thesis quickly and qualitatively."

Faculty of Organizational Sciences

"The 1K online survey made it much easier for me to obtain data for the survey, and its use was relatively simple, but when a problem arose, I read the instructions or explanations that were written clearly and comprehensively. I recommend 1K to everyone who want to start any research, as it will take you much less time than any other method of conducting a survey questionnaire."


"Excellent free tool for making surveys."

MS, Zverinice society, veterinary faculty

"I have to use it several times so that I can explain it. The summary of the results is slightly less transparent than in the Google."

VM, Oš Sava Kladnika Sevnica

"This year I used this web tool for the first time as a resource person. The input or composition of the questionnaire was conducted smoothly, including the final analysis - feedback for the management I managed to assemble easily - export data to Excel and comment with the comments. I recommend it to anyone who encounters measuring or determining the state of affairs in a particular area."

ŠG, HRM - MDM d.o.o.

"1KA is an online application that helped me collect data for the purpose of a research task. The system is transparent, easy-to-use features. I recommend to everyone involved in collecting primary data using structured questionnaires."

ŽN- Faculty of Economics

"Without knowing about online surveys, I found myself quickly and excellently."


"Much more functionality than Google Forms and Basic Survey Monkey. I’ll definitely use 1KA the next time!"


"The 1KA Survey is very handy for carrying out a variety of research, as the process of collecting statistics is much faster and easier. I would recommend it to everyone."

AJ, Faculty of Social Work

August 2016

"Simple, useful and easy."


"I highly recommend for making surveys."

Damjana Z.K. Faculty of Administration

"A very simple web-based tool for creating surveys, a user-friendly interface that takes steps to prepare a questionnaire and offers many design options based on different types of questions, suggestions are meaningful and easy to edit. I had a lot of fun with making and you do not get gray hair as with any other tools :) "

Nina Černič, FDV

"A lot of useful tools and easy to use."

Rok Gornik, Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport

"Super site! Understandable, easy, user-friendly."

Katja, Faculty of Medicine

"Super tool. I used it for the first time and it's great."


"Dear Sir / Madam, 1KA is dynamic, interesting, educational, easy to use and aesthetic tool for making online surveys. The complementary colour contrast of bluish and orange is soothing and giving a comfortable environment for the eyes and thus also easier working with longer and more difficult surveys. It’s great that these changes are automatically saved so you cannot lose the survey if you forget to save. There are also videos that help you and advise and are also great. The survey is active for 3 months, which is also fine, according to it can be edited, published and analysed for free. For the next survey, I’ll use 1KA tool :)"

Ania Kiara Felandres student MFDPŠ

"Hello, I met for the first time with an online questionnaire that I had to do for my master's thesis, and when I heard that, I said to myself “I won’t know what do to.” Then I told my sister which had already worked for the thesis and she said it would not be difficult for me to find an online survey. Then I found the site. Before I started making the survey, I looked briefly on the recommendations and tips for making it. Then a survey was conducted, which I was very pleased at last, and I expect the response to be satisfactory. I recommend this website for making surveys to everyone.”

Sandra Martinuč, Faculty of Health Sciences of Izola

"An excellent online survey platform that offers a lot of analytical options. Free."

KM; LUZ d.d.

"As a basic user, I quickly came up with the desired results and analyses. All the data are at your fingertips, no matter of knowledge, with recommendations you quickly get into the system.”

Mateja O. Faculty of Administration

July 2016

"A very useful platform for the production of surveys, one of the few in the Slovenian language. It is simple to produce relatively simple questionnaires and sufficiently comprehensive instructions for the composition of more demanding questionnaires."

Rok Skale, RCI Celje d.o.o.

"A very transparent and easy way to prepare online surveys, very satisfied."


"It seems simple to me, I like explanations and examples that make it easier to decide on the way of the issue. Thank you for the fact that there is something like that in the Slovenian language. I recommend!"

Polona Masnec

"Even if you're not a straightforward user of online tools, 1KA makes it easy to create a web survey at the very first time."

Z.B., Pedagogical Faculty

"Super site and easy to use or make surveys."


"1KA is a super simple thing."

Martin Štrumbelj, FGG

"The 1KA online survey has greatly contributed to the rapid resolution of my graduation thesis. It is really fast and easy to assemble. The production of the survey is very interesting, since it is used to identify the available ones, thus forming a better quality questionnaire."

E.K. University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Medicine

"I was very pleased with the online survey. For the first time, I created an online survey and the instructions for the survey were very clear, so I quickly compiled the survey. In addition to everything, I liked that you also made an analysis, because I'm not very skilled in data processing and it would take me a lot of time."


"In my opinion, making an online survey with your application is very simple. I followed the recommendations, looked at a short film guide and read the instructions, and then I started to conduct a survey. I made the survey in a rather short time without any problems."

Saša Femc Knaflič, Elementary School Tone Cufar Jesenice

"The 1KA tool is very useful. A colleague introduced me to the use."

Jožica Urukalo, Elementary School Tone Čufar Jesenice

"I heard about the 1KA tool before I started my surveys - in particular, I solved a lot of surveys. The solving experience helped me to make a good survey myself. The 1KA tool is useful and easy to navigate. It would only help the tool or a database to make the survey easier to spread among the desired population."

Eva, a student at the Faculty of Economics

"Useful instructions and suggestions, easy to use, transparent, fast, functional, nice design"


"When I compose the questionnaires, I always use 1KA, since the preparation of the questionnaire is extremely simple. In the light of the previous needs in preparation, I have not yet encountered restrictions on the use of the tool."


"Excellent, efficient tool that, unlike others, works transparently, without hidden" billing ". I recommend!"

ŽČ, Faculty of Economics, Ljubljana

"Quick and easy."


"Quick and easy to set up, a transparent video to start and a transparent record of results, a survey status."

Savaprojekt d.d.

"Simple and reliable!"

Nataša Š.

"Simple and well-functioning platform. I recommend !!!!!!!!!"

Bojan Postrasija, BRK Kabel d.o.o.

"I have done one survey so far; I did not have any problems in making it. There is too much tools for me there."

Jernej Raic

"I prepared the survey for the purpose of the research that I will use in my master's thesis. I am extremely pleased with how easily I can compile the survey. I am also glad that I could monitor progress (or respond to a questionnaire) at the time of the survey. "

Nina Kuhar, Faculty of Social Sciences

"1KA is a very intuitive and easy tool with which we can enter an even complex questionnaire and bring it closer to the respondents."

Jure, EF

"1KA has greatly helped me in quick and easy surveying, and thus saved a lot of time that I could spend on other study obligations. I highly recommend to everyone. Thanks again."

Gabrijela P., Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering

"1KA is very welcomed when we want to quickly and effectively identify the opinions of our users who are active online."

Doris Dekleva Smrekar, Central Technical Library of the University of Ljubljana

"The 1KA survey enabled me to use the questionnaires I compiled to get data that I would use a lot of time writing the DN. I am grateful to the 1KA team that they have been saving my time and sending me data at an extremely quality level."

VŠUP Novo mesto

June 2016

“Very good, easy to use and extremely reliable and designed so that anyone can use it.”

Katja Babič, Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana

“Very useful and easy.”

Anja Erjavec

“A very useful and easy use for making a survey. I did not even know that this existed until I was compelled to produce a survey for final work. It only made it very easy for me to research if I think I had to make everything hand-made 13 years ago :) “

Anka, EF Ljubljana

“A very useful and easy-to-use application for creating surveys and data processing.”

Gregor Strašek, Faculty of Sport

“A very useful and well-designed website.”

Ines M., ZRSŠ

“Very nice and easy.”

Mateja Farič, Doctoral study Zdt at TeoF

“Very practical and easy to use.”


“I'm very happy, I made all the analyses and the graphs.”


“For the first time I heard about the web application at the faculty, I met her in the course of study courses (Informatics, the Basics of Researching), when I first had to create a questionnaire in this application I found your video guides and frequently asked questions very helpful. Otherwise, I had a bit of trouble at the beginning, but then it ran smoothly. I will continue to use it in the future too. “

T.G., Faculty of Health Sciences Novo mesto

“For the purposes of the study, we conducted our survey with our colleagues through the 1KA tool. We did not have any problems in production and we found ourselves well. The next time I'm doing the survey / questionnaire, I will use 1KA. “

Hana Grašič, UP FAMNIT

“I was very pleased with the 1KA tool. Although I used this type of tool for the first time, I saw a number of user manuals that helped me with the preparation of the questionnaire as well as the analysis of the results. I recommend!”

Suzana Sluga, EF

“I am extremely pleased with the use of the 1KA survey. I entered the survey quickly in the app. Everything is made very logical and user-friendly. “

Barbara, FDV, SOC – DI

“I was very pleased with 1KA because it is one of the few Slovene free websites for making surveys.”

Z.J. Gymnasium Ravne na Koroškem

“Everything was very great, fast ... The survey was written quickly, graphs, and the analysis was immediately after the survey's solving.!! I RECOMMEND!”


“The use of 1KA to create online surveys is very easy and you do not need any special skills or skills.”


“Top. I personally did an online survey for the first time and I'm completely satisfied. You can export data; graphs are self-drawn; really good.”

AV High School of Management and Business

“Super. Simple and effective. “

Branka P., EF

“Super site, extremely nice portal! I will definitely recommend it to others, and I will also use 1KA in the future. “

Nina Hudej, Biotechnical Faculty

“Super site for making surveys. It provides a lot of additional functionality that can be easily added to the questionnaire (drag & drop). Analyses are also more than satisfactory for the average user. “

Matej Janko

“The 1KA web tool has made it possible for me to create a simple, transparent online questionnaire, understandable feedback, and a transparent graphical display of the data I needed for further work. I am pleased that there is 1KA and that a public (free) application is in the Slovenian language. “

Alenka Gros, Primary School Marjan Nemec Radeče

“I made a web survey using the 1KA tool twice. First, at the faculty, and for the purpose of research for a diploma thesis. I again decided on this tool because it is easy to use, it offers everything I need to produce a quality survey and has a lot of help material available when uncertainties arise. I'm very satisfied and at the very first need to create an online survey, I will certainly use this tool again. “

Student at MFDPŠ in Celje

“The 1KA web application makes it easy to create a survey. Different forms of assistance are also available. I would like to praise the administrators here because they always came to me for help when I needed them. Thanks. “

S.O. Turistica

“I was a little bit afraid about preparing my diploma because of processing the survey. I once did a similar research and analysed with printouts. It took a lot of time. 1ka is a great tool, I completed the entire study and processed it within a week. I highly recommend it! “

Lucija Šušteršič, PeF LJ

“Simple, fast”


“Simple use, quick survey making, easy for respondents. Quick access to data and transparent menus. “

Kaja M. FF LJ

“The 1KA tool seems to me to be a very simple and effective method for generating a web survey. In this place, for the first time, I made a survey, but it certainly was not the last time. Super! “

Andrej, student

“You're excellent, thanks for the help.”

Katja Fajfar

“When I searched for a suitable tool for carrying out a final questionnaire at the college, I found about 1KA from one of my friends. At first use, I was positively surprised by the tool, and I would be happy to recommend to anyone who wants to gain opinions and analysis effectively. I definitely recommend both for study and business. “

Sonja, EF

“I am thrilled with the ease of use and the design and analysis options I have just tested for. Therefore, the application seems to me extremely useful for teachers, and I already recommended it to many colleagues. I will also use it as a recommended tool for students to interview and process surveys in business planning. To this end, I will also have to provide students with useful instructions on how to create surveys that are part of the application. “

Z.S.Ž., Lesarska šola Maribor

“My first online survey was created on 1KA and I am very pleased, because the application is genuinely user-friendly and systematically & logically guides through the entire process. You're a great team! Keep looking for new challenges to the everlasting improvement, which is the essence of the digital app.! ;) “


“I believe that the 1KA website is extremely effective, simple and, above all, very practical. I use it myself for both private and business purposes, so I also recommend it to other users. With kind regards.”

J. F.

“As I mentioned before, I did not produce surveys on this site by myself, but I think this page is a great way to create a survey, because it's not necessary to write it yourself, print it, and give it personally to your respondents, but only send a link and get the answers analysed. Saves a lot of time. “

Klemen Magajna

“Despite some of the problems I have had, I am very pleased and would certainly use 1KA for surveys.”

Katja Omovšek CPU Ljubljana

“The experience is positive, but I did not process the data more seriously so I could give an overall assessment.”

Gregor Bratina, Faculty of Logistics UM

“Making a survey is very easy. In any case, you need to read in detail and see the instructions. I did not do that first, and I had some problems at the initial stage. “


“I was lucky that your application was presented to me by a librarian in the City Library at one workshop from a series of workshops Mission: a graduation thesis and that he showed us little how to do the survey, some basic things, so I quickly found myself ... The application is great, especially when you learn to use it ... That basic video was a bit too short, I could be longer, there could be more of them ... To make the experience even better and faster, but it was already really great. Congrats! “

Neža Zajc, Faculty of Philosophy

“Quick, easy, functional!”


“Simple, transparent, fast and free! I certainly recommend! “

A.L., Turistica

“Simple and useful!”

Karmen J. Poplas

“Easy to use, intuitive, medium number of choices, transparent ...”


“It works smoothly and efficiently.”

Gea college Dejan Č.

“I was doing a school survey. With the 1KA survey, I was very pleased as it generates all the statistics and forms the graphs. “


“I was able to make the survey without any problems. Support is also excellent, so I highly recommend this kind of tool. “

Mateja Novak, Faculty of Administration

“The 1KA survey is a very simple and effective tool for carrying out surveys and a detailed analysis of data. What impressed me most is analysis and display of data. I was convinced that we would have a lot of work later on. On the contrary. 1KA makes it extremely easy. “

Tomaž Izak Blue planet d.o.o.

“1KA is a great tool for carrying out online surveys.”

Nika Berlic, student of Useful statistics

“1KA is a great tool for quick, easy production, implementation and analysis of online surveys. I used it in my master's thesis and was very pleased with simplicity and utility. “

S.G., pharmaceutical company, EF

“1KA was my first experience with an online survey tool. The experience was great, I formed the questionnaire easily, despite the inexperience. “

Lana EF

“1KA is a great thing. At first, it seems rather complicated, but worth every effort, because when a user understands the functions, making a survey is a very positive experience. I recommend!”

P.P., Faculty of Security Sciences

May 2016

"Very satisfied."


"A very useful and easy tool for research."

Sonja Mastnak, UP FM Koper

"I'm very pleased with 1KA."


"I was very pleased about simplicity and reasonableness. I am a postgraduate student who, in addition to studying, also work and it is therefore very important that I do not need much time to understand the program. Almost immediately, you are discovering the logical options. In the end, all the analyses that I need are made. I also used the ability of sending, and this too is great because you have an overview of the answers. Fast, easy, functionally designed web-based program. "

Helena Tomšič, postgraduate study of EF in LJ

"Very transparent and I could make a questionnaire. If I was not sure, a video recording of the procedure was helpful to me. "


"Very practical and easy to use."

Jure Dobovšek, European Law Faculty

"A very simple way of making a survey, clear instructions, the program makes the analysis itself ... in short, great."


"It seems to me a very useful way of making surveys and getting analyses."


"By using this, I am very pleased. It is very easy to use. In short, great. "

Pef koper s

"Using 1KA, my empirical study of the thesis was greatly facilitated. I made and published the survey easily. I simply followed the results and finally finished with excellent data for statistical processing. 1KA I recommend the survey to anyone who is experiencing empirical tasks."

Janja Strozak, Turistica - Faculty of Tourism Studies

"I am very pleased with 1KA. I did a questionnaire on 1KA only twice, but it was very simple and user-friendly every time. I would really suggest 1KA to anyone who wants to do a survey quickly despite the previous experience. The options are all explained. "

Lidija Osredkar, Vegova Ljubljana

"With 1KA Online Survey Tool, making complicated surveys is easy and more enjoyable."


"I was very satisfied with the 1KA survey. It is easy to use and displays a good statistical survey of the survey's analysis."


"I like the page because it is easy to use and even when I used it for the first time, I just read some instructions and I already easily created a survey. Thank you :)"

Nika Kržišnik - Diocese of classical gymnasium

"Useful thing!"

NV, University of Maribor

"The use of 1KA is highly recommended for carrying out various surveys, questionnaires. It is easy to use, transparent. It also illustrates all the answers with graphs that you can directly import into Word, pdf. In short, I recommend using it."

Tanja L.

"Great, all compliments!"

Nina Bečaj, Institute of Accounting

“Super! It works great, it's not too difficult to use, analyses are very easily done. It has many options like IF-s and also contains a lot of tips. It's really the best tool to make surveys :)"

M.P., Vič Gymnasium



“Super site that offers plenty of options. For the easiest surveys to much more complicated. Great! “

Črt Ristić, High School for Management and Business NM, NLB d.d.

"Super free survey tool"

Žiga Zalokar EF

"Making a survey on the 1K portal is quick, easy and transparent. I recommend!"

B.P.; Faculty of Economics

"With the help of the 1KA tool, I made a relatively complicated questionnaire and carried out analyses. I like it because it offers a variety of questions, a possible choice of typical questions from the library. In addition, many tips, manuals, and instructions are also available. Results are given.”

"I first faced an online questionnaire and I'm very pleased. Naturally, my next step is to analyse the results for a thesis, where I hope there will be no major problems, since the data are collected and clearly displayed. "

Katja Gorjup Faculty of Organizational Sciences, Kranj

"The first experiences with the 1KA tool have convinced me that in the future this will be a tool for me to conduct online surveys."

Peter Dular

"Before I started working on the online survey, I did not have any experience with this kind of survey. When I heard about page 1KA, I read some instructions first and started working. I prepared the survey quickly, easily and without complications, and immediately prepared some additional ones. In any case, I recommend and I will continue using the 1KA.”

Andreja, People's University

"Before creating a survey, I reviewed the preview videos that were of great help to me!"


"I used the tool for a study project. I was pleased with the formation of the survey, but very positive, I was surprised by the analysis, especially the graphs."


"Great site!"


“Excellent and easy web application. I'll definitely use it. “


"I look through all the online tools through the eyes of the programmer and the blind user. I would like to inform you that a blind user can also answer the questionnaire with customized special hardware and software. When compiling the survey, because of visual elements, it would have had a lot of problems, and even with IF statements and similar settings. Otherwise, all great. "

Tomaž Dojnik, Institute for Blind and Visually Impaired Youth Ljubljana, (formerly FERI Maribor)

"A little hard to produce, all the other stages are great."

Jožica Terner, High School of Rural Management Novo mesto

“Quality, fast, easy to use and good performance.”

Pef MB


Ajda Koloini SŠ Veno Pilon Ajdovščina

"It's a good application because it's easy to use and quick. I like it because you can get it in various forms (pdf, link on the Internet), and it analyses your data. I think it's very popular among young people. "


“Extremely valuable and effective tool. I am grateful that I could use it for free. "

Bogdana (FOV)

"A quick, simple, orderly way of making surveys and processing their data."


"Simple, fast and very useful. Since 1KA also allows you to analyse the collected data, you save a lot of time. "

Špela Bukovec, FSD

“Easy to create a survey, the basic statistics are fine. However, I have not worked on more advanced analyses and therefore I cannot evaluate them. For future surveys, I will use your program, which I also recommend to others.”

LP Mitja Mohor, Health Centre Kranj

"Simple and one-stop shop."

Teja Meglič FU

"Simple and fast."

Clara, Diocesan Classical Gymnasium

“Easy to create a web-based questionnaire, very user-friendly. I recommend.”


"So far, I have had no experience in making online surveys. With the help of 1KA, I won the survey in a very short time. A fast and very easy way to the online survey I needed in my graduation thesis. In the end, I also used their survey analysis tools, which are also very easy to use. I was very happy and if I needed a survey, I would definitely come back to "

Nina Č., FOV Kranj

"The work of 1KA surveys is very pleasant, as there are no disruptions and the website is very well completed."


"Although I'm not the most knowledgeable user of a computer, I got around 1KA pretty easily."


"If you are doing a survey, and you need to conduct a survey, then I certainly recommend the 1KA page. The site is transparent, there are plenty of options for questions, as well as video guides to help with complications, so the right solution is always found. "

Rebeka B., Faculty of Education Mb

"Without 1KA, I certainly would not get as many responses as I had with it. So I'm very pleased. "

Erika Zakrajšek, EF UNI LJ

“1KA application is the best! Easy to create surveys, for analysis - probably without it, I still wouldn’t graduate! :) “

Nina Palchnik, FKPV

"The 1KA Survey is a very useful tool for making, sending, filling, statistics and analysis. On a very high level from simple to most demanding surveys. I recommend to everyone, and especially to the best friends. "

Božo Kastelic, EPF Maribor

“1KA tool for making surveys is very simple. If I ever make a survey, I will definitely decide for 1KA. I recommend it to everyone. “

"I like it, because it offers many things that are simple and easy to use."


"1KA has greatly contributed to my statistical task. I collected the answers transparently and can also handle them well (in 1KA and in Excel). "

Kristijan Briški, ŠKG

“1KA is a very simple web-based tool for creating surveys and producing statistics / survey results, I like it, and it will be right for me when making my diploma thesis!”

Katja Legat, VSŠ B & B

"1KA is the best!"

Maša Hvalec

“1KA is a useful and effective tool for ongoing monitoring of the implementation of the project, which allows colleagues to keep track of the achieved results. A user-friendly and logical application. ”

Mag. Martin Lisec, Director of Stopinje Institute

"1KA really is number 1."


“1KA is a convenient page for creating questionnaires where you can compose surveys exactly the way you want. The advantage is also that it helps you in analysing results, graphs, tables, ... is easy to use. “

Nuša G.

"1KA is a high quality application that has enabled me a quick and effective result of the essence I was looking for."

Maja Rojko

"1KA is extremely simple, transparent and functional to use."


April 2016

"So far, I've produced and sent a survey, which was very easy and quick, although I made a demanding survey. I hope it will be both quick and easy to summarize both graphic and general analysis."

Katja Gorjup - Faculty of Organizational Sciences

"It's a useful and simple application ... I recommend."

Tomaž Munda

"Interesting and professionally made surveys."

Kranjec Darja



"Very satisfied, easy and understandable."

Accounting Strušnik

"It is very easy to create and very convenient! Except for surveys that are intended for a longer period of time, we can choose to be permanent."

Lan Rabzelj, Primary School France Prešeren Maribor

"Very easy and convenient to use, I would recommend it to everyone."


"A very simple survey for making, very transparent, ... Almost after the system “plug and play”"

B.S. Kovinastroj servis d.o.o.

"I am extremely pleased with your application, as one of the advantages is that it can be made in different languages, with the language being different from the language for the participants."

Gregor Jagodič, EPF Maribor

"With the use of 1KA, I am very satisfied, because it is very easy to use and you can quickly do an excellent survey, as before you publish it tells you what mistakes you have and suggests a better shape."

Lidija Osredkar, Vegova Ljubljana

"I am very satisfied with the 1KA web application. I would very much appreciate the great flexibility in the production of the survey and the ease of use."

Ana Jagodic, Faculty of Education

"With the 1KA tool, I was extremely pleased as a user. Since I first used the online survey tool, I was excited about this simple and useful application. It's very user-friendly, understandable and transparent."


"With the 1KA application, I am very satisfied, because I can easily create a questionnaire to get the information I need. Because the survey is published online, I can easily expand it through my networks."

A.F., Codeventuri

"I am very pleased with 1KA. The design of the survey is simple and fast. Solving the survey is useful, easy, but most of all it means the possibility of storing statistical data and graphic representations."

Tanja Golob, VŠUP

"I am very pleased with 1KA. I quickly and efficiently made 3 surveys in the first two days."

Klemen Kovačič

"With 1KA, I prepared a questionnaire in a very short time and submitted it for solving. Before that, I did not have any other experience in the making of surveys with similar tools. I also recommend it to others who carry out a minor questionnaire (diploma or master's theses, personal needs, ...). "

Nina Malec Poklič, EF Ljubljana

"With 1KA I quickly found myself and very quickly got the data ... I am really pleased and I will certainly use 1KA."


"I was very pleased with 1KA."


"With 1KA, I carried out the survey quickly and without complications. The function of the analysis of the obtained data was also very useful to me."

J.B. gymnasium

"I use the 1KA for the first time on Facebook, and I am very pleased with this because it is not difficult to create a questionnaire. I used the questionnaire for research in my graduation thesis, and my experience is great. I recommend to anyone who needs a quick survey. 1KA Thank you. "

Rosvita Fekonja, Higher professional school Ptuj

"Even after viewing the instructions for certain functions I did not understand perfectly well, but 1KA is a very useful and unpretentious application so I quickly managed to build a web survey. I like that it is easy to use and also good."

M.Ž., Media and Graphic High School Ljubljana

"Super, simple yet powerful tool for making surveys. Responsive and useful support, I recommend :)"

Nika Simončič, Turistica

"Great tool, I will recommend it"

JT Turistica

"Super tool for the needs of the survey! I recommend."


"The 1KA web site helped me a lot, I was pleasantly surprised, because the questionnaire was easy to make. I got all the information I wanted, but I also like the very look of the website."

Manja Feldin, Economic School Celje

"With the help of the 1KA tool, I could easily compile a questionnaire for pupils and parents about the school meal, and I restricted the time of solving the online survey. Even at the time the survey was active, I could review the current analysis of responses every day. Easily completed. "

Laura Javoršek, Elementary School near Rinža Kočevje

"I prepared the survey for the first time and easily formed it and sent it for publication. Also, I did not have any problems with the analysis. It is useful for all - even for beginners."

Mojca Petelin, Elementary School Deskle

"A user-friendly and easy-to-use user interface (with many options) that only requires basic computer literacy. Qualitative help (video guides and other materials on the web page)."


"The tool is user-friendly, even for those who have no experience in producing surveys."


"The 1KA tool is extremely useful and functional. As a researcher, I often formulate and analyze surveys. From the first experience with the 1KA tool I use it whenever I need to create a survey. I also recommended it to other colleagues at the faculty."

dr. Katja Pesjak, Faculty of Health Jesenice

"Great tool."


"An excellent tool for making online surveys: it's easy to use, even for those who do not have much experience with online surveys, has many options for different types of questions, enables analysis and graph creation."


"A well-designed website, even for more demanding questionnaires. Expert help answers within 24 hours, all compliments."

Marina, Pef Ljubljana

"An excellent system, it works well, you learn quickly and effectively."


"At the time of the first drafting of the survey, I did not have major problems, which means that the instructions were satisfactorily guided through the application, but I cannot comment on more demanding forms of surveying, since I have not tested them yet. In the initial phase, the application is definitely friendly to the user."

Željka Kralj, Municipality of Maribor

"I did not think that the questionnaire could be easy to do, and I was really surprised to send a survey through various links. In the end, I still made graphs that I could use to make my graduation thesis."

Andreja Avcin

"Easy tool for use, especially for beginners. It's excellent because it's in Slovene and offers both a test link and an analysis, help, ... great!"

Urša S, FF LJ and MKL

"Once you understand how to do it, everything is easy, only in the end analysis is difficult to understand. I did not notice any options, like making a graph."

K. Humar, Nova Gorica Gymnasium

"It's very useful and easy."


"Making a survey is quick and easy. The website also creates an analysis of itself, making it much easier to work."

JS, Faculty of Primorska

"Making 1KA surveys is easy to use, it's a step-by-step structured so you can make an appropriate survey. I also like that you can process data on an online site or you can download it if necessary."

J. Heric, FNM

"Quick, clear and easy creation of online surveys."

Maša Jaklič

"Given that I'm computer-skilled, I'm well-trained and working primarily in word, power point, movie maker, and alone, and with the help of a video guide alone, I created my first survey, which enabled me to carry out a survey in a particular group of people and it brought me the right results in a short time. "

Mihaela Vočanec, kindergarten

"The simple, transparent, functional page is about creating a questionnaire as well as for analysing the data, especially for fast and interesting ones for respondents when completing it. I recommend!"


"Far easier to analyse data compared to paper-based questionnaires!! It's great, I recommend."


"I did the survey easily, the page works great, I recommended to my colleagues."

Jon Šesek, CDI Universum

"I prepared the survey on page 1KA for a diploma thesis very quickly and easily. Above all, I was very pleased with the analysis and the graphs."

Tina Magdič, high school management and business

"The 1KA Survey is very easy to use, which does not mean that it does not have the ability to get very different data, it also has many options for faster creation and download of texts from other documents. They also make calculations for basic use. In any case, it is very welcome for non-commercial users that it is free. I highly recommend it. "

Marija Pepelnak Arnerić, Primary School Rodica

"The 1KA survey is easy for both the surveyor and the respondent. With the 1KA survey, I helped with a survey for a diploma thesis. It is great. I highly recommend it."

Urška Intihar, FOV

"1KA is an efficient and user-friendly tool for creating online surveys, I've created and used more surveys, it does not require much knowledge, but if it gets stuck, various forms of help are available. In time of difficulties, I always got a quick, efficient and friendly answer. 1KA is the figment of domestic experts, but there is added value. "

Janet Djomba, Faculty of Medicine UL- Department of Public Health

"1KA is great, because it has predefined question forms, you can easily" filter"(IF) questions for different groups and edit the look of the survey (the number of pages, page issues, change templates)."

M. Ulčar

"1KA offers much more than I expected."


"1KA, unlike certain other websites, shows all the results and systematically displays them, a detailed analysis with graphs is possible, etc. It is easy to use and I recommend it."

S.Š., student

"1KA is a great tool. Even though I've never made a web survey before, I've been able to do it easily with your video instructions."

Katja K, EF

"1KA is transparent and easy to use. I recommend!"

Ksenija Zunic, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, UM

"1KA is an excellent site, because it is easy to produce and deliver very rapidly analytically visible results that interest the user."

Andrej Hoivik, FKKT Student Council

March 2016

"I highly recommend the 1KA program because it has already processed data from the survey and is very transparent and easy to use."


"Very easy use and short, but clear instructions for making a survey. I recommend it to everyone!"

Veronika Brinjšek, UP FTŠ Turistica


Petra, b2 d.o.o.

"I was very excited when I used it, because I was expecting it to be a lot more complicated."


"The thing works great and I recommend it to everyone."

Jaka Krajnc University of Primorska Faculty of Health Sciences

"I met 1KA for the first time and I was very pleased, I recommend it to beginners, the instructions are clear and understandable, so there is no problem with the structure of the survey. I was also very surprised by the analysis of the survey.”

Benjamin Tkalčič, Doba Faculty

"I did not have the experience before, because I did not have the need to use the survey tool at all. I like 1KA very much, because it is well understood, even for beginners like myself."

DOBA Faculty

"I liked the logo for the University of Ljubljana, which I will use for the purpose of my survey."

Faculty of Economics

"It's definitely a very transparent application and it saves you a lot of time, as analyses are made pretty much by themself."

Carmen Sabo-Hari, student at DOBA faculties

"In the future, I will also be doing surveys on 1KA and I recommend it to others. For those who are doing the first surveys, the video presentation will be enough for its production."


"Great, easy."


"It's a great deal for everyone, including those who do not find around with these tools very well."


"Super tool, transparent, free."


"I used the first survey of 1KA for the needs of the research for completing the master's degree. I looked at the guide, quickly read the common questions and the survey was made in less than three hours. I gave the test version to friends, took into account their comments and published the survey the next day. The response was higher than I expected. "


"I am extremely excited about the new look, especially the functionality of 1KA. I consider it a very important and useful contribution to the implementation of research, both academic and applied."

Matic Kadlicek, Trgotur, d.o.o.

"With the help of a video guide, making online surveys is quite simple and fairly fast, even for a complete beginner. It's a very useful web application that I recommend to everyone."


"Transparent and simple."

Eva Semolič


Admir Omerović, MFDPŠ

"I did not have a problem in compiling a questionnaire, I liked topics (forms) of surveys."


"My experience using the 1KA online tool is very positive, because it's pretty easy to use, and I recommend using this tool to other people, as well :)"

Tina Birk, Faculty of Tourism Studies – Turistica

"It is also very simple to create a survey for those who use online surveys for the first time, and I will definitely use it. I decided for 1KA because it provides export to spss. I am very pleased that you can look at the survey results and quickly fly through the simple results of analyses. Since I had to cover the whole country of Slovenia in the survey, it helped me a lot to see which regions I still need to send a survey in. Still more convenient than the "old" method of leafing and encircling. Very easy to use, offers many possibilities and exporting to spss and is also attractive. "


"The 1KA is an excellent tool for producing questionnaires for the less skilled users."

Mirsad Skorupan, Elementary School Ledina, BŠ

"The 1KA Survey is a good online tool that helps to obtain good and high-quality results, and above all a simple page for the user."

UP, Faculty of Tourism Studies, Portorož

"The 1KA is an excellent tool for producing questionnaires and would recommend it to everyone."


"1KA is very important to me. It is very useful and everything is also in a prominent place, or you can find everything easily.”

Tia P. Oven Lekshe

"1KA is great, quick, practical and easy to use. I recommend."

Anja J. Furlan, postgraduate student at the Faculty of Management Koper

"1KA is a great tool. It offers a lot of options, but at the very least, it's a good idea to quickly master it."

R. D., student of the Biotechnical Faculty, University of Ljubljana

"1KA is by far the best page for making and analysing online surveys, but it's still free."

Damjan Šilec, Academia

February 2016

"Extremely easy to use, videos are very much helpful as well as testing."


"I highly recommend the use of 1KA, my first encounter with it resulted in a rapid process of making a survey and post-processing of data."


"Very practical and easy to create a survey, and it is also easy to use without any experience - mainly due to instructions and videos."

I G gim. Sis

"I really liked the video that showed the use of 1KA! Very good!"

Maša Klinar Faculty of Health Jesenice

"For now, very well. I'm still learning and I think that with 1KA I will be able to compile and analyse good questionnaires."

Gymnasium Bežigrad

"I first used 1KA for study. Before registering, I was thinking about who could help me make a survey. But when I entered the 1KA program and looked at the" movie "about the application, it became clear and so easy. 1KA tool is great. I really liked it when you can see how the survey looks like and you can determine from when the survey will be active. "

Anja Miklavčič

"I used 1KA online for an online survey, because it is very simple, all the instructions are clearly written and displayed with a video, even before the publication, it guides and corrects that the survey will be as effective as possible. Therefore, I recommend everyone who needs it, I think, that it is the only portal that can easily editby a great survey. I recommend. "

Sandra Kirbish

"1KA tool for making a survey is really easy to understand and easy to use. Even for such incompetence for people like me. I'm generally very satisfied, I recommend."

Vida Božič

"Super tool for making simple surveys."

Boris Vodušek s.p.

"The statistics and everything that goes with it is not exactly my strongest field. But it turned out that the surveys that I had to deal with had come to me. And given that I lacked patience by reading the instructions, I was very pleased when I found 1KA. The use was simple and I did not even have any problems with setting "if".

Nataša Gočen

"I first used the online survey and I am very satisfied with it. It is easy to use, everything works as it should, and with one click, the number of properly completed surveys can be monitored, with a second click, a clear structure of responses and an analysis of these also in %. Awesome! "

Lana C

"I am a generation that did not grow up with a computer. It was my first time making the surveys and managed to create it in a very short time with only a few additional questions to the younger son who did not even use the application... "

Tourist Association Kostanjevica na Krki, Tatjana Petrič

"I first met the preparation of the survey, which included about 10 questions, with some conditions (if) and I managed to do it in good time. Quickly learning tool."

Robi Ribič, Rogač d.о.о.

"It's easy to use, collecting data and presenting them in many ways (graphs, analysis ... Just like word, pdf ...) which is very useful and greatly facilitates work."

ll. gymnasium mb

"Easy to use, a few clicks analysis"


"It's very interesting and easy to create a survey."


"The basic principle is so simple that I can quickly start working without any kind of education."

M. Košak, Elementary School Slivnica near Celje

"For students who are making and analysing the survey the final step towards completing the master's thesis and thus the completion of studies, 1KA is an indispensable help in this last step. Simply, without 1KA, everything would be much more time-consuming and stressful in particular!"


"It's very understandable and it's very easy to use it even if you're a beginner. I just skipped the part where they explain each function individually, but I quickly found out the system and I enjoyed it right here while doing the survey :)"

Lina Dimnik, Gymnasium Ledina

"Making a survey with 1KA is a pleasant experience with which you can easily create a survey and at the same time offers you the opportunity to analyse answers. Simple, in Slovenian language, free, with the possibility of subqueries, help, and tips on how to make the survey even better. Useful for both, pupils and teachers. "

Natasa Cerovsek, Elementary School Gabrovka-Dole

"Quick, easy, understandable, transparent, convenient!"


"Given that the website is free, it is definitely top-notch. When you get it, you do it in a very quick time, it's all transparent, you have an unlimited sample and, finally, an analysis. If you do not like it, you can still export the data and do it yourself. I will definitely use the website again. "

Tjaša Drevenšek, Faculty of Tourism

"Simple use (the guide helps you if you get stuck), nice look, quick responsiveness and excellent analysis are just some of the many reasons why the survey should be made on page"

J. G., Secondary School of Electrical Engineering and Technical Gymnasium

"I got all the help I wanted, and this quick and professional. Thank you."

A.B. Faculty of Philosophy Ljubljana

"The survey is very transparent, which makes it easier and faster to solve."

S.M. University of Primorska

"The 1KA Survey is transparent and quick to use, and it can also be done with almost no knowledge of other online tools. It is also simple for the user - the respondent."

Elementary school, MS

"1KA is a very simple tool for creating online surveys. I put a web survey in the framework of the thesis and sent it to the participants in the survey with a link. I was also very happy with the presentation of the progress in responding to the survey, and above all by presenting the results in the tool itself. "

I. Zajšek, VPŠ

"1KA is a very well-designed web application that enables users to quickly, easily and perfectly generate surveys for both study and other purposes. I recommend the web application 1KA to everyone."


"1KA is an excellent tool for use in firefighting organizations, since we can analyse our work faster and better."


January 2016

"A very simple and effective tool for collecting data."


"A very good web application, and it was great help to me!"

D. Š., Primary School Ormož

"To make the first questionnaire, I used the online tool 1KA, which I was very pleased with. It offers a lot of possibilities for composition, analysis, alerts to possible errors and is still quite simple at the same time. 1KA is also suitable for more demanding users who are more statistically skilled. "

N. Kovač

"I have good experience with 1Ka, because it's much faster to get information online."


"Super site for school work."

Miha Mir

"The 1KA web tool enabled me to quickly and effectively create a survey and retrieve data for my research. The instructions were useful and transparent. In the future, I will continue to use the online tool 1KA."

Klemen Kotnik, prof. ŠVZ

"When using this web site to create a web survey, I am satisfied because it is easy to use and can be further edited."

Janez Novak

"Transparent, fast, easy. I recommend."

Dejan Zupanc, Elementary School Miha Pintar Toledo, Velenje

"It's a great free tool that still needs some finishing, but I'm very pleased with the tool and I hope you remain loyal to free and practical use, which is why I recommended your page."


"I think that 1KA is suitable for making a web survey, it offers a lot of design options that allow you to create such a survey as you imagined it. Results and other data are clearly displayed and transparent. I also like the final analysis of the overall surveys (graphs, averages, etc.). "


"Fast, efficient and transparent. Great for beginners ..."

Ingrid Gregorič s.p.

"Simple and very useful."

Slavica Mitrovski, VŠUP Novo mesto

"I would recommend 1KA to anyone who first encounters online surveys. It's very simple and useful."


"I used surveys to collect data for an epidemiological inquiry into the outbreak of an infectious disease, it is a perfect match and it is perfectly suited for this purpose. It enables the protection of personal data because it is protected by password. I will continue using."


"I used 1KA for the first time, and at the moment I am very satisfied, I used it to create and dispatch a survey questionnaire, it takes some time to get to know how the application works, but later it saves you a lot of time and money. I would like to congratulate video tips and information for users, because they helped me a lot to get to know the first time I met the application. Keep up the good work and of course, thank you! For everyone who is researching, I recommend using the application!!! "

Sanja Mlakar Matković, graduate student of the Faculty of Education Maribor

"1KA helped me to get the results I needed to make various seminars and other things. I’ll definitely use it!"

NŠ, PeF Koper

"1KA is a useful and simple tool for creating and analysing surveys. The local installation works as an Internet version. The difference between the Internet and the local installation is in the location where data is collected on the local server for local installation. I recommend using 1KA of the survey tool."

Rastko Zornada, Sibo G. d.o.o.

April 2015

“Quick, simple and satisfying data processing.”

Peter Marolt, FOV

“Very useful tool for creating web surveys. Everything I needed was available. User experience is very intuitive. I didn’t use a lot of time reading the instructions, despite the fact that this was my first survey. 1KA - congratulations on excellent service.”

Jure Artiček, Connet d.o.o.

“Very understandable instructions, that leads you from beginning to the end.”

Renata Štritof – Faculty of Education Maribor

“I was very satisfied.”


“Great application which comes in handy with extraordinary tools for data analysis.”


“This was my first questionnaire I ever made and I’m fascinated with simple usage.”

BC; ''Predilnica Litija''



“Great application, it's free and I'll definitely use it again for my researches.”

S.M., student

“I see this web survey as a great tool to use with children in primary school when they learn about data analysis and data editing. We’re going to try to use it with library/informatics courses, mathematics and similar, as well as with research papers.”

Alja Bratuša, librarian of primary school Polzela

“Making web questionnaires is easy such as data analisys afterwards. 1KA offers a lot of possibilities, so everyone can adjust questionnaire by his own needs. I’m very pleased with the usability.”

Student of Gimnazija Maribor

“Simplicity and quick preparation is what convinced me to use 1KA. It eased process of data analyzing and making diagrams. I didn’t get to use all of the options 1KA offers and didn’t get all of the data I wanted (I would need more time for study the tool, which I didn’t have at the time).”

M.R (University of Primorska)

“I used to work with Limesurvey until I found your tool browsing the internet. It’s user-friendlier and especially simple to make. Congratulations on the product.”

Marjan Gradišnik, headmaster of Primary School of Franjo Malgajo, Šentjur

“I have never made a web questionnaire before and 1KA was very useful. Simple, easy and uncomplicated. With the help of 1KA I successfully made great web survey for my thesis.”


“Simple and functioning site for making web questionnaires.”

D. Č., Faculty of social work

“Great tool which I use with my students in school.”

Vojka L. Pipan (Primary school Preska)

“Surveys are very useful in the process of writing term papers, simply because of the automatic data analysis.”

Ines Puklavec, School of economy Murska Sobota

“1KA is great and simple tool for surveys, which I would recommend to everybody. It’s for beginners and for experts.”


“Web portal 1KA is, in my opinion, very easy for use. It’s quick and professional. Following the results in the process of gaining data it is what I like the most.”
Denis Podaj; ‘’Vrtnarstvo Podaj’’

“I was positively surprised by the usability of 1KA. It’s perfect tool for web surveys, you can create something as simple as form or you can work on complex questionnaire and difficult analysis. It’s simple and intuitive for use. I would recommend it. ”

Tjaša N., University of Ljubljana

“It's very useful."


March 2015

“Everyone who needs to make a survey for research or diploma – 1KA is great! ”


“I had a positive experience, I didn’t have any problem with creation of questionnaire and I would like to recommend it to everyone who needs a tool for creating surveys.”


“I really like your tool. We had prepared a survey for measuring a satisfaction of business partners; it was really simple so I couldn’t use all of the functionalities it offers. It shows that you’re experts on your fields. Thanks for creating very useful tool. ”

Igor Razinger, Mersteel SSC

“It’s simple, analysis are punctional, etc. Great help with statistics. I’m going to recommend it to my friends. Best regards.”

Mateja Jelševar, SŠOF

“I was extremely satisfied with 1KA tool, It’s easy to create and examine analysis.”

Karmen Lešer , FKPV Celje

“I’m very satisfied with 1KA tool.”

Petra Topic – Faculty of education, Ljubljana

“Useful tool with intuitive activity. User can really dedicate himself to results and doesn’t have to lose time with (un)activity of the tool/survey.”


“Usable and simple web survey, for average user is completely satisfying.”

Igor Jesih, ŠOUM

“Super easy to create questionnaires and automatic analysis. GREAT! I will recommend it.”

Urška G., Faculty of education, Maribor

“1KA is quick and easy to use. I would recommend it to all students who are working on researches for diploma, etc. to use it for their surveys.”


“Quickest and easiest creator of web surveys.”

Youth club Deskle

“My experience was excellent. Quick and easy tool to use.”

Nika Grabner, Medical faculty, Ljubljana

“I can’t compare it to any other tool, because of the lack of experiences, but I think that the web survey is simplest way for gathering and processing information.”

B.C., Library

“It’s great to use, visually and functionally flawless. 1KA offers a lot of different useful functions that can satisfy even the most demanding customer.”

PS, University of Maribor, Faculty of Law

“1KA is a very good web tool for creating surveys. You can create different questionnaires.”

Juš Jordan Kondić, Primary school Tončke Čeč, Trbovlje

“Designing questionnaires with 1KA tool is easy and quick. I like it especially because wide types range of questions.”


“1KA is user-friendlier in comparison to other similar tools, to respondents and enforcer. Visual editing of surveys is a huge benefit!”

T. V., Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering

“It’s really easy and clear for use. You could maybe add more tools for analysis as we can find in SPPS (SPSS is payable program). Great application.”

Amorela Ćatić, Faculty of economics Ljubljana

February 2015

“This was the first time I prepare web questionnaire. The simplicity and transparency was really helpful.”

Petra, MLC

“I never made a web survey before and I was really surprised how easy it is. I will definitely use 1KA again next time. ”

Jasna Jutriša, Higher Education Center Novo Mesto

“Simple and reliable.”


“1KA successfully fulfilled my expectations. I cherish good display of activity of the respondents. ”


“Survey is reliable with the entire possible settings manager, the analysis is great.”


“Creating a survey with the help of 1KA is easy and understandable. They even offer you an introduction video, where you can learn the process of making a survey.”

PIA OGRIZEK, Faculty of Arts Maribor

“1KA made my work really easy. I could never imagine I would be qualified for making a web survey.”


“I really like 1KA as I always liked to make surveys for everything. I used to write the questions on paper and it was too much of an effort. So when I found out about 1KA in school I was thrilled. ”

Manci Dolinar

''I made an web survey with 1KA in the simplest possible way. It’s really clear even with data monitoring. If I need any help I usually found an answer within the frequently asked questions. Great tool!”


“1KA is truly simple and useful web page, It helps us to create web survey really easy and quick.”

B. M.

“1KA is quality tool for making web surveys. The’re clear and quick. Congratulations.”

KARMEN TOŠKAN OŠ Ivana Babiča-Jagra Marezige

‘’It’s really easy and practical!”


“Great page for making web surveys, because the only thing user must do is register. Instructions are simple and clear. I didn’t have any problems with creating a questionnaire.”

Marijana K. Glavica, High School Bežigrad

“When I was writing paper for my masters’ degree I choose the theme that demands a survey. For that purpose I used 1KA, even though I have zero experiences. I completed web survey without any larger problems; there are a lot of useful video-guides too.”

Sabina Vrešak, EPF Maribor

“With 1KA you can really quick make a great survey; it offers a lot of different styles of designs, its user friendly and unlimited.”


“This tool is great. You just set your questions and just time and time. It was OK. If I’ll need it again I will surely use it.”


“Great. Everything you need for quality survey.”


“Even though it was my first web survey, it was really easy. It’s simple for use, with a lot of automatically set options. If you want to correct something it’s really easy. Great! ”

Vanja Tajnšek, DF SVIT

“Quick, humble, efficiently.”

Faculty of administration, Ljubljana

“For someone who didn’t use tools like this before I prepared a great survey and get all of the information I needed. I would really like to know I there is an quick course? Greetings.”

PL, bank sector

“I recommend this application to all the students. It’s really simple to use.”

“Splendid. It’s easy to make and really good data processing.”

Nuša Hertiš, ll. gimnazija Maribor

“Creating a survey in 1KA is quick and easy, with a lot of pre-prepared options you can really quickly prepare the questionnaire. It’s suitable for users without experiences. ”

Janja Rušin, FOV

“I’m not experienced in survey-making and analyzing, but with this tool I did finished quickly. I needed some time to choose the right type of question styles, but I was impressed with its usefulness. It’s for the experts and amateurs."


“1KA is great tool for collecting data, which I used in school for the course of statistics, business use. I would definitely recomend it."

Rebeka Bratož Gornik, The Faculty of Humanities

“Extremely transparent and easy way to create survey questionnaires.”

Jana Hafner, High school Ljubljana

“Process of creating survey is really intuitive, without any previous knowledge I really find my way around the application. I believe there is a lot of tricks and details available, but for my needs it’s simply enough.”


“Quick and efficient! Suitable for research papers.”

A. R. II. High school Maribor

'“Quick and efficient process of collecting data, easy and simple to use (in my case for kids in the age range of 9 through 15:)”

Tanja Grünfeld, Primary School Toneta Čufarja

“I really liked it, especially transparency of widgets and graphs and instructions.”

Peter Dajčman

“It was great experience, even though I’m not an expert. I needed some data for the process of writing a doctorate. I didn’t start to make a survey yet, for now I just made a questionnaire, for which I believe its quality made. Thank you for this option.”

A. B., Faculty of architecture

“Web questionnaire was made really quickly. It was fun, simple, transparent and with great results. Respondents really like using 1KA, because it’s the best! Data review is great.”

L.T, High school Ledina

Januar 2015

“We used 1A in high school to create different questionnaires; I was surprised by the simplicity.”



Davor Pernjek

“Really quick, efficient; I’m really satisfied.”

Andreja, Faculty of social work

“I was really pleased with the 1KA application, thank you very much.”

Ćopić Selimir

"I’m positively surprised that we have a quality and extensive application for execution of simple and complex surveys, especially made by professors and students. ‘’

David, FMC

‘’ I first heard for 1KA tool when my colegue told me. My son asked me to help him write term paper so we we’re searcing for simple and interesting solution. Survey creation with 1KA was fairytale. It was really fascinating to monitor changes in percent and graphs. Thank you, just because you are!’’


‘’I’m really satisfied with survey, even if I still not done with testing. I hope I’m not gonna have too much troubles, since this is my first survey. Maybe you could add a little more help. ‘’

Damjana Kaker. B&B education

‘’Usefull toole, simple to use for beginners. Work is easy and quick! :)’’

A. M., Faculty of education, University of Primorska

‘’Great tool and by far the best choice to work with when creating survey! Sincere congratulation!’’


‘’You’re great!’’

Islam Mušić, High school center Velenje

‘’Great tool!’’


‘’Web portal 1KA is really usefull, user friendly, and enable quick creation of survey. Data is already collected in tables – practically all of the neccecary analysis is already made. Great, I recommend it.’’

‘’This web application’s great. It’s transparent, simple, and functional with creaton of survey and with analysis of data. I would recommend it!’’


‘’ I recommend usage of 1KA even for elderly users – even for those who wasn’t born in digital generatin ;)’’

Božena Stritih, social worker, kindergarten Najdihojca Ljubljana

‘’1KA is user friendly, has quick activity, automatic analysis and graphs save me some time and work.’’

Kristina Hmeljak, Faulty of Arts, University of Ljubljana

‘’Great tool!’’

Romana Zidar, Faculty of Social work

‘’I’m not finished yet, but 1KA fascinated me with all of data analysis.’’


‘’Easy and useful!’’


‘’Survey creating is really simple, impeccable and transparent. I’m really pleased. I will use it in future, when I’ll need this kind of tool. I will recommend it to my friends.’’


‘’Creaton of survey is really easy and quick. I recommended it to my school mates.

Blaž Finžgar, Faculty of education Koper

‘’Quick, efficianf. I would recommend!’’

S.Š., Faculty of Arts, Ljubljana

‘’Easy to use, transparent data! I would recommend it.’’


‘’1KA tool is great, it has everything you need for analysis. I was using some other application before, but it can’t compare with your tool. It’s really more transparent and offers a lot more advance statistics as others. I can say only one thing: great!’’

Faculty of administration

“1KA is great tool for creating web surveys for beginners and experts. It’s easy to use and it offers a lot of options. It has a lot of pre-selected choices which makes this experience delighted. ”

Bojana Lobe, Faculty of social science, University of Ljubljana

"1KA tool is with one word EXCELLENT. First I was attracted to an unlimited number of respondents and questions which other survey tools do not provide. I was impressed with the calculations of results, with the help of 1KA tools you can calculate the greater part of the most important statistics, moreover, even create graphs. CONGRATULATIONS."

Meta Hostnik, second level Masters Degree of Early Childhood Education

"I'm astonished by the quality of the 1KA tool. The functions that I particularly like are the option of ongoing review and the basic reports are well-thought-out, while the meta data of the survey process itself is very useful. In general I think you need some time and practice to walk through all possible conditions and you can remember the main points (some of it is still waiting for me). The appearance and the transparency of the site, in addition to it functionality, are sufficiently encouragement that make it necessary that you go back to this tool without hesitation."

Anton Kramberger, Faculty of Social Sciences (UL)

"I found that the tool is suitable for the development of questionnaires for educational purposes, so I will include them in informatics lessons in the first year. Students will have to prepare themselves at least one online questionnaire."

Edi Kuklec, Šiška High School

"I made a questionnaire relating to customer satisfaction and the work at the course that I teach in elementary school. Pupils were able to fill out the survey with ease and learned about the results already on the same day, in the form of a Power Point presentation, with attractive graphs and percentages they got an insight into their work and the work of their classmates."

KP, Primary school, mathematician

"The tool is very well prepared; the students were able to create a simple survey by themselves, using graphs that they included into their project tasks. It's great also because it is free of charge - even with a large number of respondents. Thanks to the 1KA team."

Simona Kotnik, School centre Ptuj, School of Biotechnology.

"With 1KA it is easy to create a survey, you have the option to customize it and create it to your own design. A crucial advantage is the distribution and control on the number of completed surveys. Most importantly, it is not necessary to carry out a review of surveys and analysis on your own. I would not hesitate to recommend the 1KA tool to anyone who would ask me for help in creating a survey."

Best regards, Mitja Jeras

"A very useful application. Fast data entries, simple check and data editing options. The tools for statistical data analysis are quick and effective, and allow for quick interpretation of research results. 1Ka is an useful tool in the field of traditional surveying, as well as for work with data that does not originate from surveys (e.g. features descriptions of illegal waste dumps, tourist facilities ...)".

Gregor Kovačič, University of Primorska

"The program supports the development of questionnaires in international studies very well, i.e. those that involve researchers from different countries, but also supports efficient international dissemination of the results of research and development projects."

Dr. Valery Dermol, International School for Social and Business Studies

"1KA is a great tool: very simple and effective at the same time. I recommend it to my students as an excellent tool for writing papers and theses, and also I include this tool in this school year into practical work with students of economy and management courses. I wish you a lot of success in the future!"

Mateja Bitenc, College lecturer

"I am very pleased with the forum administrators, which are great at offering help. Also, creating a survey is very simple. Currently, my opinion on 1KA as a whole is very positive.”

B.K. Faculty of Education

"Working with 1KA is fast, simple, transparent and survey results are well supported with graphs and analyses."

B.G., VPS Ljubljana

“It was my first time creating a survey and I am very satisfied. I got the results I wanted.The application is manageable, you just follow all the instructions that are available at 1KA. Mainly I was relieved that the data are calculated simultaneously and that you can see the result in the individual questions immediately. I highly recommend it to everyone who is not familiar with surveys. It is also great because it is free."


"Simple. Fast. Transparent. 1KA"

Beate Pečečnik, Polident d.o.o.

"The application is intuitive, easy to learn and very logical. It is the ideal choice if you have IF (conditional) questions, because their use is really simple. I would like to praise the analytical part also. It allows truly everything you need for moderately challenging survey."

Jure Raztočnik, entrepreneur

"Compared to GoogleForms, the first use of 1KA survey is almost a shock, due to its diverse possibilities of usage, but the help section is so well written and elaborated that you can easily refresh your knowledge. Fascinating. If such a tool existed at the time of my studies, I would have passed the Statistics exam (at least) with 10."

Marko Brumen, Festival Lent

"Above all, I was pleased that the 1KA tool offers free options which other related websites do not offer. When designing the questions, you have considerable width, but for me it was especially important that we can export data into SPSS."


"I used the 1KA tool for the first time; before that I created surveys with other concurrent applications. 1KA is undoubtedly the best of them all, and on top of that it is free. Certainly it is an essential tool for designing any survey."

J.A, Faculty of Economics Ljubljana

"We learned about 1KA through friends that have been engaged in online surveying for many years. A few of us were worried that this will be a complex tool which will take a long time to get through, but we were pleasantly surprised, as it guided us through the process step by step. There were no complications and at the end it offered useful guidance for testing and ways to improve the efficiency of the survey. From different analyses, which the tool creates authomatically, we come up with a lot of useful information. Among other things we discovered that almost no one had completed the survey through Facebook - 95% of the responses were from people who had received a request to complete the survey via email. We are very grateful to the 1KA team for such an effective tool."

Society Ohana Team

"During our course we were given the task of creating a survey in a web environment. My colleagues and I were faced with a bit of a dilemma, because none of us had previously had any experience with making online surveys. We learnt that we could create a survey on the website Firstly, I reviewed the website and instructions and then I simply opened one of the options in the already pre-prepared online surveys. In about half an hour, I created a survey with three different sets and types of questions (all together 20 closed-ended questions with the Likert rating scale, semi-open question types with three possible answers and system variables with several answers) and already publish it :). Our experience is extremely positive. It could not have been any easier, but at the same time you have a lot of options for more complex surveys. We were especially impressed by the automatic analysis of the survey in the form of statistics, graphs or tables, since it was really easy to export the data to a computer. Congratulations to the 1KA team for this extremely sophisticated tool for online surveys, which is at the same time simple enough that even a complete laymen can use it. I highly recommend it. ;)"

Milan Kotnik, an employee of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing society Drava Maribor, student at DOBA Faculty in Maribor

"1KA has been very helpful in the execution of my research; the administrators were professional and happy to help."

Ljubo Poles, PhD in marital and family therapy, Faculty of Theology

"A very transparent application for web surveys. Compared to other tools I've used so far, I was fascinated by the possibilities when it came to the types of questions - other tools are rather limited regarding the types/forms of questions. Another major difference and advantage over other tools is the insight and monitoring of results/answers. Easy and completely sufficient for the analysis! "

BT - scouts

"1KA has everything that you would expect from an online survey tool – it’s easy to use, free of charge, less buggy and contains more features than its commercial competitors, which frankly don’t come even close to 1KA."

Matej Černe, Center of Excellence for Biosensors, Instrumentation and Process Control COBIK

"The 1KA application is an excellent choice for Master's and Bachelor's thesis', because you can easily enter a questionnaire and then share the survey URL with your friends online. I think it is also useful for different companies that are researching their market."

AR, EPF Maribor

"1KA was a great help in my research and study. It is a very transparent and practical tool for online surveys. I like the automatic analysis provided by 1KA."

Klavdija S., student at the Faculty of Administration

"I am very pleased with the web application, which is easy to use, free, and offers many functionalities."

Jana Jelen (Faculty of Social Work, Ljubljana)

"I used the1KA tool for my research for a Master's thesis. Especially I like the system that generates graphs and tables. Once you’re done with the survey, you can export the data into a Microsoft Word document without losing time by manually creating tables and charts. All compliments to 1KA, keep up the good work."

Edin Osmančević, Faculty of Social Sciences

"For the purpose of the empirical part of my thesis, I created an online questionnaire using the 1KA tool. It was very easy to create it. After watching a video guide on making surveys, the process became clear to me and the questionnaire was made very quickly and with no problems. For specific questions which were not quite clear to me, I turned to the administrators that helped me via e-mail and gave me answers very quickly, and so the problem was resolved. I would recommend the creation of online surveys with the 1KA tool to anyone who needs to obtain a sample for research, because1KA offers a fast, easy and reliable solution."

Maja Marc, Faculty of Arts Ljubljana

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