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Mission, vision and development

1KA's mission comprises of the following components:

  • ensuring the excellence of the online survey service;
  • building on the professional field of survey methodology;
  • supporting the needs of web surveying in the academic sector;
  • care for the Slovenian language.

Our vision of organizational development:

  • the online survey tool 1KA should become a part of publicly funded infrastructure;
  • the online survey tool 1KA should remain freely available to all users in the public sector (particularly in research, academic and educational institutions) and non-governmental non-profit sector;
  • the online survey tool 1KA should remain open source;
  • use for commercial purposes is directed to paid survey and consulting services and to support of its own installation (still free and open source). Companies interested in development or offering such support are invited to participate.

Our vision of methodological development: in accordance with our vision, the following functionalities are being built*, planned** or envisioned*** for the development of the 1KA tool:

  • systematic testing and improvement of the usability of KEY functionality (UX) *;
  • creating custom interfaces for standardized forms and voting *;
  • the use of language resources and technologies in the creation of questions *;
  • development of advanced functionalities (complex statistical tables) based on the R programming language *;
  • automatic control and verification of the quality of completed questionnaires *;
  • identification of low-quality respondents in real-time *;
  • creating a questionnaire creation application *;
  • extension to support continuous research **;
  • creation of a mobile application for collecting answers **;
  • Web interface adjustments for newer devices (tablets, mobile, WebTV) **;
  • an intelligent interface that guides the development of the questionnaire **;
  • an intelligent interface that guides the process of responding **;
  • comprehensive support for mixed-mode surveys (personal, mail, phone, web) **;
  • question and questionnaire bank ***; 
  • support for online panels ***;
  • expansion of language support (Croatian / Serbian) ***.

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