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Computation is a function in 1KA tool that enables you to make various calculations.

Computed values are set primarily in various quizzes and tests, where we want to compute the outcome, depending on the value of individual responses to the questionnaire.

  • The following operators can be used when using calculations:

+ ,- ,* , /.

  • Number of decimals can also be changed.
  • In some cases (eg. Belbin's test), where it is not necessary for a respondent to answer all the questions or when making additions or subtractions, it is possible to ´treat missing values as 0´ by using function 'Missing as value 0'. In this case calculations are made, but missing values are treated as value 0. We must urge caution that results are not correct when using this function for multiplications and divisions.
  • Result of a calculation can also be displayed within a survey. A page break must be inserted behind a calculation to achieve this. Then function 'data piping' can be used in any question type.

Calculation is conducted only if all question included into it have valid responses. If not, value -88 is displayed as a result. This means that an error was made during the calculation. We recommend that all questions included into calculation have hard reminders.

The result of the calculation is shown in the data, analyses (e.g. averages, frequencies), graphs.

See the manual on how to make computations in 1KA tool:

For how to use computations in quizzes see the Advanced modules – Quiz.