Loop is the command in 1KA, which you can find in the 'EDIT' tab on the left side when you click on the orange icon in the form of a plus, then select Loop in the Advanced features category.

We use the loop when we want a certain question or questions to be repeated several times, based on answers to a previous question. It is important to always insert a page break before (first) question and after (last) question, when using loops.

Otherwise, we could set such a condition with multiple IF conditions or create several single questions based on a specific answer, but using the loop is significantly easier.

For a better understanding of the loop, see the example >> that you can copy to your library as the basis for preparing your questions with a loop (located in the 'Library' in folder '1KA Questionnaire Templates' – 'Conditions and Filters' - 'Loop').

See the manual and video guide that show how to use the loop in the 1KA tool:

1KA is free to use for basic users