Terms of Installation

Terms of installation and use of 1KA application in case of own installation on a user’s server:

  1. 1KA is an open source application, which takes into account the OSI GNU General Public License (GPL). With a little simplification, this means that any application can be optionally installed, used, developed and upgraded, but all of these uses, upgrades and developments follow the same license.
  2. User is fully accountable for the use of online survey 1KA services on own installation. Owners and developers of 1KA are not held liable for any aspects and consequences of the use of 1KA application.
  3. It is recommended to implement general terms of use of 1KA for the service of online surveys with 1KA. Otherwise, the user is bound to remove mention of 1KA on the website and all questionnaires and invitations, linked to 1KA.
  4. In case of potential joint cooperation in the development of open source software code a formal agreement with 1KA is required.

Sharing installation files and instructions is for the user free of charge. Any further technical and user help is charged according to the price list >>.

1KA is free to use for basic users