Technical Aspects

1KA application has following technical characteristics:

  • designed in the open source programming language PHP;
  • it uses MySQL for database management (open source relational database solution that processes data using SQL language);
  • it uses CKEditor (4.4.7) and TinyMCE editor for content management;
  • it uses R programming language for statistical analysis;
  • it uses PHP library pChart for generating graphs;
  • Sisplet CMS system (Content Management System) for the peripheral shell, where amenities such as the registration takes place and front page, manuals, FAQs and the Terms of Use are located;
  • application may also be associated with other CMS systems and can run completely independently from the content management system, although it is in turn degraded in terms of user registration.

Own installation is possible on the server of the user, as well as on the 1KA server, it can also be installed on computers or laptops, in order to support off-line questionnaires for the purpose of computer assisted personal interviewing (CAPI).

1KA application currently (2015) requires convoy on a certain CMS (Content Management System), which uses the corresponding registration system, a hierarchy of users etc. At present, the only fully integrated CMS is Sisplet CMS, which should therefore be installed together with 1KA. 1KA application is otherwise installed on several servers and it works without problems on a Linux platform and Microsoft.

In preparation is also integration into other CMSs (Joomla!, Moodle, WordPress, Drupal) and isolating from the CMS in general.

A user who wants own installation is required to fill out a FORM, where he confirms agreement with term of use and then receives the installation package and instructions. Other aspects (advantages, weaknesses, costs) are discussed in the section on different types of uses of 1KA (Own installation on own server).

1KA is free to use for basic users