Turn Off Paradata

Paradata are all electronic traces that can be monitored in the process of an online survey (e.g. cookies, IP address, browser, operating system, device through which the respondent access to the survey, time spent on pages, JavaScript support, etc.). Use of paradata within 1KA tool is described here >>

1KA also provides an option of turning off completely monitoring (and collecting) of paradata (browser version, JavaScript support, referral of the respondent, timestamps of answering the questions, etc.). In this case, no paradata are monitored, not even time stamps of answering the questions by pages.

In this case, a note 'Survey without paradata' will appear in the footer of the survey.

It should be added that by default connecting IP address with data in 1KA is disabled, hence the note 'Without IP tracking' in the footer of the survey.

In addition, by default monitoring of cookies in 1KA is disabled, hence the note 'Survey without cookies'. The note will disappear if the monitoring is explicitly activated.

Generally, anonymous paradata, to the extent to which user has permitted or set to monitor them, can also be used to optimize the survey process in 1KA.

Complete deactivation of paradata is very important for some surveys. To establish trust, users can check for themselves for the deactivation of each paradata, how it works. An indication of the deactivation of paradata can also be checked within the software code of 1KA.

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