Does 1KA Application Allow Offline Surveys on a Laptop PC or USB Flash Drive?

Yes, a survey made in the 1KA application can be easily installed on a PC. Computer-assisted interviewing can be performed either by the interviewer (Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing – CAPI) or by self-interviewing respondents (Computer Assisted Self Interviewing – CASI).

Field implementation of surveys using a laptop PC

With the offline installation of 1KA on a USB flash drive, surveys may be filled out without an internet connection. The offline version can be downloaded here >>.

From a technical perspective, it is advisable to install the 1KA survey on a USB flash drive, from which it could be generated, and onto which completed surveys are then saved. If multiple PCs are used, certain data management is necessary. For more details please email us at or call (+386) 30-702-788.

The content of the archive must be expanded to the USB flash drive:

  • Start the 1KA application by clicking 1 Start. By clicking on 2 1KA Survey, you open the survey in a web browser;
  • You can edit a survey by signing in with your name, surname and password admin, admin, admin;
  • After you finish editing the survey, close the internet browser window and close the 1KA application by clicking 3 Stop. Now you can safely remove your USB flash drive.
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1KA is free to use for basic users