For advanced users

Advanced users – who either have experience with 1KA or any other tool or are otherwise highly IT literate or methodologically educated – often skip any systematic introduction. Therefore, we would like to point out that, even for experienced users it can be helpful to:

Experienced users also often overlook that 1KA offers highly valuable functionalities that could – if they knew about them – save a lot of time and significantly increase the efficiency and quality of the entire process. We highlight some of the most prominent functionalities:

  • A questionnaire can be developed significantly more effectively without prior development in a text editor (MS Word, Google Docs), i.e. directly in the 1KA tool, with the help of manual or automatic test entries, and especially through a system of commenting on individual questions or the entire questionnaire. The questionnaire can be exported to MS Word at any time.
  • In addition to simple URL publishing, there is the option of publishing a QR code for mobile devices, integrating surveys on a website, as well as simple and advanced distribution of surveys via the 1KA system for email invitations.
  • The 1KA tool also allows insight into respondents’ answers and the computation of new variables.
  • You can calculate averages, sums, perform a t-test and other advanced analyses in the auto-generated analysis and charts. Your analysis can be further adjusted in the advanced options, e.g. you can divide the analysis into groups, time periods, conditions, statuses and even select individual variables.
  • "Who-is-this" is a very useful feature that enables insights into a specific respondent’s case (e.g. if it stands out) with just one click.
  • You can create a custom report, in which you can include selected tables and graphs, as well as interpretations. Custom reports can also be exported.
  • 1KA enables use of the same questionnaire that can be shown separately to respondents based on different groups or translations.
  • A library of questions provides an easy way to store and transfer questions from one survey to another.

For in-depth considerations of problems with online surveys, we recommend looking at the book Web Survey Methodology and reviewing the WebSM website.

Advanced technical aspects (installation, API) are subject to technical instructions.


1KA is free to use for basic users