On Sunday, November 1, 2020, the 1KA tool is being upgraded, as part of which some significant improvements to existing functionalities have been made. Virtual domains and the 1ka.arnes.si domain were also updated. The following applies first:

  • PayPal account payment enabled: in addition to payment by cash in advance and with card, payment with the PayPal payment system is now available. More>>
  • Disable change of answers in the survey: a new functionality that allows the respondent to answer the question in the survey and move to the next page, without recording cookies, rather than changing the answers on the previous pages. The functionality is located in the settings ‘Edit’ – ‘Access respondents’. More >>
  • Upgraded survey search engine: in the My surveys interface, you can now search survey by its title, or else by both the survey’s internal title and the published title. More >>
  • Update of charts in the analysis: the charts shown in the basic analyses were redesigned according to the 1KA colour scheme and the contrasts and spacing in the texts were improved. More >>

We’ve also released some new video guides to help you use the 1KA tool. You are invited to watch.

  • GDPR settings at the survey editorial level (user)
  • GDPR settings at the survey level
  • Testing the survey
  • Two-level authentication at login
  • Copying the survey
  • Importing 1KA survey

You can see all the news of the latest upgrade here >>.

After each upgrade, we recommend that you refresh with the CTRL + F5 command or delete files and images from the cache with the CTRL + SHIFT + DELETE command. More >>

In case of any problems, you can message us via FORM >>.

1KA is free to use for basic users