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Below you can find ppt presentations of seminars. Presentations are available only in the Slovenian language.

Preliminary overview of 1KA tool

  • A systematic review of 1KA’s functionalities - Gregor Čehovin and Miha Matjašič: Handouts >>
  • New and advanced functionalities of 1KA - Anže Sendelbah and Katja Zrim: Handouts >>

Main methodological lecture

  • Structuring of methodological recommendations for the creation of web surveys: What is really necessary and is also proven (but is massively violated?) - dr. Vasja Vehovar: Handouts >>

Thematic seminars of selected 1KA functionalities

  • Evaluation of pedagogical work in primary and middle schools - dr. Barbara Brečko in Robert Šmalc: Handouts >>
  • Fieldwork (offline) surveying: notebooks and Android Tablets - May Doušak: Handouts >>
  • Human resource evaluations in organisations - Marjana Vrh in Miha Matjašič: Handouts >>
  • Student evaluations in higher education - dr. Vasja Vehovar: Handouts >>
  • Mobile application for creating web surveys - Uroš Podkrižnik: Handouts >>
  • Telephone surveying - Katja Zrim: Handouts >>
  • Installation, integration, API and custom modifications - Peter Hrvatin in Miha Matjašič: Handouts >>
  • Location services: map and photography - dr. Nejc Berzelak: Handouts >>
  • Sending invitations for web surveys - dr. Katja Lozar Manfreda in Marjana Vrh: Handouts >>

Discussion on selected topics

  • Status of responses and quality of data - Miha Matjašič and Anže Sendelbah: Handouts >>
  • Advanced options of statistical analyses - Gregor Čehovin: Handouts >>
  • Creation of quizzes - Marjana Vrh in Katja Zrim: Handouts >>

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