WSD 2016 (29. 9.)

The event Web Survey Day, organized for the fifth successive year, took place on Thursday, September 29th 2016 at the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana.

The event was visited by around 300 visitors (last year the number was around 200). Half of the participants came from the public sector that includes educational and research institutions. The rest came from companies, non-profit organisations, students and others.

The event was divided into five sections of interactive seminars where new functionalities of the 1KA tool were presented in detail.

At first, seminars titled Systematic overview of key functionalities (Gregor Čehovin in Miha Matjašič) for non-users of 1KA and beginners and New and advanced functionalities (Anže Sendelbah in Katja Zrim) for users of 1KA and visitors of past events.

This was followed by a main methodological lecture titled Structuring of methodological recommendations for the creation of web surveys: What is really necessary and is also proven (but is massively violated?)˝ Dr Vasja Vehovar, the head of Centre for Social Informatics, presented the importance of methodological recommendations for web survey creation.

Four parallel sets of thematic interactive seminars followed. Participants were only able to visit one of them. Advanced and new functionalities of 1KA were presented in detail:

  • Dr Barbara Brečko and Robert Šmalc presented the module for self-evaluation hierarchy in the seminar Evaluation of pedagogical work in primary and middle schools;
  • May Doušak presented an application for offline surveying that enables synchronization with web 1KA in the seminar Fieldwork (offline) surveying: notebooks and Android Tablets;
  • Marjana Vrh and Miha Matjašič presented modules that serve as a support for conducting multiple variances of human resource evaluations in the seminar Human resource evaluations in organisations;
  • Dr Vasja Vehovar presented the course of the project that takes place in coordination with the University of Ljubljana in the seminar Student evaluations in higher education;
  • Uroš Podkrižnik presented the beta version of mobile application 1KA and plans for future development in the seminar Mobile application for creating web surveys;
  • Katja Zrim presented a module that works as a support for Telephone surveying;
  • In the seminar Installation, integration, API and custom modifications Peter Hrvatin and Miha Matjašič presented technical aspects of 1KA and collaborations with other organisations;
  • Dr Nejc Berzelak presented new functionalities in the seminar Location services: map and photography;
  • Dr Katja Lozar Manfreda presented some methodological recommendations for sending invitations and examples of good practice. Marjana Vrh presented the use of the 1KA SMTP system in the seminar Sending invitations for web surveys;
  • Miha Matjašič and Anže Sendelbah presented statuses of answers and quality of collected data on the request by participants;
  • Gregor Čehovin presented advanced functions of statistical analyses in 1KA;
  • Marjana Vrh and Katja Zrim presented an advanced module for creating quizzes and tests.

Presentations and materials from WSD16 are available for registered users of 1KA.


1KA is free to use for basic users